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If we compare video games produced 10 years ago and modern games, you will realize a significant difference between their technical and visual capability. Every year,the video game industry produces hundreds of upgraded games that are in tune with the times. Designers try to create a satisfying and pleasurable user experience through good user interfaces and design practices. Heroes and landscapes become more realistic from year to year. Plus, game websites are created and upgraded along with video games. In this article, we will describe types of game websites in depth and introduce 10 awesome game websites design examples.

Categories of gaming websites

There is a big variety of game promotion models, as well as huge amounts of video games in the game industry. Almost every video game has its own website, which in turn are diverse. We outlined three main categories and choose good examples. Here they are:

Many videogames have their own websites that play different roles. Some of them can be just promo sites made right before a video game is released. Sometimes game websites serve not only as a content storage but also as a community platform. They also can be an e-commerce platform for selling gamer merch. All these aspects depend on how popular a game is, as well as the audience size. We choose three examples in this category.

A video game studio or publisher’s website usually serves a more corporate function. You’ll find that the information concerns recruitment and investment-related content, key team members, studio legacies, game portfolios and so on. However, not all corporate sites of game development companies are used strictly for corporate aims. There also can be a landing page or several pages dedicated to the most popular games of the company. Here are some examples:

Just like we need daily news, gamers need game news. Many various info portals were created to keep gamers up to date in the video game world. There you’ll find news about the latest games, events for gamers, gamer merchandise and many other things.

What do you need to make your own game website?

Before you choose your type of website, you’d better identify your targeted audience. You have to understand that the gaming website design is a small piece of a big marketing strategy that you can use for promoting your video game. After that, the goals and objectives should be determined. In short, the purpose of a website needs to be considered by all stakeholders. This might sound obvious but is so often neglected. After you answer all these questions, you can easily choose the necessary format of the website.

When your game doesn’t have a big community, where people talk to each other, you can choose a landing page variant within the corporate or publisher site, such ashttp://supercell.com/en/. Supercell made separate custom sections for every popular game.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

http://supercell.com/en/games/clashroyale/ http://supercell.com/en/games/clashofclans/

Typically when a game is popular, it can be placed on the corporate website and on a stand-alone website at the same time. For example, https://clashofclans.com/ by Supercell.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

Consider the following factors when choosing your type of website:

Which type of game do you have?Is there a big gamer community?What’s the availability of resources?

10 awesome game website design examples

We have found the top 10 games with incredible gaming web design inspirations. They differ in type, according to what we’ve described above. We also emphasized special design features in each website which differentiates one from another and are worthy of notice.

Category: info portal.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

Game info portals can be without outstanding UX and UI design because it has different functions to compare to promo sites. GiantBomb is an easy-to-use website where game fans can find everything about their favorite video games. Simple drop-down navigation lets you surf through the site and easily orient in sections. The UI design seems outdated, but as I mentioned before, it isn’t necessary.

Category: stand-alone promo site.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

Great video games require good websites. Injustice by DC Comics is one of them. Everything is made for you to buy this video game. It is a good example of a promo site with an exceptional quality of graphics. On the very top, there is a nice feature in the traveling line with Twitter feeds. The visual style is made in dark colors, the main colors of the game. Fans appreciate that.

Category: stand-alone promo site.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

This sports a clever interface design with a commonly used animated background. Obviously that UX design is enough to be understood and enjoyed by gamers. At the same time, Titanfall’s website is quite complex because it contains a lot of sections, advertisements, and news on one page.

Category: info portal.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

There’s a balanced structure to the page. The latest news is displayed at the top of the page for a quick review. To attract more users, attention-grabbing, bright thematic pictures are used. Content is grouped by category, which is important for this type of website.

Category: stand-alone promo site.10 Awesome Game Website Designs Examples | AGENTE

Battlefield is impressive in all respects. The website is overloaded with any kind of information that gamers need: forum, news, premium accounts and tips. Incredible graphics are mixed with well-thought out custom UX design, which made this website enjoyable to use and easy to immerse yourself into the game atmosphere.

Category: stand-alone promo site.

NeedForSpeed seems simple compared with previous examples, but at the same time it’s responsive, with structured information, call to action buttons and well-balanced color solutions.

Category: corporate site.

When you visit Remedy’s corporate website, you’ll get to the animated landing page with their main game. There’s easy navigation; scroll down and you’ll find more info about the company or use the navigation bar to get the needed information in a few clicks.

Category: corporate site.

Netherrealm studio made the most popular game in the world, Mortal Kombat. There are huge, high-quality shots from the games, which made this website bright and impressive. The main emphasis on this website made on the game itself more than on the corporate info.

Category: stand-alone promo site.

The essential difference of the Minecraft video game is a 16-bit style. It doesn’t look old or outdated; instead, it is a gimmick of visual UI design. You also won’t be confused to find what you need because navigation is clear.

Category: corporate site.

This is a cute corporate website. You can choose from 16 languages. The footer navigation with corporate information doesn’t divert your attention from the games that the company produced. Its UI design is easy to use and pretty to look at.

In conclusion, we would like to say that these examples were chosen by relying on the wide experience of our specialists in creating incredible websites. The main criteria for choosing the best examples of game website design were visual form, quality graphics, and well-done custom UX and UI design. If you have more ideas to share, we will be glad to discuss this.