10 Jobs Playing Video Games Can Help You Get

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Gaming is a huge industry that has captured the hearts of players all over the world. They love the various settings and roles they play in these games and for many, it is their favorite hobby. Luckily, there are several careers that look to hire gamers, and they are not all in the gaming industry.

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Several players choose to translate their passion into something that will make them a sustainable living. Players should look into a few of these career options if they want to continue in their current lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about 10 jobs playing video games can help you get!

10 10. Video Game Designer

If you have a passion for art as well as video games, then maybe you should look into a career as a video game designer. They are instrumental in coming up with the story concept, as well as creating the artwork depicting the characters and landscape.

They take these characters and transform them into 3D beings that can be controlled by gamers. Players must obtain a degree in video game design and have an understanding of how games work in order to succeed in this career.

9 9. Local Gaming Store

Many players who are still in school or those who just want a part-time job should consider local gaming stores. These places look for workers who are passionate about gaming and understand the industry and platforms in order to better educate customers.

Workers are more likely to make a sale if they are able to explain and persuade paying customers in their store to make a purchase. Some make this into a career by progressing into a manager role after working their way up the ladder.

8 8. Writer

Several positions are available for those with a writing ability to make a career out of their video game passion. These jobs could be freelance work, while others put these players in charge of social media and marketing.

Many avenues exist for gamers in this field where they can advance in a career while still pursuing their love for gaming. All they need is a creative mind and sometimes a bachelor's degree in order to jump into this career.

7 7. The Military

The military realized they had decreasing numbers of enlisters in recent years, so they looked to gamers to increase their applicants. The recruiters look at how different players make decisions within shooter games, which are similar to how they might react out in the field.

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The army even has its own esports team that travels to various events to compete and recruit fellow players to join. The video game world has more in common with the military then players think, which is why they have started looking at gamers.

6 6. Drone Operator

A drone operator is another career on this list and it covers a variety of different jobs. It could be as simple as snapping pictures or videos for companies, or as difficult as flying UAVs for the army.

People love to put gamers in these positions because they are adept at learning various controls and already have a basic understanding of how these machines work. The more advanced UAVs share similarities with flight simulators, making it another career where gamers have a leg up over the competition.

5 5. Video Game Programmer

This is another career that requires quite a bit of schooling as a bachelor's degree is required to enter this field. It is quite a lucrative position as these professionals are responsible for using programming languages to bring a game to life.

A background in playing video games is mandatory as players have a better understanding of what customers will want in their future gameplay. Many choose to specialize in a certain area of video game programming as they progress through their career and this field is predicted to grow.

4 4. Professional Gamer

Many gamers have their sights set on becoming a professional gamer, but sadly, this is the most unrealistic job of them all. Those who are chosen for these positions have skills that are better than the rest.

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They compete in several competitions throughout the year and accept endorsements from companies as fellow gamers look up to them for their skills. If a player doesn't have the skills to become a professional gamer, they can always pursue a career as a shoutcaster or work at the venues that hold these events.

3 3. 3D Printing Technician

A 3D printing technician is someone who runs a 3D printer, and it is more complicated then it sounds. Their job includes creating and evaluating computerized designs that the 3D printer will make.

Many prefer to hire gamers for this role as they are adept at solving problems and thinking through various puzzles to come up with a solution. They use this knowledge to make customers happy and it ensures fewer mistakes are made.

2 2. Game Tester

Video game testers are the ones who play games and look for any bugs or glitches that could make it unplayable. Their goal is to uncover the flaws by taking drastic measures that few, if any, players will take during the course of a game.

This obviously requires a passion for video games, as well as advanced knowledge about systems and gaming, in general, to perform this task with efficiency. It often requires a bachelor's degree in a field related to gaming in terms of its infrastructure and design.

1 1. Computer Teacher

A computer teacher is someone who runs a lab and helps students understand how to use these devices. Many prefer to hire those with video game knowledge as they are more adept at combining teaching with fun.

They understand how games correlate with our knowledge of computers and can use various games to display how to use these devices. It might not be at the top of the list of skills for hiring, but it can definitely help someone land a job in this field.

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