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Online gaming forums have been a staple to the Internet since its inception. Gamers could get together and talk shop, provide walkthroughs for those tough to get through sections of their favorite game, and swap tips and tricks.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Video game forums are bigger than ever, with multiple avenues for people to interact with their fellow gamers. Here’s a more comprehensive look at the most active video game forums today.



Launched in 1999 as Game-Age Forums, NeoGAF hosts several forums ranging from gaming to Off-Topic for those times you and those online want to goof off or address critical issues like ‘Is there intelligent life out in the universe?’ While lurking, I came across a topic about Red Dead Redemption II Online mode.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

The poster endearingly addressed the community as ‘Gaffers’ and asked about Red Dead’s Online mode, (something that has been a bit controversial due to its many technical issues).



A personal favorite of mine, GameFAQs was and is the definitive source for detailed walkthroughs of games. Stuck in an impossible dungeon? Not sure where the final piece of the Triforce is in Zelda? GameFAQS has walkthroughs and a supportive, tight-knit community for you to talk games in general, or specific help you need with a game.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

There’s a reason the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ are right in the name. Keeping a simplistic yet timeless design, the site still proves it’s going strong for 23 years.



A classic and a current powerhouse in gaming, IGN’s video game forum is all quality. It’s easily organized by gaming platform, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), and further into more specific topics.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

A quick peruse of the PC forum showed a staggering amount of topics with gamers helping other gamers by giving good PC build recommendations and great deals on games.

The community is as good as any gaming forum can hope to be.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your


http://www.gamespot.com/forums/30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

A very active video game forum with a teeming, passionate population. Specific topics are chosen from the larger whole and displayed on the page, while other boards, such as the controversial ‘System Wars’ and the giant ‘Retro Gaming’ populate the site.

Some interesting topics I came across were ‘What’s the oldest video game system you have?’ to which a poster unbelievably replied with ‘the original Pong’. That right there should show how dedicated these gamers are.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your


https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

In recent years, r/gaming has become a massive gathering place for gamers sharing knowledge, funny pictures, and other assorted gaming fun.

Around releases of big games like Red Dead Redemption II and Super Smash Brothers, r/gaming goes into a frenzy, sharing game secrets and sharing their personal stories with the games.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

People are always outdoing each other with humorous pictures, relatable stories, and love of games that keeps the site chugging with traffic. As of 2018, r/gaming has nearly 20 million subscribers.



Massively multiplayer online RPG’s have some of the most dedicated fans in gaming, and this forum is no exception. With helpful links to buy, play, and preorder games right from the sidebar, this forum has easy accessibility.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

There’s even a forum dedicated to site suggestions, helping the web developers with suggestions from the actual users of the site. ‘The Pub’, the general MMORPG forum on the site currently has a whopping 1.3 million comments and 60.1 thousand discussions.

Minecraft Forum


Minecraft is beloved by millions of all ages, and this is the definitive place for all of those die-hard fans to gather and talk about Minecraft. Clad in the iconic design of the game it represents, Minecraft forum hosts hundreds of topics regarding the extensive mods and skins used in the game.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Sharing is the name of the game on this forum; maps, like the breathtaking Mines of Moria, rebuild, skins of marvel heroes are shared daily. Minecraft Forum has nearly 5.1 million members and nearly 5 billion views.

The Verge


A stylish design, The Verge evokes a fashionable, cool, and sleek appearance for visitors. The gaming community is just as present as the design, with people creating topics like ‘STARDEW VALLEY IS LIFE (And your fav game of 2017)’ to kick off some well-meaning and fun discussions.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your


https://www.vgr.com/forum/30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

I like VGR for its approach to the community. On the site, there’s an ‘Introductions’ board to meet and greet new members and talk about favorite games. There are also two very important forums on the site: Video Game Deals and Esports & Competitive Gaming. Who doesn’t need great deals on games, especially when they can cost a fortune?

Users will create posts listing certain games that are on sale and where to get them for that price. It’s a helpful way to help out your fellow gamer. The Esports forum is going to be a huge discussion when the new Super Smash Bros. comes out.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your


https://www.avforums.com/forums/general-video-gaming-chat.100/30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Av deals in other forums for another tech, in fact citing themselves as ‘The No. 1 Home Entertainment Tech Company’. They go beyond to blend in all tech into one site. Along with having a solid gaming forum, they host reviews for different games and other hardware like surround sound speakers and TVs.



Student edge, in their own words, ‘seeks to enrich the lives of students across the country. The company aims to do this by helping students save and manage money, prepare for the workplace, find jobs and make informed career and life decisions.’ They offer deals on tech and try to help students out, (those textbooks are highway robbery!).30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Their gaming forum, although simple in setup, is filled with passionate gamers engaging with other student gamers. It’s super simple to start a discussion about games, with the text field right at the top of the screen—a real ‘grab and go’ type of situation for students and gamers to get down to business.



Right off the bat, the minimalist, no-nonsense design appeals to me. And, of course, a Red Dead Redemption II thread is stickied at the top. People passionately discussing their thoughts on the story of the game, what they thought could be improved, and the humorous stories of a guy who can’t keep his horse alive.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Gaming Latest

https://gaminglatest.com/30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

I really dig this site, it boasts a ‘Content Creator Lounge’ where actual game creators can converge and share their ideas and their content to other gamers. It’s a great community where sharing content and others’ channels is key and a large part of the forum’s identity.



Steam’s unbelievable reputation precedes itself, so when it comes to games forums, of course, Steam knocks it out of the park. Users have access to hundreds of forums for each game hosted on Steam, all framed in the iconic black/blue/white color scheme we’ve all grown familiar with. Steam forums allow others to share gaming guides, FAQs, and modding walkthroughs.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Blizzard Forums

https://us.battle.net/forums/en/30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Blizzard is known for its quality games, and the forums that accompany games like Warcraft, Overwatch, and Starcraft are no strangers to that quality. Blizzard puts so much time and effort into the forums on their games, with basic forums like ‘character class’ and ‘Guild Recruitment’ to help flesh out almost every aspect of their games.

Ubisoft Forums


Like Blizzard, Ubisoft forums have quality in line with their games. The specific forums for each Ubisoft game are such a nice touch. You would never have to worry about searching endlessly through certain forums looking for a place to post something about Assassin’s Creed II when it’s all consolidated in one place.30 Video Game Communities Online. Get Creative and share Your

Hundreds of thousands of users access the site daily to talk about their favorite Ubisoft titles.

Adventure Gamers


Adventure games were huge in the 1990s. This place seems like a haven for all lovers of those unique and artistic titles. A hot topic ‘What’s your favorite adventure Game?’ is one of the site’s most popular topics, with adventure gaming fanatics listing titles ranging from old LucasArts games to more recent titles.



Famous gaming site Polygon hosts a great forum on games. The community truly cares about each other. I came across a topic in which a gamer felt lonely and asked for someone to play online with, with responders not only offering to play with him but to help him out with his personal issues.

Sometimes we need a good support system and those in the community help can really make a difference.

Rock Paper Shotgun


Popular blog Rock Paper Shotgun hosts several forums running the gamut on games. My personal favorite is the PC Gaming thread simply named ‘The Screenshot thread’ where users post amazing images from in-game footage. Seeing the incredible details in games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Endless Space 2 really took my breath away.



This site, although simplistic in its design, has users commenting minute to minute. A particular thread I liked was the ‘recently completed game’ thread, where people tended to complete older games, spiraling the discussion into a great nostalgia-filled party.

Giant Bomb


A good friend of mine actually pointed me in this forum’s direction, and I’m glad he did. It’s sleek, black design hosts countless forum posts, with people eagerly discussing their most anticipated game releases and future speculation on different gaming franchises.

It makes sense that they know games; Giant Bomb was formed from a former staffer of GameSpot, another great site.

Escapist Magazine


Escapist puts out great content. With productions like ‘No Punctuation’, I knew Escapist was going to be a solid forum.

Its gaming discussion says, “Talk about the games you love, from indie browser games to big-budget MMOGs.” Sometimes simpler is better. A standout to me is ‘User Reviews’ where we get to hear unpaid opinions about games, old and new.



Racketboy advertises themselves as made for retro gamers and it shows how much effort they put into it. A particular standout to me is a forum dedicated to the philosophical, artistic, and cultural influence of games on our society. Deep discussion and gaming? Count me in!



Newgrounds is a great site that dominated pop culture in gaming and animation during the early and mid-‘00s. Their forum, which I’ve actually been a member of, is a fun, sometimes wild ride into edgy gaming opinions and colorful online characters. Much like its host site, these forums are raw but loveable and absolutely hilarious.

Ars Technica


A minimalist design doesn’t take away from the content of this forum. This forum is a staggeringly impressive list of places where you could find nearly anything to talk about in games. They have countless threads about gaming setups, operating programs, and PCs. There’s so much meat to these forums, the content will never be in short supply.



Internet Comic comedians Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, AKA ‘Tycho and Gabe’, have created an iconic brand in Penny-Arcade. This extended to their forums as well. With 9.6 million posts, their gaming forum is very online-gaming heavy: Overwatch and Warframe are dominant topics.

Game Revolution


Another simplistic design but rich in content. The forums for games are split into two tiers: Gaming and Retro Gaming which I think is a great method of categorizing and keeping the community orderly.

More positive questions asked of the community, “What game are you best at?’ are some things I like to see when browsing forums, things that engage the rest of the community.

Something Awful


The famous website Something Awful’s forum, known for spawning the phenomenon of Slender-Man, the game forums are packed with content. My favorite topic I came across is a mega thread regarding getting a job in games. With over 3600 replies, it’s proven to be a hot topic, and I’m glad it has.

Epic Games


Along with forums designated to their iconic games, Epic Games also allow you to download their free software to edit content. Their game forums are much like Blizzard and Ubisoft in that they focus heavily on a single game, funneling resources into FAQs and discussion on that game.

Gearbox Software


Gearbox focuses its forums on its games and franchises like Borderlands and Battleborn. Forums like Borderlands are wild, with people sharing stories of raids, items, and asking for help with a particularly difficult boss. However, there is a general gaming discussion, as to not keep other, non-Gearbox games out of the discussion.

4 Bonus Gaming Forums



From the makers of classics like Psychonauts and Grim Fandango, Double Fine hosts specific forums for each of their games. Games that have been out for years still have dedicated fan bases that are posting at this exact moment. It’s a very active forum for a very dedicated fanbase.

Square Enix


Legendary developer Square Enix, no surprise, has a massive forum dedicated to their games. Final Fantasy alone could fill hundreds of thousands of internet pages, with each game and derivative having their own forum.



It’s no surprise, with the recent release of Fallout 76, that the Bethesda forums are on fire, the Fallout forums specifically have over 60,000 posts. Other Bethesda games like those in the Elder Scrolls Series and Dishonored are serviced here as well.

Pinoy Gamer Forum


Pinoy gamer is a Filipino gaming forum stating that they’re the dedicated gaming and news forum of the Philippines. Pinoy gamer has forums dedicated to gaming, gaming events, and buying & trading software and hardware.

Other positives aspects like the lively ‘welcome’ forum for those new to the site offer a refreshing look on online communities.

This is extremely useful, and the Filipino community is better off for its existence.

These are the heavy hitters of the online gaming community. You’ll find nowhere more teeming with love and passion for gaming as these sites.

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