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graceacupuncture - 02/02/2022 - NEWS - 358 Views

1 Week has passed since our BIG announcement

It seems like it was a year ago, but only 10 days have passed since 50 Moovers and some other guests got their hands on our App. And just like our HoG, Ricardo, mentioned on Telegram, their contribution was tremendous: it helped us correct some of the features, improve further the AI system, collect data to feed the algorithm and much more!

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And while people were still talking about how they could also try our technology, we launched a tease about how Sports Clubs could soon be part of dotmoovs world.

If you’ve been an avid reader of our blog, you might have realised how that’s a connection to our partnership with DIA. A new collaboration to develop an oracle that will feed the dotmoovs platform with data about its users’ history and activity. This will enable dotmoovs to leverage concise and accurate data about its users in order to establish profiles that determine the user rewards, access to special features and more within the dotmoovs universe.

We are aiming to develop this oracle that will validate all the data associated with memberships/ fans activity and history within professional sports clubs: such as membership periods, number of tickets bought and more. With that data, dotmoovs will be able to establish an accurate user tier.

A cloth, a round shape floating and a no-announcement. The beginning of a new phase.

We certainly don’t want to ruin any surprise — and many of you might have already guessed part of it. You might even have seen it before. But what we’re introducing here is something that no one has ever done before. We want to gamify sports and make it even more iconic, unique and fun by merging the Digital with Physical, creating a new future of Phygital experiences.

Very soon — and we mean very soon — you’ll learn more about it and we’re hoping that you’ll get as excited as we are about it!

You still have the chance to be one of the first to try our app

While no official date for the release has been announced, one thing is sure: dotmoovs will soon open some more spots for users to try the app. And you’re still on time to register as one of the potencial candidates for it. You just need to follow the link and add your details there!

Hey, even the legend and proud ambassador, Luís Figo, got into the game and decided to give 10 of his followers the chance of being part of the experience!

The questions that matter!

When is the app being launched? When are we having a new exchange listing? What is that big announcement related to that weird floating blanket? Are you launching new sports or announcing new partnerships soon?

So, all in all, it’s been an exciting week that left us wanting to know so much more! And we hear your questions. But patience is a virtue and timing is key. Soon — and we mean really soon — many of your questions will be answered!