CCC: The Lego Movie Videogame Guide/Walkthrough - Level 1 ...

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Level portal location (hub access): Bricksburg - The left side of the construction site gate/ entrance

We join Emmet on the site, together with Gail as they are finishing up for the day. These construction workers can only build when they have the instructions so your first job is to find those. Follow the path to the right and kick some walls down (Seriously? These lego people are pretty strong).

On the other side you will find the instruction delivery machine. Unfortunately it's broken down. Use either character to fix the problem and grab the instructions it delivers.


Minikit 01/05 - Flame walk (Lord Business)

On the right side of the area next to the instruction tube device (on a metal gate) is a large golden padlock. Use a character with lasers/ heat rays or heat vision to melt the lock open. This will grant you access to a new area. On the far right side is Lord Business's leg machine. Activate it and up he goes. Walk through the flames and turn on the conveyor belt to find the first minikit.

Minikit 02/05 - Destroy 11 Buildings (Lord Business)

In the same area as the last minikit once Lord Business has his extendable legs, just walk around and destroy every building in the area until the minikit is yours.

Minikit 03/05 - Destroy 5 Cameras (Projectile)

In the starting area are two cameras high up on poles. Use a character with projectile attacks to bring them down. The third camera is on the left side of the weird house destruction area (where your character obtains the drill). The fourth camera can be found on the far right side of the area near the conveyor belt you need to reverse to reach the upper level. The final camera is in the same area but on the upper area (accessed by the conveyor belt). Ride on up and destroy the final camera.


Once you have the instructions, head back to where you started the level and use them on the porch (there will be a glowing blue marker on the ground where you should stand). When using instructions you have to identify the missing pieces of the object you are building (missing pieces will be outlined and show up where they should be placed). Depending on how fast and accurate you are in selecting these you will get a stud bonus. After construction is complete you will get a ride to the other side of the site (Riding in style!).

This new area will teach you how to use a drill and how to destroy cracked surfaces. Head over to the equipment shed on the left and use the switch to open the door. Inside is the drill. Take it for a spin outside (It's so much faster at breaking things, how did we live without it?). The broken road surface needs to be demolished as well as the strange, multicoloured cottage on the right hand side of the area. Use the drill on the cracked panels to bring it crashing down (Love the doorbell sound as you knock the door down).

Turn out the drill just isn't destructive enough for the foreman so Emmet and Gail are sent to get the instructions to build a wrecking ball (Imagine rolling around town in that in Grand Theft Auto). After the foreman opens up the next area head onwards. Against the back wall is a large instruction device (page turning machine) lacking power. The left hand battery can be pushed against the back wall into the socket (Note the checkerboard ground meaning objects on it can be pushed, as this crops up a lot during this game).

The right hand battery can be reached by using the drill on the statue in front of the truck then jumping up and pushing it off the truck onto the pushable tiles. Push the second battery into the socket to activate the instruction machine, move the truck and get your first instruction page.


Minikit 04/05 - Rainbow blocks (Unikitty)

Underneath the conveyor belt you need to reverse is a wall with a section made from rainbow bricks. Swap to Unikitty and break it down to get the minikit.


Now the truck is out of the way (and the crane operator is awake and absent), your characters can use the crane next to the conveyor belt. Move a character onto the crane platform, then operate the crane to raise them to the upper level. Exit the crane and then swap to the other character to use the switch that reverses the conveyor belt. Head up the conveyor belt to find someone having problems getting into the break room (and the other people out of it). To get everyone out you need to power up the stereo and repair the two speakers.

Push the plug into the socket next to the stereo first. Jump on to the socket and then onto the break room roof to repair the first speaker. Once you are done, drop down and drill the cracked panel on the pallet of bricks to see your first jump point. All females in this universe are superior acrobats to men and can jump quite a bit higher. The blue and pink jump spots increase this ability even more. This allows Gail to jump onto the roof and repair the second speaker.

Once both are finished.......DANCE PARTY! A bar will appear with buttons moving along it toward a circle. When the button icon enters the circle, push the indicated button. The better you do during this sequence the more studs you are rewarded with at the end.


Pants - Get at least 3 awesomes during the dance sequence

Press the button on the beat and you should get an awesome result. Anyone who has played any music game knows how this works.


Once you've finished dancing the instructions will appear on the left side of the area. Once you grab them you'll take a slide shortcut back to the earlier area. Time to build ourselves a wrecking ball. Assemble the pieces and hop in to take a swing at the building (timing the swing well will once again reward you with studs). Once it falls the job is done.

As everyone leaves work for the day Emmet is distracted by a suspicious figure wandering around the construction site. After stumbling he falls into a gaping hole that leads down underneath the city. As you fall Emmet can be steered into the rings of studs. The sequence is very basic, just avoid the hazards and grab studs. The only part you need to be aware of is the split path halfway down.

Halfway down the screen will show a 2D view of Emmet being bounced around and then landing on his back on a piece of debris. When this happens you can tap X (in free play) to take the right path (blue studs, rainbows and clouds - and collectible if you are aiming for them) or just leave him and he will fall down the left path (flame wheels, lava and slicing blades. Bit of a difference?


Minikit 05/05 - Catch while falling

During the falling sequence after watching Emmet bounce around, he will land on his back balancing between two directions. You can steer his fall (to the right) by tapping X quickly. This will send him down the right tunnel and allow you to grab the final minikit of the level. During the second falling sequence in this tunnel the minikit is in one of the circles (second last) before the level ends.


Take the path you want and after the fall ends, so does the level.


The Special -105,000 Studs

Obtain the above amount of studs to complete The Special and receive a gold brick.