Doom Eternal Dev id Software is Working on New Game

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One of the standout games from 2020 was id Software's Doom Eternal. In the time since, there have been two DLC expansions for Doom Eternal, but it seems id Software is gearing up for their next large release, according to a post on the Australian Classification Board (ACB).

id Software is a video game studio out of Richardson, Texas that was formed in 1991. Over the years it has created some of the most influential first person shooters of all time including Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. As a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media Inc., id Software have primarily been developing Doom games, with their other franchises being helmed by other studios, like MachineGames and Software released the exciting The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC for Doom Eternal this past spring, along with new entries in the Rage and Quake series in the last three years as well.

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On June 28 a new game listing appeared on the ACB website titled PROJECT 2021B. The listing features a breakdown of the game's thematic content which seems par for the course when it comes to id Software's releases. A blue "M" in the violence category indicates a "Mature" rating, and yellow circles in the "Themes" and "Language" categories suggests "Parental Guidance." With Doom and Quake's track record of explosive weaponry and over-the-top violence, like The Ancient Gods' Sentinel Hammer, this new game may not be drastically switching up id Software's formula.

Another peculiar bit of information comes from the section titled "Consumer advice" that states the upcoming game will feature "violence" and "online interactivity." As already mentioned, the first point is not that surprising, but the online interactivity is definitely interesting. Doom has featured multiplayer modes in its last two installments, but in neither case have those modes been those games' main attraction. With rumors of a Quake reboot featuring a female protagonist gaining traction recently, this listing would make more sense as an entry in the predominantly multiplayer focused series.

Doom Eternal Dev id Software is Working on New Game

This is not the first time a game of id Software's has leaked through the ACB. Earlier this year, id Software listed on the ACB PROJECT 2021A, a VR title which eventually became Doom 3: VR Edition for the PlayStation VR. Considering the similarity in the names of the two original listings, and the fact that PROJECT 2021A actually became a release, it is likely that this is a legitimate title that will receive more information in the coming months.

Between id Software helping Arkane Studios with Redfall, continuing support for Doom Eternal, and now this development, the studio is certainly very busy right now. It looks like fans of the tried and true, ZeniMax first-person formula have many games to look forward to.

Doom Eternal is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Australian Classification Board (via VGC)

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