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About F.B Purity

Fluff Busting (F.B.) Purity lets you Clean up and Customize Facebook. It has a myriad of features for eliminating the junk and clutter on Facebook.

F.B. Purity's Features

You know those posts in your newsfeed that you are not interested in seeing? FB Purity lets you hide all that stuff.

The Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Opera extension versions of FB Purity now have a built in option that lets you revert back to the old style facebook design/layout, which is accessible via the FBP button in the browser's extensions toolbar (next to the URL/Address bar)

FBP gives you the option to turn off auto play videos, returning them to "Click to Play" instead. The option for this is under the "Video Posts" section under the Newsfeed Filters Heading on the FBP options screen.

FB Purity has an option titled "Enable FBP Video Player", which when enabled lets you watch all Faceoboook videos without any ads in them

Although Facebook has an option to let you choose what order you want your newsfeed sorted in, it seems to keep "forgetting" the user's preference. This option lets you force Facebook to always stay on the "Most Recent" setting for the newsfeed.

*Update* As Facebook has redefined the meaning of the phrase "Most Recent", the posts you see when the feed is set to "Most Recent" still won't be in chronological order, so to try and keep the posts in correct time order you also now need to tick the "hide liked this", and "hide commented on this" filter options.

Another solution for getting the most recent feed in correct order is to use FBP'sChronological Sort function which sorts the posts currently loaded in the newsfeed when you press the "R" key. When pressed all the posts should be sorted into their correct time order. Please note if any other posts are loaded after the sort has completed, you will need to sort them again to get the new posts into Time order as well.

FB Purity has an option located under the "Notification Options" heading to make sure your notifications are always sorted in the correct chronological order.

Using the Custom Text Filter, You can hide posts that feature specific words or phrases that you don't want to see in your newsfeeds. For example, you could use this function to block posts about politics, politicians, "celebrities", sports or for hiding "spoilers" that people post about TV shows or Sports events or any other subject you are not interested in reading about in the newsfeed.For instructions on how to do this, see the:Custom Text Filter Guide

F.B. Purity has some built in image content filters that let you filter out photo/image content that you don't want to see in the Newsfeed. FBP hooks into Facebook's image classification system, and gives you the options to filter out Cats / Babies / Selfies / Memes / Food / Happy Couples etc images

If for some reason you are removed from any of your friend's friend lists, FBP's built in tracker will detect it and display an alert on your screen telling you who unfriend-ed you. (If you miss the alert, you can press the "F" key to replay the alert.) FBP also adds a "Show deactivated friends" link to your friends page, so you can see which of your friends accounts are currently deactivated.

FBP lets you hide those massive annoying boxes ("Stories" and "Rooms") that show at the top of the Newsfeed

You can do this by ticking the "Expand News Column" option, theres also an onscreen button to toggle this option at the end of the FB Purity info bar

F.B. Purity Features - FBP : Clean up and Customize Facebook

If you dont like seeing statuses with extra big fonts and coloured backgrounds, you can turn that off with the "Normalize Colored / Big Font Statuses" option, under the "Font, Colour & Design" heading on the FBP options screen

Fed up of seeing a mishmash of online and offline friends in chat? FBP has an option to only show the online friends in chat.

If you dont want to see the "is trending" news posts in your newsfeed, FBP lets you hide them.

Want to hide that annoying box Facebook inserts under posts in the Newsfeed, titled "Related Discussions"? FBP has an option to hide that.

FBP has options for stopping Facebook's irritating automatic tag suggestions that try and auto-complete what you are typing, the option is called Hide "Auto Tag Suggestions" and its under the "More Options" heading. Another similar option lets you turn off the popup suggestions that show up when you use the Search box at the top of the page. This option is titled "Hide Search Box Popup" and its under the "Top Nav Bar Options" heading.

As well as giving you options to hide the shared videos and shared photos, theres also an even stricter options of hiding "All Photos" or "All Videos" from the newsfeed

F.B. Purity adds options to hide the FB Chat interface.

They are a bit of an eyesore, so now FBP has an option that lets you hide the "Like Page" buttons that show up with shared items in the feed

F.B. Purity now has a font chooser with 650 pre-defined fonts that you can choose from, it also has a font size feature, to access it, you just need to go into the F.B. Purity settings, by clicking the F.B Purity link above your Facebook homepage.

You can also choose a background image, that will be shown behind the facebook pages you view, and also what colour scheme or colors you want to view facebook with, you can enter either use the Colour Picker widget (if available for your browser) or enter any colour name or HTML/CSS colour code on FBP's options screen, and then Facebook will be displayed in your chosen colors.

If you get a lot of notifications the popup box in the bottom left corner can be quite distracting and can interrupt what you are doing, FB Purity has an option to turn those notifications off too.

If you don't like the graphical smileys aka emoticons and "stickers" that Facebook displays, you can hide them with FBP's built in Emoticon hiding option

Prefer the old like system? Don't want to see the new Reaction bar with the different like types? FBP lets you hide it leaving just the like button behind.

Customize Facebook's Reaction Images - Use Your own choice of images for the Facebook Reaction icons

Whenever you play a video on Facebook it starts at full volume. F.B. Purity saves your video volume preference whenever you change the volume on a video, so whenever you play a new video it automatically sets the volume to the same level as you chose previously.

The application whitelist lets you specify particular applications, whose messages you *do* want to see on your homepage. The script comes with a default list of applications that will not be hidden by the F.B. Purity app filter.

This list includes the following applications: FB for Iphone, FB for Blackberry, FB for Palm, FB for Android, Tweetdeck, Digsby, Tumblr and Selective Twitter.

For instructions on how to add applications you *want* to see to the list, see the F.B. Purity Application Whitelist Guide

If you do want to see all application messages in your news feed, you can turn off the app/games filtering in your feed.

By default the script hides the following "Extras" (though you can choose to see them if you wish):

Liked (Became a Fan Of)Joined a GroupBecame a Friend ofIs Attending an eventAttended an EventShared an eventYour MemoriesShared a Memory

Additional optional "Extras" that can also be hidden, but are shown by default are:

Facebook Questions (and answers), Created an event, Changed location (aka "Checked In"), Updated profile, Changed profile picture, Changed relationship, Commented on or likes status, Uploaded photo, Shared Photo, Tagged in, likes or commented on photo, Tagged in, likes or commented on album, Uploaded video, Tagged in video, Share a link, Commented on or likes link, Read an article, Trending articles, Posted a note, Tagged in note, Commented on timeline (includes Commented on User/Group/Page/Event etc timeline), Fan Page Posts (Posts from pages you have liked), Commented on "this", Liked "this

The new "Reacted To" posts can also be hidden, just tick the corresponding Hide "Liked" item option (e.g hide the "liked a photo" option will also hide "reacted to a photo" posts etc)

If you would rather see one, some or all of these post types, You can edit the default list, to your taste. Instructions on how to do this are here:F.B. Purity Extras Blacklist Guide

Suggestions (People you may know, Featured, Find Friends, Find More Friends, Friend Finder), Ads and Sponsored Posts, Promoted Posts in the Newsfeed / Facebook Offers (Ads), Get Connected (aka Connect with Friends), Pokes, Events, Birthdays, Friend Requests, Game and Application Requests, Recommended Pages, Suggested Groups, Today's Games, Businesses for you, Watchlist, Stories, Happening Now / Live videos

The script has the capability of hiding all the above boxes, to hide them, simply tick the corresponding boxes in the F.B Purity options screen.

F.B. Purity, as well as by default letting you hide the game and app posts from your feed, also adds "BA" (Block Application) links, beneath the "V" menu button at the top right of application posts in your news feed, which lets you completely block the application from getting any information about you, sending you notifications, or invites to add the application. N.B Facebook's built in "V" (hide menu) button only lets you hide the application messages from your news feed, it does not stop invites or notifications, or stop the application from reading your profile data.

The "BA" button lets you block multiple applications at once, if there are multiple application messages on the screen, if you click the BA button, it will ask you if you want to block all the applications at the same time, if you say no, it will ask if you just want to block the app you clicked on.

FBP also gives you the option to hide links that you dont want to see in the Left hand column such as Pages, Find Friends, Advert Manager, Music, Pokes, Moments, Places Editor, Interests, Like Pages, Games Feed, App Center, Create Ad, Create a Page, Like Pages, Create group, New Groups, Sale Groups, Buy and Sell Groups, Discover People, Recent Ad Activity, On This Day, Events, Adverts Manager, Connect, Groups, Interests, Friends, Developer, Saved, Edit Profile, Events, Payments, Suggested Edits, Live Map, Fundraisers, Insights, Jobs, Marketplace, Weather, Crisis Response, Watch, Explore Feed, Movies, Shops, Order Food, Move etc

FBP adds a checkbox on the Logout/Login Screen that lets you automatically remove the "Recent Logins".

You can export and import your FBP settings, so you can transfer your settings from browser to browser, or recover them after you have a browser crash etc

You can add Custom CSS rules to FBP, so you can view Facebook exactly how you like it. CSS is a language for describing how elements on a web page should look. For examples and help with CSS, check out the F.B. Purity CSS page

For instructions on how to install F.B. Purity, please go to the Install F.B. Purity page.

N.B "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. This site and script are neither endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.