FUFU Raises $ 1.7 Million From Major Investors To Develop

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UwUFUFU.com, a content marketing platform, has successfully raised US $ 1.7 million from early investors.

Anyone can play, share, and earn NFTs by using the game mechanic of viral quizzes.NFTs from FUFU are a collector’s product and a way to get access to future events and sales.They also work as drop rate and item rarity “boosts” from Loot Balls, which serve as a mechanism for delivering rewards.This is the core of FUFU and will help propel the platform to the top of the industry.They are now able to offer rewards to active users. This will generate traffic and income.

The community and early investors have been supportive of the team.“We would like to especially thank GBV, Faculty Group and Boxmining for being the first to support our vision at FUFU.Investor support has given us confidence in our vision for FUFU’s potential within the blockchain industry.

Charles Yang, GBV partner, commented: “We believe that FUFU is a rough diamond.This platform has already been viral despite having a short history and little marketing spend.The team now has a strong group of supporters, so we’re excited to see the platform grow!“

FUFU will also be expanding their team and introducing new content to the platform. This includes quiz types and new features, which will bring a lot of fresh air to our community. .

FUFU will announce details of its public sales in the coming days.FUFU will also announce details about our project and future partnerships. Stay tuned and follow the team on social networks!

About FUFU

FUFU Raises $ 1.7 Million From Major Investors To Develop

FUFU is the go-to platform for users to create quizzes, share them with friends, and earn NFTs through the reward system.

The project’s mission aims to help brands deploy digital advertising campaigns through content marketing and disseminate gamified marketing NFTs for future campaigns.

UwUFUFU (link) is the flagship platform for creating and disseminating NFTs in the ecosystem.Viral quizzes are a content marketing platform.This platform is already used daily by thousands of content creators and users.

Contact the team:

Website: https://getFUFU.com

Telegram officer: https://t.me/FUFUofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/getFUFU

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