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Question: How do I create a G5 Friends account?

Answer: In order to create a new account, you should follow the next steps:

Tap on the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game board.In a new window tap 'My Profile' at the very bottom of the screen.Fill in the fields with your data to create the account.Confirm the email address by following the link sent to the address you've indicated in your G5 Friends account.

Question: How do I log into my G5 Friends account?

Answer: You can log into the existing G5 Friends account in the following way:

Tap on the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game board.In a new window tap 'My Profile' at the very bottom of the screen.Tap on 'Change Player' in order to log in with the Player Login and password you used in your game before.Tap on 'Sign in' to confirm.

Question: I have already created a G5 Friends account, but I don't remember my Player Login/ password. What should I do?

Answer: In case you do not remember your Player Login or password to your G5 Friends account, you can recover it in the following way:

Tap on the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of the screen on your main game boardIn a new window tap 'My Profile' at the very bottom of the screenTap 'Change Player' on the left bottom side of the screenChoose 'Forgot?' in the window that appearsEnter the email address associated with your G5 Friends account or your Player Login and tap 'Send'The letter with your Player Login and the link to reset password will be sent to your emailOnce you changed your password, go back to the game and log in with the new credentials.

Question: When I enter my email to save my game progress, I get the error message that 'Email already in use'. What should I do?

Answer: Please note that the message 'Email already in use' means that you have already created a G5 Friends account with this email and it cannot be used for creating another account. Thus, you can either log into your old account in order to be able to play with your friends or create a new account.

Question: How do I find my G5 Friends Player Login?

Answer: In order to find out your G5 Friends Player Login, tap on the 'Friends' icon in the bottom of the main game board. In the window that will appear, tap 'My Profile' in the very bottom of the screen. Your Player Login will be indicated in the first upper field on the right side of the screen.

Question: I would like to start the game from scratch. How can I do that?Answer: The game progress is stored on the remote server and it is downloaded to your device as soon as you launch the game with your internet connection turned on. Thus, it is impossible to delete the progress and start the game from scratch on the device you have already played the game. However, you may start playing from the very beginning on a new device in the following way:

Install this game on any other supported device.Create a new G5 Friends account on it.Log into your newly created G5 Friends account on the device you used to play the game on, and your new game progress will be automatically transferred to it.

Question: How many G5 Friends can I have? Is there a limit?Answer: The limit of Friends you can have is 1000.

Question: How do I delete the invitations to other games my G5 Friends keep sending me?Answer: To delete invitations to other G5 games, please follow the steps below:

Click on the cross (X) in the upper right-hand corner of the Invitation you wish to delete.The window with the promo video will appear.Click Delete Invitation button which will be activated in several seconds.

Question: How do I delete a G5 Friend?Answer: To delete a Friend, select the cross (X) sign to the right of the Player's name in the 'Friends' tab. You will be asked to confirm the action.

Question: How do I invite new G5 Friends?Answer: In order to invite new Friends to your game, please do the following:

Go to the 'Friends' icon at the bottom of your game board.In a new window select the 'Invite Friends' tab at the very bottom of the screen.In the 'Other Players' tab you will be given a list of ten random users playing the same game (choose a player or tap 'Select all' and tap 'Invite').In the 'G5 Friends' tab you will be given a list of all your Friends in all G5 games you've ever played (choose a player or 'Select all' and tap 'Invite').You can also invite the Contacts from your Address Book and your Facebook Friends to join you in the game. Go to the corresponding tabs in the Invite Friends tab to do that.

Question: What does the Gear sign serve for in the Chat section? Which settings can I adjust?Answer: As you tap on the Gear sign, the chat settings window opens.

Personal settings:

The 'Block' toggle to block messages from a specific Friend.The 'Notifications for' toggle to turn on/off the notifications for the chat messages from a specific Friend.

General settings:

The 'Only show Friends who are Online' toggle to show the chat sessions for the Friends who are online at the moment.The 'Notifications' toggle to turn on/off the chat notifications for all your Friends.

Question: How do I block a G5 Friend?Answer: To block a Friend permanently, open the list of your G5 Friends, select the cross (X) sign in the upper right corner of his/her avatar and choose the Block option. This will block a Friend permanently and you will not see new requests and invitations from this player.

Question: How do I visit a G5 Friend? Answer: To visit a Friend, please follow the steps below:

Select 'Friends' at the bottom of your game board to open the Friends section of the game.Select the 'Visit' button on the icon of the Friend you want to visit.

Question: How many free gifts can I send per day?Answer: You can send one free gift per Friend up to a maximum of 50 gifts each day, which means you are limited to sending 50 free gifts each day.

Question: How many collection items can I send as a gift to my G5 Friends?Answer: You can send up to 50 collection items per day. However, you cannot send more than 10 collection items to one Friend a day.

Question: How do I request a gift?Answer: To request a specific gift from your Friends, you can select the 'Ask Friends' icon below the collection item you would like to request, for example. Please note that not all items can be requested this way.

Question: How many gifts can my Gifts tab store until I accept them?Answer: You can have up to 50 unaccepted gifts.

Question: What is News Feed and what it shows?Answer: The News Feed shows recent gaming activity of your G5 Friends and yourself.

The 'Friends' Feed' tab shows:

Your Friends gaining new levels.Your Friends adding items to their Wish lists.If you and your Friend are both playing another G5 game, you can see the News Feed items related to other game in this tab.The Chat button to start a chat with a specific G5 Friend.

The 'My Feed' tab shows your Wish List changes and the new levels you've achieved.

Question: What does the phrase stating that one of my G5 Friends has asked for help in the game mean?Answer: "A friend asked for your help" means that this user has updated his/her Wish List.

Question: Can I give gifts straight from my News Feed?Answer: Yes, you can send gifts your Friends have added to their Wish Lists through the News Feed tab. Just tap on the requested item and a gift will be sent, the item you sent becomes greyed out.