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Final Fantasy XIV lets players teleport to specific locations in the world for a price, and those costs will be going up in the Endwalker expansion.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has announced that a fix will be coming for those unable to use their mobile devices to evolve Inkay into Malamar.

343 Industries announces a new round of Halo Infinite multiplayer test betas for later this month, with an added emphasis on large-scale team battles.

Sony and Polyphony Digital have shared pre-order details for Gran Turismo 7, whose PlayStation 5 upgrade will indeed cost players $10.

The developer of Pokémon Unite has released the game's mobile launch trailer, hyping up Nintendo Switch crossplay, new features, and Holowear.

Amazon Prime members will reportedly get first dibs on PlayStation 5 consoles starting on September 21, 2021, possibly to block scalpers.

According to a new listing on the Brazil Advisory Rating Board, a rating suggests that Alan Wake Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake in California rattled the home of Evo competitor Reynald Tacsuan during a Guilty Gear Strive match, and he still won.

Zynga is celebrating the Harry Potter mobile game with social media giveaways, in-game bonuses, new matching puzzles, and additional content.

Game News | ScreenRant

Microsoft Casual Games has added Halo content to Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong by Microsoft, introducing artwork inspired by the Xbox series.

Xbox and PlayStation have joined a viral social media trend exploring some of the saddest moments in games, including TLOU and Gears of War 3.

Upcoming indie game Negative Atmosphere looks to channel the Dead Space series to deliver a nightmare-inducing trip through a derelict spaceship.

Quantic Dream's rumored Star Wars game may not play like its predecessor, Detroit: Become Human, and could instead have traditional action gameplay.

The next season of Sea of Thieves will introduce new content, such as Siren Shrines - difficult underwater dungeons filled with valuable loot.

The Smash Remix mod for the original Super Smash Bros. series entry recently added Mewtwo and Prince Marth as playable characters.

AEW's upcoming video game will feature the late Owen Hart as a playable character, as part of a new marketing deal with the legend's estate.

Arkane Studios' time loop shooter Deathloop released to a very positive reception, but the game's lack of accessibility has earned some criticism.

A final trailer for Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released ahead of its launch tomorrow, featuring gameplay, new characters, and its magical world.

An interview with God of Ragnarok director Eric Williams revealed the game will feature different shield choices with defensive options and abilities.

Pokémon GO developer, Niantic, is giving up on one of its latest AR projects, a Settlers of Catan multiplayer game, CATAN – World Explorers.