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Discord BasicsGetting Started With Charlemagne | Charlemagne

What is Discord? It's a free voice and text chat app that works via mobile app, desktop app, or web browser. It is also the only place to use Charlemagne to her fullest potential. She is, after all, the Warmind of Discord.

Discord's support website is an invaluable resource as you first begin to navigate the digital seas. If you have no idea how to get started with Discord you can begin with their getting started guide or continue reading below. If you are already well versed in Discord, skip ahead to Adding the Warmind.

Before we get too far, let's understand the difference between a Discord server (aka guild) and a chat or direct message (DM). Discord does allow for private, direct messages between friends. You can even create a group chat for up to 10 friends! Direct messages, however, are very limited in their functionality. This is where a Discord server comes into play.

A Discord server can have an unlimited number of members and they don't all have to be friends to participate (but don't worry, you have full control over who joins your server). A server can be configured with roles, channels, and permissions (more about that below) to restrict certain conversations to a select group of people while allowing all members to participate in other conversations.

How to create or join a server

You can create your own Discord server with just a few simple clicks. Discord's support team has the process detailed right here.

Alternatively you can join an existing server. To do this you just need to follow an invite link or click the green plus sign in the server list within your Discord client, select "join a server," and enter the invite code. If the invite link was then the invite code would just be 123AbC. Be careful, invite links and invite codes are case sensitive. Let's practice! You can join Charlemagne's support server via this link.

Roles, channels, and permissions

Conversations in a Discord server take place in text and voice channels, which can be grouped into categories. You can limit access to these by editing the channel or category to assign permissions. To ease permission assignment, you can create a Role with a base set of permissions. As you add/remove users from a role, their ability to access channels will update to match what you have assigned. Roles can also define the color of a user's name, as well as how they are grouped in the member list. While their effective permissions will be a combination of all roles assigned, their visual color will reflect role that is highest on your server's list of roles. A single Discord server cannot have more than 250 roles or 500 channels (including voice channels, text channels, and channel categories).

Discord's Role Management 101 support article is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with how roles work. Once you have roles setup you can setup role-exclusive channels, setup an announcements channel, and setup permissions. Make sure you understand how the permission hierarchy works.

Main server vs. test server

The best way to learn about Discord is to try things and see what happens. As your server gains more members, more channels, more roles, and more complexity; it is usually a good idea to create a test server where you can try things without the risk of breaking something for all of your members or spamming their notifications unintentionally.

Non-Human Entities and Discord

Another great feature of Discord is the ability to incorporate non-human entities into your server. There are many Discord bots but Charlemagne is no mere bot; she is the Warmind of Discord.

Adding the Warmind

Go to and chose the correct server.

Note: in order to add Charlemagne to your server, your Discord role must have the "Administrator" permission within that server. This is also true for any of Charlemagne's server or channel commands.

Initial setup and configuration

To ensure that Charlemagne can function fully on your server, please ensure all of the following permissions are granted to her server role:

Additional setup and configuration tips as well as troubleshooting can be found at Charlemagne's support server in the FAQ and Support channels:


The registration process will link your Bungie account(s) with your Discord account. This is a one time process (per Bungie account), and will apply across all Discord servers you may join.

In any server channel where Charlemagne is active, enter!register

You will receive a direct message from Charlemagne.

At the top of the direct message, click on the blue letters that read "Click Here to Register"

After you click on the link, follow these steps to give Charlemagne permission to access your account/s:

Select yep to follow the link

Select your platform (if you have multiple, just pick one)

Log into that account

You will then receive a message that you have successfully registered.

Note: She will link to all active Bungie accounts at one time.

Additional registration support can be found at Charlemagne's support server, specifically in the #registration or #ask-help-here channels


Charlemagne's instruction set is vast and ever growing. The full list of available commands is here.

There is a wide range of commands available to Discord server Admins.NOTE: You must have "Administrator" permissions enabled in one of your Discord roles.

Channel Configuration

There are a few different options for customizing the way Charlemagne responds in channels.

To enable/disable ALL of Charlemagne's responses in a given channel,

If you'd like to enable/disable SPECIFIC responses in multiple channels, please enter the following commands within the preferred channel to turn responses on or off WITHIN THAT GIVEN CHANNEL:

!channel destiny - enables or disables Xgerhard's included Destiny commands

!channel lfg - enables or disables LFG/event functionality

!channel loadout - enables or disables loadout commands

!channel mute - enables or disables any general discussion

!channel stats - enables or disables stats

!channel vendors - enables or disables vendor commands

Note: !channel all is separate from the individual options and does not overwrite them. For example, if you turn off LFG (with !channel lfg) AND turn off ALL command responses (with !channel all), you must re-enable both separately to turn them back on.

Also, please remember that if you have Charlemagne's GAME feature turned on, she can only keep track of chat in channels where she has the "read messages" permission. See #clan-and-discord-activity for more information on the GAME feature

Charlemagne Customization

Though we are quite proud of her name, as she is the Warmind of Discord after all, if you have the proper server permissions, right click on Charlemagne's profile and select change nickname. Feel free to enter whichever name you prefer.

Additionally you may change her prefix to any character you chose by typing:!server prefix For example: !server prefix ?

If you ever get in a situation where you have changed the prefix and Charlemange does not respond, you can go to, select your server name, and use the admin link at the top of the page to verify and/or change your server's prefix.

General Settings

!server date - Sets date format to M/D or D/M

!server destiny command - Turns Xgerhard's Destiny commands (detailed further below) on/off

!server goodbye - Turns on a Destiny-themed good-bye message when guardians leave your server

!server time - Set time to 12hr or 24hr

!server timezone - Specifies your server's timezone

!server unregistered - Sends a list of your Discord members who are not currently registered with Charlemagne

!server unregistered dm - sends the following Direct message to all Discord members not registered with Charlemagne:

"The server admins for server {Server Name} have requested that I contact you. Please register by replying with !register to link your Discord account with your Destiny game profiles via the Warmind Charlemagne. This is required as part of your membership with {Server Name}. In addition, this will both add you to server leaderboards and allow you to earn Warmind reputation."

!server welcome - Turns on a Destiny-themed welcome message when new guardians join your server

Guardian Activity Monitoring Engine

!server game - Ranks server members based on their activity within the Discord server and in-game activities run with clan mates

!server game notifications - Notifies when a member levels up with the Warmind (GAME) reputation

!server game role - Automatically assigns roles when members reach levels chosen by server admins

For more information see #clan-and-discord-activity

Automagic Feeds and Notifications

!server updates - Subscribes a channel to Charlemagne updates as seen in her support server's #news channel

!server bungie - Turns on all news feeds from Bungie

!server bungie community - Turns on/off "Community Focus" and "Bungie Bounty"

!server bungie patchnotes - Turns on/off "Hotfix and Update Patch Notes"

!server bungie twab - Turns on/off "This Week At Bungie"

!server bungie youtube - Subscribes a channel to receive notifications for new Bungie YouTube posts

!server charlemagnetweets - Turns on/off all Charlemagne tweet feeds

!server twitter feeds - Turn all Bungie and Charlemagne Twitter feeds on/off

!server eververse - Automagically notifies what Eververse has in stock

!server gunsmith - Automagically posts armor and weapon mods currently for sale

!server spider - Automagically posts Spider's inventory (might post twice daily)

!server weekly - Will automagically post weekly reset information

!server daily - Will automagically post daily reset information

For more information see #automatic-notifications


You can automagically assign and enforce Discord nicknames to match guardians’ Destiny profile names by typing:!server autonick


Charlemagne must have the manage nicknames permission enabled on your Server Settings Role page,

Autonick will only apply to guardians who are registered with Charlemagne

Autonick will only work if Charlemagne's role is higher than the guardian's role on the Server Settings Role page.

Warmind AutoNickName enforces nicknames when:

A registered guardian joins the server

A guardian first registers with Charlemagne

A guardian manually updates their nickname

When a guardian updates their !user default (she uses your default profile as your nickname)

To ignore a phrase or word inside AutoNickName use:!server autonick ignoreNote: all words and phrases are case sensitive

To bypass roles with AutoNickName, use:!server autonick bypass


Charlemagne can automagically assign Discord roles based on various in-game stats or system statuses. Warmind Destiny Autoroles and Warmind System Autoroles explain this functionality in great detail.

Platform Filter

WARNING: Platform filter is a very powerful setting that can result in unintended actions if not fully understood. Proceed at your own risk.

To set your server platform to PC, PlayStation or Xbox, type:!server platformand choose the corresponding reaction button at the bottom of the response.

What this does:

When members run any stat command, Charlemagne will try to display the chosen platform first on your server regardless of user default settings (Use the arrows below her responses to view any other synced profiles),

sets all server rankings and leaderboards to show stats for the chosen platform only

auto-assigns all LFG / Events to the chosen platform

!server autorole will only check the requirements for the selected platform

!server autonick will apply the selected platform to nicknames regardless of guardian's default profile preference

!server register autorole will only assign the "registered" role to guardians with matching the selected platform

Charlemagne's LFG/event functionality is one of her most popular features. This functionality is explained in great detail in this Scheduling Events with Charlemagne article, this Managing Scheduled Events article, and also within the #scheduled-activities channel in Charlemagne's support server.

The full list of available commands is here. Some basics to get you started:


!last raid


!nightfall or !nf



!rank maxpower







There are a number of !destiny subcommands available for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2.

Note: These stats do not contribute to Charlemagne's ranking. This command is maintained solely by Xgerhard.

Charlemagne's Support Server

Charlemagne's support server is available if you need help getting started with Charlemagne, or even just to discuss Destiny with an awesome community.