Hatch | 12 investment sites and newsletters to up your

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Invest where it counts the most – in yourself.

Investing in yourself could be the most profitable decision you make, and thanks to the internet and the many cool people on it, upping your investing game is an achievable dream! You can get an education in less time than it takes to talk yourself out of going to the gym every day. We know it’s just as easy to talk yourself out of ‘researching investing’, so we’ve made it easy for you - no excuses. Check out Hatch's recommended sites and newsletters to invest like a pro (we’ve even broken them down by experience because we’re good like that):

Beginner investors

The Balance

The Balance promises to make personal finances simple, no matter where you're at in life. It simplifies and demystifies money by sharing practical advice and good financial habits. By providing jargon-free, easy-to-understand info, The Balance is committed to helping its readers earn more, invest well and build a more secure future.

Learn everything you need to buy shares, in just 10 minutes a day for 10 days. We'll walk you through everything you need to know before you buy your first shares on the US share markets. No jargon, no pressure, no boring finance stuff.

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Hatch | 12 investment sites and newsletters to up your

Finimize is a daily email that shares today's top financial news in about 3 minutes. They help us navigate the financial jungle and make it easy to keep informed with jargon-free stories in markets, from shares to crypto.


Sallie Krawcheck is an ex-Wall Street titan and a bad-ass financial guru who starting the investing platform Ellevest. Their newsletter about women, money, and power hits inboxes three times a week and shares money knowledge (in a non-boring way) to help their readers earn more, invest more, and do more with their finances.

Intermediate investors

Motley Fool

Motley Fool has a strong and growing investor community. Dedicated to helping the world invest better, Motley Fool was founded in 1993 by two brothers. To this day, they continue to help their reader's reach financial freedom by sharing stock picks, market analysis and trends to watch.


CNBC is the most-watched investing news channel, and Kiwi investors can visit their website to read the numerous articles for free...yep, you read correctly, for free! At Hatch, we find it helps us keep up with the latest market news. If investing news is being made, it’ll probably land on CNBC first, so it’s worth a regular visit if you’re curious what’s happening in the markets.

The Hatch Weekly

Each Tuesday, the Hatch weekly lands in inboxes across NZ packed full of the most exciting and newsworthy stories from Wall Street. Get the lowdown on the markets, who's hot, who's not, earnings season and what to watch in the week ahead. We also highlight the latest from our blog and a Hatch investor profile to learn how others are building their wealth (handy for stealing tips too!).

The Deep Dish

Richard Meadow is a journalist known for saving $100,000 by age 25. He then quit his job, abandoned his worldly possessions, and moved to Southeast Asia where he’s inspiring others with 2-3 posts per month about living more intentionally and doing better with their money.

Advanced investors

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha sources its content from their community, meaning investors and money managers share their knowledge as well as recommend and explain their stock picks. From earnings reports and earnings conference call transcripts to market news, Seeking Alpha offers a solid foundation of information for seasoned investors.


Mornings is probably one of the most respected investment rating sites. Like other investments sites, you can access a trove of free articles to help you understand the markets and investment ideas - but you'll need to purchase a premium subscription (US $189/year) to access the Morningstar rating and detailed analysis for specific investments. But what’s $189/year though if it helps with your stock picks?

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Yes, Motley Fool gets another shout out with their newsletter The Motley Fool Stock Advisor. According to the Wall Street Survivor, their stock recommendations continue to beat all of the other newsletters. High praise, indeed! For US $199/year, you get two new stock recommendations each month (and an in-depth - but easily understood - analysis that explains why), and best buys at the moment. The subscription also includes an all-access pass to their community of investors to help you invest better.


Founder Len Zacks created Zacks Investment Research in 1978 to provide independent research for keen investors and summarises the market and what it means for you. Their free site has lots of handy tips and picks, but for US $249/year, you get access to their premium newsletter service with a list of “Top Stocks to Buy” and report cards for over 5,000 companies. They also rate the best companies by industry if you want to consider companies in a specific sector like healthcare or tech.This blog is of a general nature and is not financial advice. This blog is not a recommendation to invest in any of the companies or funds listed in it. With investing, your money isn’t guaranteed to grow and there’s a risk you might lose money.