How to Remove Facebook Live Feed and Restore Facebook Status ...

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Summary: Quick instructions and pictures how to to remove Facebook Live Feed and Restore Facebook Status Updates. How to get your old Facebook back. Here are a few easy steps to change your Facebook back to something similar to the old Facebook format.

Don’t like the new Facebook format that shows Live Feed and View News Feed?

Me either.

Facebook’s “News Feed” is now Facebook’s determination of what stories Facebook thinks you’ll most enjoy and based on your past history interacting with the site. Facebook makes this choice based onhow much activity and attention an item has seen (from friends commenting and liking it) and how likely Facebook thinks you might interact with that post.Here’s how to fix it…

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Facebook’s new

“Live Feed,” is theoretically the same real-time feed from your friends that you’re used to.

If you scroll to the very bottom of the Live Feed Page, You can click “Edit Options” to set the frequency of feeds and adjust which friends you hear more and less from.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to click on “Status Update” at the top of the screen, but at least, theoretically, with the edit options set, you can restore your full flow of feeds.

Step 1: Click “Live Feed” at the top of the Facebook page to activate it.Live feed is most like the original Facebook page.

Step 2: Use the right scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the facebook home page.

Step 3: Click the “edit options” link to change the options for the Facebook Live Feed

Step 4: Change the “number of friends” setting to a high number to get all the new feeds.Use the text boxes if you want to receive more messages from some friends and less from others.

More steps below for setting your default Facebook Home page.





The application at the top of your Facebook list is the default screen when you visit Facebook or when you click the Facebook HOME link. Use the steps below to choose which Facebook screen is at the top of your Facebook list.

Locate the LIST of Facebook options that are in the top left corner of your Facebook home screen Click the “more” link at the bottom of the listClick, thenDrag to the top of the list, the application you want asyour starting, or “home” applicationClick the “Home” link to activate your new default Facebook home page.


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Here’s a New Yorker article: