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PC Cheats

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PC Cheats - Uplink: Hacker Elite Wiki Guide - IGN

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Uplink: Hacker Elite for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

The more computers you bounce your call through, the longer it takes for a trace. The cleaner those computers' logs are, the less likely you are to get passively traced. With that in mind, try this: go to the Internic and search for 'public' servers. Add all of the public access servers you can find (doing so may take a bit). Temporarily disable everything but the public access servers in your HUD, then create a route that passes through all of the public access servers you located. Save that route for future use. From that point on, you can load that saved route any time you need to perform a hack. Clean up the logs on all non-public access servers and leave them off the HUD (use a level 4 log delete, if possible). Now you have a terrific connection that will buy you loads of extra time, plus the only logs you have to worry about are the ones on the target machine. With all the extra time, you can usually remove the logs before you leave.

You will first need a password breaker. Connect directly to InterNic, select admin and then crack the password (They will not trace you!). Then with a Lvl 4 or above Log Deleter, you can delete everything in the list (if any) to cover your tracks. In order for this to work you will have to re-route your connection through InterNic when doing missions. Preferably make it your third or fourth connection. Then once you've finished the mission follow the steps as above. Good Luck! It has helped me a lot!

Not really a cheat but still a great way to get money easily. You'll need a Log Deleter version 4, A HUD Connection Analyzer, a Proxy Bypass version 5, a dictionary hacker is useful, and a rank of intermediate. Get a mission to trace a balance transfer. After you complete the mission to find out where the money went go back into the account and set up a transfer for the money to your bank account. You'll need to turn on the Proxy Bypass to finalize it. Then go into view statement and erase the log of the transfer (top one). Leave and immediately go to wherever you wipe your tracks at and do so. Then go into your bank account, bypass the proxy, delete the record in the statement saying you received the money, and leave and wipe your tracks again. This is an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of credits

Make a new agent with the name "TooManySecrets" (case-sensitive) and with any password. During gameplay, press F1 to bring up the cheat menu. (This does not work in version 1.2 of the game.)