Rumor: Footage of Mandalorian Video Game Leaks Online

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The Mandalorian may very well be the flagship show for Disney+, even with new Marvel Cinematic Universe series now being added on a regular basis. The Mandalorian is set in the Star Wars universe and has earned widespread critical acclaim for its action scenes, character development, memorable moments, and of course, the affectionaly nicknamed "Baby Yoda." Now it seems that a full-fledged video game based on The Mandalorian may be in development, if supposedly leaked footage is to be believed.

The leaked Mandalorian game footage has been making the rounds online, having apparently been filmed off-screen at some kind of presentation. It starts by showing off The Mandalorian game's menu, which has Baby Yoda and four chapters available for players to choose from. They can choose Chapter 1: This is the Way, Chapter 2: The Easy Job, Chapter 3: The Coin Toss, or Chapter 4: The Escape. The person playing the demo chooses to start Chapter 4.

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After selecting Chapter 4, the video shows a loading screen explaining Beskar Ingots. Similarly to their role in the TV show, Beskar Ingots can improve Mandalorian armor in the video game, and will serve as a collectible that players can find in the game world. After the loading screen, players can see this so-called Mandalorian video game in action.

Based on the footage, it appears as though this Mandalorian video game is going to be a linear third-person shooter, with players able to utilize Mando's unique gadgets. So not only will players be blasting Storm Troopers, but they can also attack them with Mando's signature flamethrower, for example. The footage shows Mando using his skills to take out various enemies on an Empire ship before a cut-scene brings the presentation to the end.

Rumor: Footage of Mandalorian Video Game Leaks Online

Now, it must be stressed that this may not be real. There have been rumors of a Mandalorian video game for some time, but that doesn't mean one actually exists. It's entirely possible that this footage has been faked somehow, though that seems like a lot of effort to fake a video game. Alternatively, it's possible that this was a tech demo made to try to pitch a Mandalorian video game. All Star Wars fans can do is speculate until an official announcement is made.

It's also worth pointing out that the YouTube channel this video was uploaded to, Christopher Turner, is full of Unreal Engine creation videos. Perhaps the most likely explanation is that this is simply a fan mock-up using Unreal Engine creation tools and not a "leak" at all. That would certainly explain why the video is still live on YouTube at the time of this writing and hasn't been taken down by any copyright claims.

There are a variety of Star Wars video games in active development that have been confirmed, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if there's secret ones on the way as well. For now, fans should treat this footage with a grain of salt.

The Mandalorian game has not been announced.

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