These New Steam Games Are Available for Free

graceacupuncture - 29/03/2023 - NEWS - 330 Views

Gaming is an expensive hobby. Whether you're on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, or any other platform, this is true. That said, if you're on PC, have no money, and are looking for something new to play, then you may want to check out one of the five games below, all of which are free and less than a month old. In fact, in the case of a couple of them, they are only a few days old.

It's important to note these are free games, not free-to-play games. In other words, you don't need to worry about microtransactions or any hidden costs. That said, being free comes with costs. If you're looking for the greatest and latest games, the five below are going to leave you disappointed.

Below, you can check out all five games for yourself, all of which currently boast positive reviews over on Steam. This includes not only a trailer of each game, but official game descriptions pulled straight from the Steam page of each game.

These New Steam Games Are Available for Free


About: Plo goes on a journey to destroy the core of a horrible disease that infected his girlfriend Oth. Plokoth is an atmospheric 2D platforming game set in a mysterious jungle.



About: Trapped in the muck on an island, alone or with your friends, try to survive as long as possible by using the resources you find around the island. Collect resources, craft tools, weapons, & armor, find items & build your base during day. But once night falls, mysterious enemies appear from the shadows. Using the resources and items you've crafted during the day, you must try and make it through the night.


Hell Architect: Prologue

About: Hell Architect Prologue is a free standalone version of the game 'Hell Architect'. This is beginning of a story where you start as a newbie manager of Hell. You are tasked with developing the underworld in a way that would make Lucifer himself fall off his chair. Let the Hell begin!


3D Aim Trainer

About: The #1 Aim Trainer and one of the most popular free pc games is now available on Steam. The best aim practice solution for FPS and TPS games, with top analytics helping you monitor your improvement for the most vital skills of aiming. Level up your aim for free.



About: Snowpainters is an arcade racing game where you play as speedy color-changing penguins. Play alone or with friends, change between colors, race on colorful paint trails, and bring color to a snowy environment!