Tips To Win Real Money Betting On Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football is synonymous with the NFL. It’s the final game every week in primetime on Monday night on ESPN. Sunday and Monday night games attract the most attention from sports bettors as standalone games. Thursday Night Football usually has some ugly matchups, so I can’t say that primetime matchup compares to Sunday and Monday night. In any case, Thursday opens up the weekly card, while things close with Monday Night Football on ESPN.

When SNF moved to NBC years ago, I think they stole marquee games away from Monday night. There are still some decent Monday nighters, but it’s clear NBC gets the best matchup over ESPN. That’s been the case for over a decade now. The biggest thing to take from Monday night games from the perspective of a sports bettor is that it’s the final chance of the week to pad the bankroll. If you are someone that only bets on NFL football, Monday Night Football is the final event to bet for days.

It does provide an opportunity to recharge the batteries and research the next week. That’s one big benefit of betting on the NFL versus the daily grind of a sport like baseball. When it comes to betting Monday night games, there is a different “science” to it than other NFL games. As a result of it being the final game of the NFL week, it’s a different animal that has to be approached slightly differently. Yes, it’s still a football game with 4 quarters and the same rules, but a different strategy must be used. Head below to find our betting tips for Monday Night Football.

1. Do NOT Chase Losses

Sometimes the smartest thing to make money in sports is to not bet. Finding your spots and not gambling on everything, especially when you’re down that week, can pay off huge in the long-run. It’s very important to put this at the top of your tip list for betting on Monday night games. This is the final game of the week.

It would be very easy to look at your account, see you’re down from Sunday and go wild on Monday Night Football. In some cases, bettors feel the need to go all-in on Monday night to finish up in a particular week. Maybe they don’t even care for the matchup, but need to chase the losses and get that money back.

Tips To Win Real Money Betting On Monday Night Football

By any circumstances, do NOT look to get it all back in one game. It can work sometimes, but eventually it’s going to catch up to you. Touts love to advertise their Monday night picks because they know there’s vulnerable people out there needing a winner. If you don’t care about bankroll management and just want the rush, by all means, go crazy. However, we will never recommend such a dangerous strategy. Take the night off to look ahead to the next week instead.

2. Pass If You Don’t Like The Matchup

This is another case of where not betting can actually make you money in the long-term. It goes for people that are up, down, or broke even on Sunday’s card. Just because it’s a primetime game doesn’t mean you must bet the game. If it’s a matchup that isn’t providing you with what you believe is an edge, then consider watching the game without anything on the line. Finding proper value is the key to finding success in sports betting. If you’re going to be in this for the long haul, passing when there isn’t any value can be the best strategy. There isn’t always going to be value on Monday night games.

3. Research Monday Night Trends

There are certain quarterbacks and teams that just love to play on Monday Night Football. This is where you can attempt to give yourself a chance to find value. Conversely, there are going to spots where certain teams hate playing on Monday night. While trends can’t be treated as sports betting gospel, there are trends out there that can be exploited on Monday night matchups. The ATS records of certain quarterbacks is something to take into consideration. You must do a complete autopsy of the game before betting it and not just rely on trends, but it could be something to assist you in your research of the matchup.

4. Scheduling and Time To Prepare/Rest

There are going to be situations on Monday Night Football when you have a team coming off an extended break. Monday comes the day after the typical gameday, so it’s an extra day to afford teams to prepare. In some cases, there’s going to be the situation of teams that played on Thursday night the previous week versus a team that played on Sunday.

They are getting ten days off. Especially for a banged up team that needs time to rest and heal, a Monday night game would do them wonders. This also goes for teams coming off a bye. The extra day may not seem like much, but trust me, it can help. If a team looked awful the previous week because of injuries, the extra time off may help them on Monday Night Football.

5. Prop Betting and In-Game Wagering

There is a chance you aren’t going to like the spread and total. Like I said, pass on betting the game if there isn’t you see that sticks out. That doesn’t mean you have to completely sit on the sideline, though. Online sportsbooks have all of the player props for primetime games that you need.

In what used to be exclusively for the Super Bowl, prop betting has exploded over the past few years. From betting on quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and even defensive players, there is likely going to be an edge you can find somewhere on the card if you look deep enough. Monday night games are well covered in this regard at the major online sportsbooks. It lends itself as an opportunity for sports bettors to take advantage.

If there isn’t anything you like pre-game, it might be wise to keep the in-game portal open during the game. Like prop betting, online bookies cover Monday night games extensively for in-game betting. If you find something that looks bettable go ahead and try to take advantage of the spot. Of course, don’t bet just to bet here, only if the situation presents itself, which may never come up during a game. Be patient and pick your spots.

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