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2020 wasn’t the greatest year overall. The entire world had to endure a worldwide health pandemic outbreak and it changed how we handle our daily lives. Likewise, the video game industry took a hit with developers having to transition their employees from working under the same roof to handling their projects remotely. As a result, several games got delayed out of 2020, but that means 2021 should be quite the filled year for video game releases. Here are some of our most anticipated strategy games slated for a 2021 launch.

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#11 Rogue State Revolution

Developer: LRDGames, IncPublisher: Modern WolfPlatforms: PCRelease: March 18, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

Rogue State first came out in 2015 which had players taking the role of a Middle Eastern country as you attempt to lead it into a powerful state. Now we have a new installment which offers a new reimagined Rouge State which again you’re taking the role of a country leader as you attempt to rebuild it to new political heights. Players will need to be strategic as you’ll need to take care of each region of your country with citizens having their wants or desires. As a result, players will need to hire ministers to help take care of different areas of their country, but you’ll want to be careful. If they prove to be too popular the country could very well swap sides and vote them into the presidency.

#10 Total War: Rome Remastered

Developer: Creative Assembly, Feral InteractivePublisher: SegaPlatforms: PCRelease: April 29, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

The Total War franchise has been around for ages now. After initially releasing in 2000 with a focus around Shoguns, the series continued to span across multiple different eras. One of the earlier titles had players going through Rome and it was such a beloved installment that now in 2021, we have a remastered edition available. Players are still going through a game where you’re taking the role of a Roman family as you attempt to claim major cities, win battles, manage the economy, and government diplomacy. However, now there’s plenty of extra little features added into the game to make it more appealing to newcomers while also offering some incentives for veteran fans to pick the title up once again.

For starters, this game has a big bump in visuals. We’re going to be dealing with 4K optimization with ultra-widescreen support so the game will look far better today. Likewise, the development team has gone in to deliver some more mechanics. These include more options for the camera whether it’s a wider zoom or map rotation, a new tactical map, displays to see units in battle, to even a heat map. Players are also going to receive the previous Alexander and Barbarian Invasion DLCs and if that’s not enough, players are now able to expand their armies with sixteen additional factions.

#9 Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail

Developer: Game-LabsPublisher: Game-LabsPlatforms: PCRelease: April 7, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail comes from developers Game-Labs who you may know for their Ultimate General video games. These were two strategy titles that were based around the American Civil War, but now the studio has diverted their attention a bit further back in history and a keener focus around naval warfare. There are two campaigns for players to go through, you’ll either play through the American campaign where you’ll take the role of John Paul Jones as you lead the War of Independence. Meanwhile, those that are interested in the British campaign can take the role of Horatio Nelson as you fight in the battle of Trafalgar. As the name suggests, this game is quite a bit more focused on naval battles, players will be working with a small crew and ship as you attempt to get name recognition. Soon, you’ll be commanding a large fleet but each ship and battle brings on its own set of challenges.

The developers spent a ton of time researching the ships and how they would react during the various situations out in the sea. This means knowing how to rig, setting the sails to properly match the winds to avoid being pushed back by the wind or potentially being capsized. Although, while the naval battles are at the forefront of this game, there are land battles to partake in as well.

#8 Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager

Developer: Goblinz StudioPublisher: Goblinz PublishingPlatforms: PCRelease: April 29, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager is an interesting game from the start. Rather than being a hero and going through dungeons in search of precious loot or treasures, you’re instead protecting these dungeons. Hired on by a company, being a dungeon manager means making decisions by what traps and monsters you put throughout the dungeon so that whenever a brave band of heroes works up enough courage to hit your dungeon, they’ll be crushed. It’s all about knowing what heroes are coming to the gates as you’ll need to ensure that the traps and monsters you place throughout the dungeon are capable of hitting their weak spots. From there, it’s all about watching the heroes enter your dungeon and attempt to make their way through the series of monsters, traps, and boss fights where you hope they are crushed or flee before reaching the treasure.

#7 King’s Bounty II

Developer: 1C EntertainmentPublisher: 1C EntertainmentPlatforms: PCRelease: August 24, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

I wouldn’t hold it against you if you’ve never played King’s Bounty. This is an older title that came out back in 1990 for MS-DOS. It was a turn-based strategy game where players lead a hero and his army across different continents as you sought out specific villains that the king has commissioned. Now decades later we are going to receive a sequel. King’s Bounty II features three characters to pick from and each has its unique storyline. Overall, the game narrative is based around a blight that has infected a region near the kingdom of Nostria. With refugees that survived the blight’s plague entering the kingdom, it’s left the king to send out an army to figure out how to end the plague and clear the land.

We know that the game is split into different phases with players getting the chance to explore, interact with the world and make choices in a third-person perspective. However, when you enter battle, the game will divert into a turn-based tactical strategy game. Developers have made note that the in-game terrain will play a big role in combat as well so not only do you need to keep in mind the resources you’ll have before entering a fight but also making note if the terrain is either to your advantage or not.

#6 Total War: Warhammer III

Developer: Creative AssemblyPublisher: Sega, Feral InteractivePlatforms: PCRelease: 2021Co-op: OnlineCompetitive Multiplayer: Online

It’s been a few years now but we’re finally getting the third Total War: Warhammer installment sometime in 2021. This is the conclusion to the Total War: Warhammer trilogy where players are going to the Realm of Chaos. We’re still waiting a bit for more information to come out but we do know that this time around rather than having four factions to work Total War: Warhammer III will be coming out with six different factions which include the four Chaos Gods along with Kislev and Cathay. Likewise, we know that the map will be pretty large compared to previous installments, but again, specific details on the matter have yet to make their way out into the public. We likely have plenty of time left before this game comes out so we’ll have to keep our eye out on any new announcements. Right now, there is only an indication that Total War: Warhammer III will be launching at the end of this year, but there’s also a good chance we’ll just end up getting delayed pushing this title into 2022.

#5 Humankind

Developer: Amplitude StudiosPublisher: SegaPlatforms: PCRelease: April 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: Online

Humankind is a Civilization style video game title. Players will be shaping humanity from the Neolithic era and tweaking them until they reach the modern-day era. It seems that the human race can be tweaked and there will be over fifty different cultures to make use of. We didn’t get too many details so far about this game but it does seem that there will be some combat elements as well and that players can find discoveries to help aid in your adventure. While the game was expected for 2020, much like other titles, it was eventually delayed for a 2021 launch.

#4 Star Dynasties

Developer: Pawley GamesPublisher: Iceberg InteractivePlatforms: PCRelease: March 16, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

Star Dynasties is a new strategy game from development studio Pawley Games. This title throws players into the future where humanity has colonized space. We have mining operations, refueling stations, and task-forces set to further explore the wonders of what lies beyond our solar system. However, disaster strikes Earth and the planet is no more leaving those that inhabit space to be left without a much-needed lifeline. From the panic and desperate urge to stay alive, war strikes on with the various colonies in space for various resources.

Your game will take place after the dust settles. It’s been years since the Earth disaster happened and life in space has normalized. There are a new order and government established with different factions and regimes. Players will be stepping into the role of a faction leader who must seek their people’s survival and prosperity. This is done through various means such as political alliances and strategic moves.

#3 Stronghold: Warlords

Developer: FireFly StudiosPublisher: FireFly StudiosPlatforms: PCRelease: January 26, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: Yes

Stronghold: Warlords, a new installment to the classic RTS series is coming out in 2020. This time around the game will put players into controlling a group within China set during the 3rd Century BC and will continue to 1200 during the Mongol invasions. As a result, the game will focus on city structures to fortify. There will also be a new AI Warlords feature attached to the game which can hold their own strongholds in battle. We’re still waiting to hear more about this game as it was announced during E3 2019, but we do know that while there is a standard campaign, players will also get a chance to face against other players competitively.

#2 Age of Empires IV

Developer: Relic EntertainmentPublisher: Xbox Game StudiosPlatforms: PCRelease: TBACo-op: TBACompetitive Multiplayer: TBA

The Age of Empires franchise has been a long-running video game franchise. Now we know that a fourth installment is in the works and we should see it launch at some point in 2021. Unfortunately, that’s about all we really know about this game at the time of writing this description. It’s been a few years since the game was announced and yet Microsoft has not made any big updates as to what we could see with this upcoming installment. For instance, the big question we have is just when the game will be taking players in terms of settings. So far, there has been a small teaser that showcased a number of era armies but again, we’re left waiting for the full announcement to come out for the setting and perhaps what new features will be brought from Relic.

#1 Evil Genius 2

Developer: Rebellion DevelopmentsPublisher: Rebellion DevelopmentsPlatforms: PCRelease: March 30, 2021Co-op: N/ACompetitive Multiplayer: N/A

Evil Genius 2 is a sequel to a 2004 strategy game. The game series finally got a new chance at bringing out an IP for fans from Rebellion Developments. This strategy game follows players going through four different evil geniuses, all of which will have their own unique narrative goals.

Outside of picking an evil genius to start with, players will be left with building up a new lair stocked with henchmen. You’ll need to keep a close eye on operations to ensure your henchmen are loyal, effective and of course not a spy. In the end, it’s a drive to build a powerful weapon to take control over the world.