Customer reviews: PlayStation 4 Elder Scrolls

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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星Saved $ buying Spanish version; no difference in gameplay. And you DON'T have to upgrade to Morrowind to play base game Tamriel. Customer reviews: PlayStation 4 Elder Scrolls

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Game works great, the graphics are stunning on the PS4, plus I saved $5-$10 by getting this Spanish version rather than the English version. The only difference, as stated in product details, is that the case cover and inserts, including the insert containing the registration code, are in Spanish. I don't care about that - I can read enough Spanish to get the gist. However, the game disc itself and gameplay is in English.Be forewarned, though, that in addition to needing a Playstation Plus subscription (as other reviewers have stated), it requires a huge rather time-consuming download upon installation in order to connect to the North American or European servers and play online. It looks like this update essentially upgraded me to the Morrowind chapter DLC, but it is not free, which I talk more about below.Some other information that may make installation less confusing for newbies (like me) to the game: You will also need to create an TES Online account either on your PC or directly on your PS4 when prompted. But be sure to enter the registration code from your game insert directly through the Playstation Store on your PS4, NOT on the PC. If you log onto your TES Online account on your PC and try to enter your registration code there (like I did), it'll just tell you the code is invalid. So, if you create your TES Online account first on your PC, which is what I did, and then install the game on your PS4, be sure to enter the registration code for the game directly through Playstation Store on your PS4. (You'll find an entry labeled "Use game/coupon code" or something along that line when you go to the store.) Then when you insert the disc and start the game, it will then give you the option to link your PS4 account to an existing TES Online account and you will enter your user ID and password there. If you have not created a TES Online account yet, then go ahead and create one directly on your PS4. I know it's just another user ID and password to have to remember (Lord knows I have enough passwords to remember already), but you'll need to create an account if you want to play the game. Hope that helps and isn't too confusing.Also, just a heads-up that when you start the game, it will prompt you to upgrade to the latest chapter/DLC, which at the time I write this review is Morrowind. That's another $39 and I did not want to do that yet. Since I'm a late-comer to TES Online, I just want to play through the base game of Tamriel first to see if I like it. Then if I do, I'll upgrade to Morrowind later. I'm a late-comer to MMORPG's, and WOW, Diablo and Final Fantasy XIV have all allowed me to start out with the base game and work my way up, upgrading to the latest chapters as I go along. So I was a little confused why TES Online kept prompting me to upgrade. It didn't seem like I should have to do that since I already had the base game. So I had to just keep pressing the O button to cancel out of that prompt and after doing that a couple of times, it finally put me on the screen to create my character for Tamriel.That prompt makes you think you cannot play the game unless you spend another $39 to upgrade. But the Morrowind upgrade came out only a month ago, and you don't have to upgrade yet if you don't want to. The only thing is you just won't be able to play the Morrowind locations or get the warden class and other perks that come with the Morrowind upgrade. If you don't mind that and are just interested in getting introduced to TES Online with the base game, then you're good to go and you can upgrade when you feel you are ready. Hope that info helps. Happy gaming!