'Axie Infinity': The Game Where You Can Earn $1,000 A Month

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Axie Infinity is a game created by Sky Mavis Hub, a company looking to change the way people play video games in the future. Axie Infinity is the first play-to-earn game released that allows users to earn Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) by simply playing the game. In order to play the game, users have to purchase three NFTs from the marketplace in order to battle their Axies.'Axie Infinity': The Game Where You Can Earn  ,000 A Month

In order to play the game, users must first buy three of the NFTs from the site's marketplace using Ethereum.After purchasing a team of axies, players can then use them to play in two game modes, arena or adventure. Arena is an online player vs. player mode, while adventure is a player vs. computer mode.Playing adventure can net you up to 100 SLP (CRYPTO: SLP) per day, and playing arena can earn you between one and 12 SLP per game based upon rank.A daily limit is placed on the number of games allowed to be played in arena for SLP, or played in adventure to earn experience for your axies, allowing them to earn SLP in adventure mode faster.The game also offers a daily quest in which playing 10 adventure games and winning five arena matches will grant you an additional 50 SLP each day.Doing a small amount of math can easily show the serious earning potential of the game.Earning the 100 SLP from adventure and doing the daily quest each day will earn you 150 SLP per day, a relatively easy feat that may take a few hours of gaming.150 SLP per day for a month nets the player 4,500 SLP per month, and with SLP trading at 27 cents per token, this earning potential is above $1,200 per month if prices stay at present levels.The chart of SLP above shows it could be forming a cup and handle pattern, a bullish pattern that could help send the price higher if confirmed.The game has seen immense growth in recent weeks and the company token AXS (CRYPTO: AXS) has climbed over 1,000% in the last month. The token could continue its climb if the game’s popularity can maintain the level it’s at or grow more.The AXS token is solely used at the moment for “breeding” purposes, where players can pay four AXS and a certain amount of SLP to “breed” two axies together producing a third that is a combination of its parents. Players can then use the axie to play with or sell on the market.The game now has over 250,000 daily active users and over 90,000 Ethereum in axies traded on the marketplace. The game's official discord is on pace to pass "Fortnite," the most popular discord to date.The game has seen immense growth in the Philippines, but many players struggle to be able to afford the NFTs, so the company created an idea to help them play.The company allows what they call scholarships, where you can rent out axies so others can use them, and profits are split.Scholarships allow players in lower-income countries to make a living playing the game, as the value of SLP and Ethereum is worth more than the player's home country currency. See also: HOW TO BUY AXIE INFINITY

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