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It’s not always easy getting parents and kids to slow down and spend time together over a family board game. Life tends to be somewhat busy and the opportunities to share experiences where we are all on the same wave-length are far and few between. Finding these moments to sit together as a family and enjoy some fun and relaxation is of the utmost importance, however. It is during this time that we move away from digital screens and mobile devices, and instead share moments of fun, laughter, and excitement as we bond with each other and form lasting memories. To encourage you and your loved ones to simply be in the moment and discover together all the reasons you should play board games regularly, we have rounded up a selection of the best family board games that are sure to keep everyone entertained, both the young and old.

The Best Family Board Game


Watch Ya Mouth Family Board Game

This game is sure to get your bellies aching with hours of laughter. Watch Ya Mouth is one of those fun family board games that’s sole purpose is to get everyone giggling and in high spirits. What we appreciate about this game is that you can virtually have an unlimited number of players, so it’s excellent for those large family gatherings. The aim is to wear a cheek retractor (mouthpiece) and then read aloud the insane and silly phrases included on the accompanying cards. Other players then have to try and guess exactly what it is that you are trying to say. Just picture the faces of your loved ones as you try to repeat the phrase “pork belly buns for a party of fifty” while wearing a mouth guard! If you are more of a solo player, be sure to also check our handy guide to solo board games.

Key Features:

Ideal for 2 – 10 players but can accommodate more

Suitable for ages 8 and up

Includes 143 Family-Safe Phrases


BrandWatch Ya MouthModelWYM001Weight1.4 pounds


Jenga Classic Family Board Game

Nothing beats a classic game of Jenga! A board game that comes without all the bells and whistles, the main intent of the wooden blocks is to build them up and then pull them out one by one without allowing the structure to collapse. If you are on the hunt for fun board games for adults whilst still wanting something that will appeal to the kids too, then you simply cannot go wrong with these 54 hardwood blocks! This game runs on principles that bring friends together and help to build skills all while adding to the suspense and laughter of the day’s events. The question is: do you dive right in and slide out any block, or take your time and study the stack? Make sure you also check our guide to the best Trivia board games for more great items like this.

Key Features:

Play solo or with a crowd

Suitable for ages 6 and up

Includes 54 hardwood genuine Jenga blocks


BrandHasbro GamingModelA2120E180Weight2.3 pounds


Sequence Family Board Game

Easy for kids and challenging enough for adults, this jumbo Sequence Game will have your brains in overdrive as you master the skills of sequencing together as a family. What we love about this game is that it is entertaining for both individual and team play – so it can be used to pass time on lonely days or it can be whipped out to entertain your guests. How does it work you ask? Simply play a card from the poker set that you have been dealt, and then place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have placed 5 chips in a row then you have your Sequence! Incorporating touches from classic games like canasta, rummy, and poker, this Sequence Game could easily replace your usual “quiet night in” entertainment!

Key Features:

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Play this game solo or with 2 to 12 players

Includes pieces that help to develop STEM skills


BrandJaxModel8002Weight7.2 ounces


Hasbro Connect 4 Family Board Game

The challenge is on! This Hasbro Connect 4 Game is a delightful activity for two. Each player chooses a set of discs, either red or yellow, and then they compete to see who is the first one to get four of their colored discs in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). This is done by taking turns to drop the discs into the grid one at a time.Stay one step ahead of your opponent and by blocking their attempts to get to 4-in-a-row before you do. This board game runs on the same strategy as “tic tac toe” or “noughts and crosses” and encourages kids (and adults) to develop critical thinking skills as they plan each move. An ideal gift for board game lovers.

Key Features:

Designed to accommodate 2 players

Suitable for ages 6 and up

Includes grid, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions


BrandHasbro ModelA5640Weight1.1 pounds


Blokus Strategy Family Board Game

If you are looking for cool family board games that don’t take up too much time but still give a good challenge and are fun to play, then we believe that the Blokus Strategy Game fits into this category perfectly. Requiring only 30-minutes playing time, this board game is suitable for the entire family. How it works: each player is issued 21 playing tiles (the tiles pretty much replicate Tetris blocks). Opponents then take turns placing their pieces on the board – but there’s one rule! Each piece that is placed must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The objective of the game is to then fit the most pieces onto the board until there is no more space. The player with the lowest number of remaining tiles is the champion! This is a super cool strategy game that remains free from complex rules but still provides a challenge for both kids and adults.

Key Features:

Accommodates 2 – 4 players

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Includes 1 Game Board and 84 game pieces in 4 colors


BrandMattel GamesModelBJV44Weight0.32 ounces


HedBanz Family Board Game

While this game is slightly more designed for kid’s entertainment, mom and dad are very likely to get a kick out of it too! Listed in our top board games for families, HedBanz not only curbs boredom but it is also educational too! Children get to practice their critical thinking skills and flex their deductive reasoning with the game’s simple question-and-answer premise. This board game encourages the players to use their heads in more ways than one as they ask yes or no questions to figure out the picture strapped to their heads. HedBanz provides light-hearted family entertainment that prompts individuals to ask funny questions and make wild guesses without complicated setups and rules. Our handy guide to the best adult card games features more great products like this.

Key Features:

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Accommodates 2 to 6 players

Includes a rule sheet, 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and timer


BrandSpin Master GamesModel6039874Weight10.9 ounces


Exploding Kittens Family Board Game

Please note that no kittens will be harmed in the playing of Exploding Kittens Card Game! The last thing we would ever want is for cute fluffy kittens to explode – unless they come in the form of a card game, that is! This family-friendly board game is based on the concept of Russian Roulette. The aim is to continue to draw cards from a pile until you pick up an Exploding Kitten card – this is where you then “explode” and are out of the game. There is, however, a twist to the game! The strategy comes into play where you can try to avoid an explosion by playing a defuse card (if you are lucky enough to have one). This family game is full of suspense, laughter and just a tad bit of craziness!

Key Features:

2-5 players or up to 9 players with 2 decks

For ages 7 and up

Includes 56 playing cards, box, and instructions


BrandExploding Kittens LLCModelEKG-ORG1-1Weight6.4 ounces


Scrabble Family Board Game

While new and innovative board games bring hours of fun and laughter to the table, the classic game of Scrabble remains one of the favorite family pastimes. If you don’t have this board game stored in your Game cupboard, it’s about time to make the purchase! What we love about Scrabble is that it manages to pass time whilst keeping players intrigued until the very end. It’s an awesome way to build a vocabulary as you learn new words from other players and compete to get that triple word score! Scrabble is the perfect crossword game that has brought families closer together over many decades and as long as you know how to read, then you’re old enough to play!

Key Features:

Suitable for early readers (ages 8 and up)

Can accommodate 2-4 players

Includes game board, 100 letter tiles, 4 racksand 1 drawstring bag


BrandHasbroModelA8166Weight10.1 ounces


Hasbro Guess Who? Family Board Game

Guess Who? is super fun take on your classic guessing games and the pictured cards and novelty bits and bobs will make this an appealing game to kids as well as parents who get roped in. Each one of the opponents chooses a mystery character. The purpose is to then ask yes or no questions while each player tries to figure out who the other player’s mystery character is. When the challengers think they know who their opponent’s mystery character is, they voice their guess. If the guess is wrong, that player loses – if the guess is right, however, well then there you have your winner! This is just another one of Hasbro’s popular board games that connects fun with education as kids learn how to use logic and make informed guesses. Make sure you also check our guide to the best two-player board games.

Key Features:

Best Family Board Games in 2021 [Buying Guide] – Gear Hungry

Accommodates 2 players

Suitable for ages 6 and up

Includes 2 game boards, 48 face cards and 24 mystery cards


BrandHasbro ModelC2124Weight1 pounds


Spontuneous Family Board Game

This game is sure to be a hit at any party and will have guests revved up and ready for a night of fun and laughter. With a slogan that says “sing it, shout it…talent not required”, I am sure we can all imagine players croaking their way through tunes as they try to sing the songs that come into mind. And this brings us to the aim of the game: Each player gets a turn to read a word from one of the cards and the race is then on for the others to sing at least 5 words from a popular song that contains that word. The objective is then to stump others from thinking of a song containing your Trigger-Word! The player who lands up passed the finish line first is the winner! If you are looking for a family board game that raises spirits and gets contestants excited, then why not sing your way through Spontuneous! This game brings the family together, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift.

Key Features:

Suited for 4 to 10 players

For ages 9 and up

Includes game board, playing cards and timer


BrandSpontuneousModelClassic EditionWeight1.88 pounds


Play Monster’s 5 Second Rule Family Board Game

Family board games are meant to be fun and if you don’t get at least one giggle out of a round, you have to ask yourself, is the game worth the effort? With the 5 Second Rule game we can guarantee that you will be hosing yourself as participants try to boggle their brains in just under 5 seconds. To play the game you simply choose a card, read the topic, then start the 5-second timer! Players will get tongue tied as they try to mention 3 things that fit the topic in the limited time. This is a fast-paced board game that requires participants to be on their toes and ready with quick answers – in between rolling on the floor with laughter, that is!

Key Features:

Appropriate for age 10 and up

Can accommodate 3 or more players

Comes with an awesome timer that makes a “zoop” noise


BrandPlayMonsterModelSS-PLM-7428Weight2.84 pounds


Hasbro Scattergories Family Board Game

Hasbro has done it again and has added another great feature to their list of this type of board games. This time we introduce Scattergories, a game that requires teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. To play the game your team picks a card and then has to come up with answers pertaining to the categories listed – sounds easy, right? The twist is that all the answers need to start with the letter that appears on the rolled die, making the game more of a challenge! This is an awesome activity that stimulates creativity and critical thinking while promoting team effort and the concept of collaboration.

Key Features:

Best suited for ages 13 and up

Requires 2 to 4 teams

Includes 4 folders, 1 answer pad, a die, 32 cards and timer


BrandHasbroModelA5226Weight1.55 pounds


Pictopia-Family Trivia Game: Disney Edition (Family Board Game)

With Disney characters as the key role-players, even the youngest of youngsters in the family will be intrigued with this game. If you are here searching for Christmas board games to keep the holidays festive or to find the perfect gift for boys and girls, then Pictopia Disney addition simply has to make the cut! Jam-packed with fun, players get to test each other on their knowledge that incorporates all things Disney! This trivia game remains intriguing and informative as players answer their way to the finish line, which adds a little suspense to an activity that mostly requires brain power and a good collection of general Disney knowledge. What we love about this specific board game is that you can spice things up by using the accompanying mobile app or by stumping your opponent when you land on a “guess my answer” question. A nail-biting board game for both young and old!

Key Features:

Best suited for ages 7 and up

Accommodates 2 to 6 players

Features a free Pictopia mobile app


BrandWonder ForgeModel01205Weight2.5 pounds


Taboo Family Board Game

Taboo is one of those fun family board games that forces you to delve deep into thought and pull out words that you probably never even knew existed in your vocabulary. A game that will entertain kids and parents alike, the sole purpose of Taboo is to get the other players to say the words you have reflected on your cards. There’s a twist, however! Each word or phrase that needs to be guessed comes with accompanying taboo words which simply cannot be mentioned when trying to prompt your teammates to say the words you need them to say. Get ready for hilarious moments as you race against the timer to give your friends and family members descriptive prompts without mentioning the unmentionables. If you do happen to say a “taboo” word, a squeaker needs to be activated from one of your opponents and you, unfortunately, lose your turn! This is a fast-paced board game that makes a perfect stocking stuffer gift, as it brings fun, suspense and some good brain work to the table!

Key Features:

Best suited for ages 13 and up

Accommodates 4 or more players

Includes 260 cards, squeaker, timer, score pad, and die


BrandHasbroModelA4626Weight1.41 pounds


Rummikub Family Board Game

A traditional game of Rummikub is always a winner! This popular board game has all the elements that make it a great family pastime that not only brings hours of excitement to both young and old, but it requires a good amount of logic and strategizing too. Based on the principles of the classic card came; Rummy – Rummikub encourages players to use numbered tiles to create sets of at least 3 by placing them on the table, the player to use up all of their tiles first is the winner. It can often be tricky to find cool family board games that remain intriguing and fun for both children and adults, but Rummikub fits the bill on all counts.

Key Features:

Perfect for ages 8 and up

Accommodates 2-4 players

includes 106 tiles, 4 racks, and complete illustrated instructions


BrandPressmanModel0400-06DWeight1.4 pounds


Monopoly Family Board Game

Monopoly – one of those popular board games that never becomes boring! It feels like this classic family game has been around for yonks and it would be hard to find a home that doesn’t have this box set stored away in a cupboard all war-torn from good use. Monopoly remains fast-dealing property trading game that prompts players to buy, sell, dream and scheme their way to being the ultimate property tycoon. This version of the traditional board game has a slight twist and introduces new markers, namely; the Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Penguin! If you are looking to pass a good few hours together as a family, then you simply cannot go wrong with this property board game that has remained challenging and intriguing over many, many years!

Key Features:

Can be played with kids aged 8 and up

Best suited for 2 – 6 players

Complete with everything you need to monopolise the board and win


BrandHasbroModelC1009Weight1 pounds


Hasbro Pie Face Game (Family Board Game)

This hilarious family game could literally leave you with pie on your face! This is a perfect indoor game that will have your entire household entertained and in fits of laughter as they avoid getting splattered with whipped cream, sticky pie or water. How it works: simply spray the hand with a good portion of whipped cream (or a soaked sponge), then take turns placing your faces into the allocated headspace. Use your hands to wind the handles and score a point for each full cycle. But, watch out! The cream-loaded hand could activate at any moment, leaving players with a face full of, well, something! Hasbro Pie Face Game is a brilliantly fun game that can even be enjoyed by the youngest in the family.

Key Features:

Suitable for ages 5 and up

Conveniently accommodates 2 plus players

Includes pie thrower, throwing arm, handles, chin rest and more


BrandHasbro ModelB7063Weight11.4 ounces


Ravensburger’s Labyrinth Family Board Game

If you are looking for a family-friendly board game that’s adventurous but also encourages kids to learn how to plan, develop recognition skills, and master the art of taking turns, then the Labyrinth is one of those family board games that covers everything from the fun to the educational. The objective of the game is for players to find certain items and characters while moving cautiously through an ever-changing maze. The first one who makes it back to the start wins! Ideal for family gatherings, sleepovers and rainy days, the Ravensburger Labyrinth board game will take you on an adventure unlike any other! A perfect addition to your Christmas board games we think!

Key Features:

Best suited for kids ages 8 and up

Ideal for 2 – 4 players

Contains a playing board, maze cards, treasure cards and playing pieces


BrandRavensburgerModel26448Weight2.28 pounds


Battleship Family Board Game

Loved by kids around the world, this is one board game that parents won’t mind being roped into! Another classic Hasbro product, Battleship is a game of naval combat that requires its players to compete, strategize and revel in excitement! The game revolves around the concept were players need to strategize to avoid their opponent’s relentless strikes and track hits all in an effort to save their fleet and be the force left standing. Each set comes with a case that holds the ships and then the accompanying pegs are used to mark hits and misses. With a convenient portable battle carry case and easy-to-follow instructions, take this board game along with you on your journey’s so that there is never a dull moment!

Key Features:

Suitable for ages 7 and up

Accommodates two players at a time, or two teams

Includes 2 portable battle cases, plastic ships, pegs and label sheet


BrandHasbroModelA3264Weight1.6 pounds


Mouse Trap Family Board Game

Mouse Trap is yet another brainchild of the Hasbro brand that has never lost its appeal. This board game has been bringing families together for many years and is always good for when a good giggle and some light-hearted fun is required. The purpose of the game is to trap the mice of your opponents in the mousetrap while avoiding getting trapped yourself! This is a board game that requires a little bit of strategizing with a touch of chance and tends to leave players on the edge of their seats as they try to determine who is going to be trapped next! Suitable for ages 6 and ups, Mouse Trap is an excellent gift idea for kids, or for adults who are young at heart!

Key Features:

Can be played by kids as young as 5 years of age

Suitable for 2 – 3 players

Includes all the little devices you will need to catch your mousy characters


BrandHasbroModel4657Weight2.4 pounds