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Have a question about Big Fish Game Reviews?You can now easily see what fellow gamers have to say about a game, and share your thoughts, by submitting a review of your own at

How do I read game reviews?

Pick any game and visit the game page. If there are game reviews, you will see a star rating and a link to See Reviews at the top of the page. You can also simply scroll down the page to see more details and read the reviews.

How do I write a game review?

It's easy to write a game review at Big Fish Games! All you need to do is:

Visit the game page for a game you want to review.Click the Submit Your Review link at the top of the game page.Sign in with your Big Fish Games account if you aren't signed in to the website.

If you don't have a username for your account, you will be prompted to choose one before you review.

Remember, your username will appear on your review, so choose something you like and can share with others. Once you choose a username, it can't be changed.

Why didn't my review appear on the site after I posted it?

Our reviews go through a moderation process and are posted as soon as possible after they are submitted, but may take up to 72 hours. If you elected to receive alerts about your review's approval status, you will get an email when it is posted.

Why was my review rejected?

At Big Fish Games, your feedback is very important to us. We want to make sure our reviews are as useful as possible, so every review must comply with our Review Guidelines and our website Terms of Use. If one of your reviews is rejected, please review the guidelines.

Big Fish Game Reviews – Big Fish Games Help

You're welcome to submit a new review. During the review submission, you can also select the option to receive email alerts about your review's approval status.

How do I publish my review to Facebook?

You can select to publish your review to Facebook when you submit your review by checking the checkbox on the review form. You'll be asked to log in to your Facebook account after you submit your review and you'll need to authorize Big Fish Games to post. Your review will appear in your Feed and on your Wall when your review is posted on our website.

What do Top Reviewer and Key Contributor mean?

Our Top Reviewer and Key Contributors rate, play, and review a lot of games. We think you'll trust their thoughts and opinions. They write reviews that other gamers find consistently helpful and trustworthy, not just positive reviews.

Top Reviewer and Key Contributor status is awarded based on a combination of factors, including the number of reviews someone has written and how often their content is voted as helpful.

What does the helpful voting do?

Helpfulness voting lets the community of Big Fish Game Review readers and writers know which reviews provide the most useful information and opinions.

With every review you read, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether that review is helpful to you. Just select Yes or No on that review. You can also sort reviews to see the most helpful first.

How can I filter reviews?

If a game has a lot of reviews, or if you'd just like to limit which reviews come up, you can filter which reviews show up.

You can choose to show reviews from players based on their Favorite Genre, Skill Level, and their Star Rating for that game.

You can also click on a reviewer's username to check out their review stats and recent reviews.