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Difficulty in Bloons Monkey city is represented in dots on certain tile, difficulty is affected by city level, track difficulty, strongest bloon on it and avaliable towers & upgrades city has.

For Round graph see Rounds (BMC)

Special mission tiles have predetermined difficulty and are never affected with local difficulty of surrounding tiles.

Tile Difficulty[]

Trivial Difficulty[]

The Trivial Difficulty, also known as Very easy, is the simplest difficulty in Bloons Monkey City (Mobile). A tile with this difficulty is represented with one light green dot. Attempting to attack any of these tiles results in the player getting a warning message, asking them if they want to skip it or not. Skipping such tile gives no XP, no Bloonstones, nor Monkey Knowledge Packs, and rewards only the City Cash normally gained from it.

How to deal with trivial tiles[]

Players should avoid tiles that are ranked easy to become trivial in first place by capturing them whenever possible as leaving trivial tiles rewards less EXP and City Cash.

Trivial difficulty represented by 1 light green dot.

Trivial difficulty alert in mobile version.

Trivial difficulty alert in browser version.

Easy Difficulty[]

The Easy Difficulty is second lowest difficulty. tile with this difficulty is represented with 2 green dots.

How to deal with easy tiles[]

These tiles should be easy to capture and always should be captured first to prevent them to become trivial (to prevent EXP and City Cash reward loss). Even expert difficulty tracks should pose no problem to capture.

Easy tile represented by 2 green dots

Medium Difficulty[]

The Medium Difficulty, the tile with this difficulty is represented with 3 yellow dots. These tiles are moderately difficult, Medium difficulty is default (& lowest) difficulty for My Tracks.

Medium tile represented by 3 yellow dots

Hard Difficulty[]

The Hard Difficulty, the tile with this difficulty is represented with 4 orange dots. These tiles are particulaly tricky to defend.

How to deal with hard tiles[]

Players should avoid tracks with Advanced difficulty due to being even more trickier, unless they are well prepared.

Hard tile represented by 4 orange dots.

Very Hard Difficulty[]

The Very Hard Difficulty is difficulty represented on a tile with 5 red dots. These tiles are very challenging so player should be well prepared to face strong bloon retaliation.

How to deal with Very hard tiles[]

Tracks with Expert difficulty should almost always be avoided as elements in them will prove these tiles extremely difficult to defend.

Very hard tile represented by 5 red dots.


The Impoppable difficulty is hardest difficulty, represented with 5 dark red (almost black in Mobile) dots. These tiles should almost never be attempted to be captured as players may not have enough popping power to defend these tiles. This difficulty is rife in later parts of the map; tiles with this difficulty near the edges almost never drop to Very hard difficulty, so players should only attempt these tiles when they have many powerful upgrades at disposal.

How to deal with Impoppable tiles[]

Early in the game, these tiles should never be attempted to be captured, as players do not have the upgrades/popping power to attack these tiles. Impoppable (ZOMG) tiles appearing later in game are inevitable (even at max City Level) and so players should only attempt these if they have multiple powerful towers/upgrades AND are very well prepared and skilled enough.

Truly Impoppable tiles[]

Early in the game, tiles containing either camo and/or at least lead are always considered Truly Impoppable as long as the player doesn't either have towers or upgrades to pop these bloons, requiring the player to use Red Hot Spikes to counter them (only 10 piles of 20 spikes (200 total) can be placed per battle, and later tiles tend to spawn more of these special bloons, so even then).

Less common occurrence of a Truly Impoppable tile (often despite not explicitly stating as Impoppable difficulty) is when the player doesn't have available towers (most commonly when the player tries to attack a Hills Terrain tile with only Dart Monkeys available).

Impoppable tile represented by 5 dark red dots.

No towers avaliable (True Impoppable tile)

Special Missions[]

Main article: Special Missions(BMC)

Bloon Strategies[]

Bloon strategies are strategy modifiers that makes these tiles particulary tricky to beat, players need to find strategies to counter these without much issue. Tiles with bloon strategy can contribute the difficulty increase.

Camo Craziness[]

Most bloons present in this strategy have Camo property.Stronger bloons are less likely to gain Camo property.Occasional Camo Regrow rushes appear near the end of the game.In Early rounds stronger bloons are less common and appear in smaller quantities, rather swarm of weaker bloons appear instead.If strongest bloon is ZOMG, DDTs have higher chance to appear.How to deal with Camo Craziness[]Main article: Camo Bloon

Players need to exclusively rely on towers with camo detection in order to suceed, due to stronger bloons appearing more later in the game players have time to set up proper defense once strong bloons with camo property appear.

Towers without camo detection should not be used unless player has access to monkey village with Radar Scan.

Regrow Rush of Death[]

Grouped Regrow bloon rushes appear at end of rounds.Regrow Bloons appear only in the titular Regrow Rush.Occasonaly stronger bloon rushes appear earlier albeit in smaller quantity.Uncommon Camo-Regrow rushes often appear, usually made from weaker bloons.How to deal with Regrow Rush of Death[]Main article: Regrow Bloon

Players should utilize towers with very high DPS or Raw damage. Players should avoid using towers with low pierce or slow towers with high pierce as it may cause Regen Farm, overwhelming defenses.

Knockback (Distraction, Tornado) is not reccomended to be used as the bloons send back can regrow to their cluster layer (Black/White, Zebra/Lead, Rainbow, Ceramic.)Glue Gunners with Corrosive glue and/or Mortar with Burny Stuff are excellent counters against regen property as it neutralizes their regrow property, meaning once lesser bloons appear they wont have much time to regrow back into their parent layer.

Fast & Furious[]

Large Groups of Yellow and/or Pink Bloon rushes are present throughout the strategy.Fast Bloon rushes increase in intensity as the game progresses.Rushes are often replaced with small Rainbow rushes or even smaller Ceramic rushes.Once Rainbow or Ceramic become more common they replace Pink & Yellow rushes.If strongest bloon is Moab-Class Bloon then MOABs appear more frequently instead of stronger Blimps similar to packed moab.If strongest bloon is ZOMG, DDTs have higher chance to appear.How to deal with Fast & Furious[]

Towers with numerous projectiles or high attack speed are preffered. Players should reduce all Yellow and Pinks as fast as possible to more manageable greens or lower. Since this strategy primarily spams fast Yellow, Pinks throughout the game, stronger bloons appear in smaller quantity.

This strategy is primarily dangerous in early game when towers dont have much popping power to tackle Yellow or Pinks.

Tack shooters are excellent tower to thanks to their relatively fast speed and numerous tack attack. When water is present Monket Bucaneer Grape shot should be also used.Its not reccomended to use Glue Gunner without Glue splatter due to sheer amount of Yellow/Pink strategy sends.Ice Monkey with Permafrost upgrade can slow some speedy bloons into more manageable speed, althought its not reliable on its own.

Hard & Heavy[]

Lead & Ceramic bloons are more common, Stronger Moab-Class bloons appear earlier.Lead & Ceramic bloons appear earlier albeit in smaller quantity.Camo and/or Regrow Lead & Ceramic are more common.Strategy primarily focuses sending Lead & Ceramic bloons but weaker bloons appear in quantity to compensate.Speedy (Yellow & Pink) bloons are less common.In early game a single ceramic can appear very early on round 3 on harder difficulties.Stronger Moab-Class bloons appear earlier, but less frequently throughout the game.How to deal with Hard & Heavy[]

Players should utilize strong single target powers with either strong DPS or raw output.

Towers such as Sniper Monkey & Glue Gunners are excellent as Glue Gunner excels well at slowing early single ceramics while Sniper excels at dealing huge damage to reduce bloons into more manageable layers.Bloonchipper can stall small amount of ceramic bloons until their shell is destroyed, this however exposes defense to Regrow Bloons.Ice monkeys Snap freeze can easily remove lead bloons as threat when placed well.

Cash Starve[]

Strong bloons are replaced with weaker bloons in early rounds.Early rounds primarily spawns reds and other weak bloons overall less RBE meaning less income.After early game ends the strong bloons appear in small group roughly equal to lost cash.How to deal with Cash Starve[]

The early game in this strategy is relatively easy so players can place cheaper towers to deal with early rounds composing of weaker bloons, players should keep in mind that after some rounds the bloon rush with strong bloons may appear, taking defenses by suprise. Its advised to plan defenses accordingly and planning beforehand.

Monkey Engineers are very cost efficient, thanks to their Sentries helping as extra backup defense, however they cannot adapt well against certain types of bloons such as Lead or very large rushes of bloons.Banana farms while useful source of early income arent reccomended as player are put in risk due to their even more limited funds now. (As banana farms take time to pay themselves back).

Camo Regrow Pain[]

Many bloons present in this strategy have both Camo & Regrow property combined.No camo or Regrow spawn before round 6All bloons that have Camo also have Regrow & vice versa.Stronger bloons usually dont get Camo Regrow Property.Camo-Regrow Rushes are very common but are usually are made from weaker bloons.Once ceramic bloon rushes start appearing the Camo-Regrow bloons stop spawning.Camo Regrow Ceramic Bloons very rarely appear.How to deal with Camo Regrow Pain[]

Its very similar to Camo Craziness and Regrow Rush in terms of properties. Players should not worry about Camo or Regrow until round 6 starts as no Camo or Regrow appear before it. Players should utilize similar strategies to aforementioned strategies.

During the grace period, players should prepare their defenses against Camo Regrow bloons.Similar to Camo Craziness players should use Ninja Monkeys & Dart Monkeys.Towers without camo detection should not be used unless player has access to monkey village with Radar Scan.

Cluster Chaos[]

Lots of grouped bloons appear in this strategy but with shorter rounds.Grouped bloons are much more common.Very dense bloon packs appear.Stronger bloons appear less often during early game.If strongest bloon is ZOMG Bloon then MOABs (& BFBs) appear more frequently.How to deal with Cluster Chaos[]

Towers with high pierce such as bomb/mortar tower, boomerang/engineer/dart monkeys. are reccomended here thanks to their high pierce options. Packed Cluster bloons (Black/White/Zebra etc.) may prove to be troublesome so adding backup support is required to handle these.

During early game players should only use Bomb Shooter if they have enough funds as their slow attack speed means thet are less reliable poppers, so players should support them with more reliable towers.Dartling gunners are excellent thanks to their unlimited range and moderate pierce per each dart to handle bloons closest to exit.Engineer Monkeys with 9 inch Nails upgrade are viable options if placed in path to maximize its pierce, sentry guns can help dealing with early bloons.

Round Ramp[]

Bloons are ordered from weakest to strongest in each round.Every round resets in ordering from weakest to strongest. (Still follows regular formula of bloon spawning).Intensity increases as round progresses, never decreases. from strong to weaker bloon.How to deal with Round Ramp[]

This bloon strategy generaly easy to handle as strong bloons appear near the end of each round. Spike Factory barriers can significantly reduce the threat of stronger bloons with spike stockpiling. Aswell as sniper monkeys being more effective the more layers bloon has reducing them to lesser more manageable bloons.

Moab-Class Bloon Strategies[]

These strategies are modified versions which primarily affects Moab-Class bloons, these strategies only appear when strongest bloon on tile is ZOMG.


Dark Dirigible titan appear in this strategy.1 DDT always appear near the end of the game. (Early DDT tiles).DDTs are more common on higher difficulties. (More DDTS appear on higher difficulty).ZOMGs can appear on these tiles on higher difficulties, (usually at the end of the game).How to deal with DDT[]Main article: DDT

This bloon strategy can prove troublesome as DDTS are challenging bloons to pop as they posses (Pink, Camo property) upon destruction it spawns 6 Camo Regrow Ceramic bloons, its children cannot regrow back to its parent. (Strangely enough they don’t possess Black or Lead property in mobile version.)

DDTs outside of their quick speed and camo property arent huge threat as large stockpile of Spikes is enough to destroy them, the resulting children can cause issues when not dealt with quickly. Cleansing foam removes its camo (& regrowth from its children).Monkey Intelligence Bureau renders its resistances useless making it vulnerable to Moab Maulers and other forms of attacks to damage it.DDTs outside of their tiles are rare to appear on tiles with strongest bloon being ZOMG but usually single DDT appear most of time, still DDTs can take defense by suprise if unexpected.

Packed MOAB[]

Very large rushes of Moabs appear in this strategy.This strategy functions identically to Fast & Furious and Cluster Chaos.MOABs are primarily spawned in dense packs.BfBs (& ZOMGs) are less common.Stronger MOAB packs appear as the game progressesZOMGs can appear in this strategy on higher difficulties, (usually near the end of the game).How to deal with Packed MOAB[]

This strategy functions identicaly to Fast & Furious and Cluster Chaos, Packed Moabs can be really dangerous as while at speed of a red bloon they are still faster than other moab class bloons (only beaten by DDT) so they can get past your defenses relatively easily not to mention their children can easily overflow a unprepared defense. As when moabs appear earlier this can prove to be more challenging.

Packed BFB[]

Large rushes of BfBs appear in this strategy.This strategy functions identically to Hard & Heavy and Cluster Chaos.BFBs are more common.MOABs are less common later in the game.Stronger BfB rushes appear as the game progressesZOMGs can appear in this strategy on higher difficulties, (usually near the end of the game).How to deal with Packed BFB[]

This strategy functions identically to Hard & Heavy and Cluster Chaos. BfBs are more common throughout this strategy, this strategy is generaly easier as BfBs while tankier are also significantly slower allowing to be hit for much longer. Not to mention they appear later than their lesser counterpart Moabs.

Radius of Bloons[]

Beyond where the town hall, farms, and other starting points are, there is a certain range of Bloons types away from the 9 starting tiles.

#Bloons Shown1Red2Red, Blue, Green,

Yellow, Pink

3Green, Yellow, Pink4Green, Yellow, Pink,

Black, White

5Pink, Black, White,

Lead, Zebra

6Lead, Zebra, Rainbow,


7Zebra, Rainbow, Ceramic8Zebra, Rainbow, Ceramic,


9Rainbow, Ceramic, MOAB,


10+Rainbow, Ceramic, MOAB &

BFB (both packed), ZOMG,