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Trapped by walkers in the back of an abandoned truck, Pete is bitten and Clementine must find supplies to help him survive - or at least make him more comfortable.

Open Clementine's backpackChoose to give water to Pete, or keep it for yourself.Search the box near the cab of the truck.Give Pete a cigarette.

Regardless of whether or not you ask him to come with you, Pete will stay behind to help you escape.

Complete the QTEs (Quick-Time Events) and escape the nearby zombies to return to the cabin.

Clementine and Nick find themselves trapped by walkers in a small shed after escaping the riverbed.

Complete the QTE to keep the zombies from getting through the door.Tell Nick how sorry you are that his only living relative got himself eaten.Move to the other end of the shed and move the piece of plywood to reveal a treasure trove of homemade liquor.Go to sleep.Wake up and yell at Nick for being a drunken jerk.Break the underage drinking law (or don't).

Nick will want to stay in the shed and drink himself to death. Convince him to come with you, or tell him to stay - either way he'll end up back at the house later.

Once outside, Nick and Clem find themselves surrounded by zombies (again). Nick attempts to distract them so that Clementine can escape.

Run for it or go to Nick.

(Both options will result in the same outcome)

Complete the QTEs to escape the walkers and return to the cabin.

This chapter (and episode in general) is very dialogue-heavy. The ramifications of many of your decisions are yet to be seen, and will most likely play out in

Episode 03: In Harm's Way


After returning to the cabin and explaining what happened to Pete and Nick, Clementine is left to look after Carlos' daughter Sarah while he and Rebecca go out in search of Alvin, Luke and Nick.

Be surprised at having your picture taken.Readily agree to take a photo of Sarah - or grumble that you don't want to, either way you'll end up doing it.Take a picture of Sarah.Follow Sarah downstairs to greet Luke.Realize your horrible mistake and feel like a terrible babysitter.Answer the door.

Meet William Carver (Hey, kids, it's Michael Madsen! [Applause]), this episode's apparent antagonist. Be honest, guarded or decietful with him during this conversation - he'll be charming, genial and all-around-creepy no matter what.

More talking and feelings and plot points here - tell the group members what you want, their reactions will be largely the same no matter what.

Tough Decision: Friendship

Taking the blame for Sarah's photo may not seem like a big deal, and it doesn't have any serious repercussions one way or another - but Sarah's trust and loyalty may become more important as the story progresses.

More conversations in this chapter, as well. When you reach the ridge that overlooks the lake and railway bridge, use your binoculars to survey the land, taking notice of the Bridge, the Station House and, most importantly, the Ski Lodge.

Chapter 05: Crossing the Bridge

Here is where the bulk of the action for this chapter takes place - Luke and Clem find themselves surrounded by walkers on a dilapidated railway bridge.

Clementine and Luke will come across two walkers at the edge of the bridge - even if you want to fight the bigger of the two, Luke will insist you take the one slumped against the rock.

Use your hammer to add a new ventilation hole in the walker's skull.Grunt angrily when your hammer gets stuck there.Follow the QTE prompts to dislodge it by holding down the action button and moving your joystick / mouse side to side.

Once those two walkers are dealt with, you can start to cross the bridge - where things will quickly go from 'not great' to 'downright terrible.'

After luke tumbles through the rails, reach out to him to help him back up.Perform a QTE (move upwards) to avoid being attacked by the approaching walker.Use your hammer to realign the zombie's kneecap.Complete the QTE to perform amateur dentistry.Simultaneously gasp and swear angrily as you narrowly avoid death and also lose your favorite tool.Continue with the QTE to scramble back onto the bridge and avoid the other walker.Grab either the metal pipe or machete off the ground

Piece of advice: Use the machete to take out the zombie on the bridge - the metal pipe will be more useful rescuing Luke in a moment.

Decimate the cranial region of the zombie shuffling towards you.Grab the pipe and go to the hole Luke fell through.Bash the walker that's pinned to the tracks before handing the pipe to Luke.

After rescuing Luke and unleashing your inner monster-slayer, continue down the bridge - you'll be stopped very quickly by a mysterious stranger, who is about to have a very bad day.

Chapter 06: The Other Side

After talking to the group about what just transpired, Alvin and Rebecca suggest that Clementine should check the nearby railway station for any useful supplies.

Talk to Nick on your way into the station, and either convince him he did the right thing or f-ed up big time.

Open the door to the station.Inspect the chest near the window.Take a moment to ask yourself why you'd try and open a trunk that was very clearly locked.Take the very nice knife off the nearby shelf.Pry open the chest to find two cans of peaches.

Alvin will come in and join you, and upon seeing Clementine is now rich in canned peaches, take a can for Rebecca. Claiming that she's eating for two, he asks Clementine to keep the can a secret - appeal to his sense of decency if you choose, then leave the station to continue.

After the dialogue outside the ski lodge is finished, follow Luke's instructions and climb up the lift tower to get a better lay of the land. Clementine will notice several lights appear at the far side of the bridge, but before she can say anything, the group is interrupted by a standoff back at the lodge entrance.

Climb down the ladder.Rejoin the group.SPOILERSHug Kenny.

Again, this section is heavy with dialogue, though you will get a few moments to explore the lodge after talking to Walter later on.

Catch up with Kenny on the couch near the fire - discuss where you've been, what happened with Christa and Omid, what happened to Kenny after escaping Savannah, and maybe get a little freaked out by how bipolar your old friend seems.

After Kenny goes to bring in more supplies with Luke and Nick, talk to Walter while he does his best to make an edible mixture of peaches and beans. If you're good at picking up on forshadow-ey details and moody music, you'll start to figure out who his friend Matthew was...

Once Walter goes off with his big pot of mush, take a few moments to explore the lodge.

Inspect the can of peaches that looks eerily similar to the one your found in the stranger's station house.Make use of the limited power and play some music on an antiquated CD-stereo.

On the end table near where Sarah and Sarita are decorating the tree, you can find and inspect a decoration that is almost identical to the Good Ol' Christmas Duck from the indie game

Gone Home


Talk to Sarita about the tree.

Sarah will off-handedly mention that she and her family used to have an angel for a tree-topper. Go upstairs to look for an appropriate ornament, and inadvertently get dragged into yet another serious conversation with Carlos and Rebecca.

Once Alvin goes downstairs, you can either go straight for the ornaments box next to the top step, or have a short heart-to-heart with Rebecca about her impending motherhood. Grab either the star or the angel out of the box, place it on the tree and head downstairs for dinner.

Chapter 09: Christmas Dinner

While it may seem like unnecessary high school drama, choosing who to sit with between the two groups might have serious repercussions down the road. Both Luke and Kenny seem to be good guys, so choose wisely.

After a few minutes of conversing with whomever you choose to sit with, the other party (either Kenny or Luke / Nick, depending on your choice) will come join you. Try and keep everyone as amicable as possible, at least until Kenny's Freudian slip blankets the table in awkwardness.

Chapter 10: Helping a Stranger

Follow Walter outside and talk to him about Kenny and your experiences with him, and decide whether or not to give the cold shoulder to the malnourished-looking woman you find peering in your window.

Walter will go inside to get her some supplies, you can use this time to either try and make a new friend or convince the woman that she's not welcome - she'll leave either way when Walter comes back.

Once you return inside, Luke will tell you he's put the pieces together and figured out that Walter's partner Matthew was, in fact, the man Nick shot on the bridge. You can choose to relay this information to Nick when he comes in or not, but your real challenge is going to be convincing Walter, who's just found his friend's knife in your backpack.

This chapter contains the most important Tough Decisions you'll face this episode - Walter is in a fragile state of mind, and it's up to Clementine to either pull him back from the brink of madness, or let him topple over.

Do you tell Walter the truth about what happened to his partner on the bridge, or do you let his imagination drive him wild? If you're looking to avoid an extra morbid finale, honesty is the best policy here.

Tough Decision: Forgiveness

Following up on the whole 'honesty' issue, it also falls to you to convince Walter than Nick is either a good man who deserves forgiveness, or yet another person whose actions are only fueled by their basest survival instincts.

NOTE: The question of forgiveness is the truly important one in this chapter - lie to Walter about Matthew and he'll come to his own conclusions (possibly resenting you for it later), but doing anything but convincing the bereft man that Nick is a good person will result in Nick not seeing the end of this episode.

After dealing with Walter and (hopefully) not driving anyone insane, Kenny will run out and realize that there's a big problem with the wind turbine nearby. When gameplay resumes, it's up to Clementine to stop the generator while the rest of the group stands guard, because apparently an 11-year old girl who didn't even get to 7th grade shop class is better suited for mechanical engineering than a 40 year old man with a PhD.

Take the key off the hook on the right of the control box.Use the key on the big red button with a keyhole on it.

After you stop the turbine, thing go even further south when you realize all that noise attracted a small horde of walkers to the lodge.

Fire on the first zombie that's closest to you by moving left, or run to a nearby rock and take cover by going to the right.Shoot down as many of the zombies coming at you as you can - pull that trigger 'til the thing goes click.Complete the QTEs to avoid getting eaten.Grab either the rifle or the knife, you'll lose the weapon at the end of the event regardless of which you choose.

Chapter 12: Caught in a Trap

When you get back inside the lodge with Alvin and Rebecca, the three of you will be both surprised and confused by the sound of machine gun fire.

It seems as though Carver managed to follow you up the mountain, and takes the rest of the group (except for Kenny and Luke) prisoner.

Avoid the guards by following the on-screen prompts, then make your decision to either stay and try to help Carlos, or bail to go find Kenny outside.

If you choose to leave Alvin and Rebecca in favor of finding Kenny, not only will Carver kill Walter - he'll also torture Carlos for additional time and put a bullet into Alvin if you tell Kenny to take an extra shot at Carver. If you want the most number of not-dead survivors at the end of this episode, you'll want to stay and help Carlos, since you end up getting captured either way.