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~ Introduction ~

Hi guys! Today I’ll like to talk about our most recent addition, the sexy c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶h̶u̶r̶i̶k̶e̶n̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶n̶e̶c̶k̶ bunny Hanabi!

(Sorry Layla)

First off, many of you might have been familiar with seeing Hanabi in the field, be it on your side or opposite of yours. You may be wondering; hmmm, have I seen her in a circus act before?

She seems to make a n̶u̶b̶ ̶j̶u̶n̶g̶l̶e̶r̶ good juggler seeing how she can lollygag with that deadly blade of hers.

Now now, before you get excited, let me just clarify her role.

~ Hanabi’s Role ~

She’s a marksman, and in this day and age of “dancelots” and “cusions”, you’d already know that Marksmen are almost rendered useless (or free food).

So, it is pretty obvious that you should NEVER let a Marksman handle any lane alone, it’s plain suicidal, they die easily and their laning phase is the worst, so the same goes to Hanabi.

With her skill sets, it's clear as day that she's exclusively a teamwork Marksman; even more so than Irithel or Yi Sun Shin.

Good shot and timing can land your team a landslide victory, even if your team is a p̶i̶le ̶o̶f̶ ̶s̶h̶*̶t̶ behind on the gold/lvl lead.

~ Skill Strategies ~

Start Of The Game

Second Skill: Soul Scroll

I’ll talk about the 2nd skill first as it’s the first skill that we will be choosing.

Many may comment; “Soul Scroll is stupidz, I can’t hit crap using it! Buff and make this auto lock like a hoaming missile this please!”

It’s true that Soul Scroll isn’t what it is compared to when Hanabi was still in advance server, where you can regen Mana even when you hit jungle monsters.

However, let me assure you that it is still plenty of goodness left!

Lel running away from ze failed war

Now, I’ve seen many liking to get 1st skill (Petal Barrage) as their skill-of-choice at game start. Let me stop here and tell you if you’re one of them; please don’t do this anymore! It’s useless without any damage output and also wastes your mana.

Get 2nd skill (Soul Scroll) instead as it is a low-key good wave cleaner.

Use it like you would use Karrie’s ball of fluffy spikes. You’ll find yourself clearing the minions in no time plus plenty of mana left.

Notice how it took me only 10 seconds to clear the minions, and I still have a lot of mana left!

Moving on, the first thing that some will notice, is that you can’t just simply go trigger happy with it and spam! You gotta AIM.

Use it like YSS’s 2nd skill; aim where your target will be at the next second if they are constantly moving, and you’ll thank me later.

Landing shots on moving targets

Timing Soul Scroll to hit and kill resurrecting targets

It takes practices, but once you got the hang of it, you’ll be able to land last hits or crucial moments that requires you to either regen your mana, assassinate your targets or simply slow them enough for you or your team to land the final blow. Or making your Mana regens super easy since you can even hit moving targets.

TIP #1: Instead of spamming Ulti (Higanbana), use Soul Scroll to poke, kite and slow your enemies. Don’t SPAM ulti!!


You can also use Soul Scroll to flush out/hit enemies in the bush. The moment you see the blue sparkle coming to you, someone's there!

Nice try, Alu-t̶a̶r̶d̶ card

First Skill: Petal Barrage

Now, let’s talk about 1st skill (Petal Barrage).

I think all of us here knows that her 1st skill is one of the best AOE in all of MM (even winning Moskov). You may ask; how do I use it without wasting my mana down to 0%?? Get Boots of Tranquilityz??

The answer is NO.

Getting that boot is a waste of your slot.

If you can learn to manage your mana well, you’ll find yourself better off with a Swift Boots since it makes you able to clear minions faster with normal basic attack and it stacks up your speed further during mid/late game.

Look at my Mana bar, it's barely 10% used when I do this method

Petal Barrage is a great way to poke your opponent(s) under turret

Also, if you want to poke enemies that are staying within the turret range, simply hit either them or the turret (when enemies are outside of your attack range but inside the bounceback range) when Petal Barrage is turned on and the bouncebacks will increase the damage that they take.

TIP #2: When you want to use Petal Barrage in early/mid game to clear minions faster, don’t activate it all the way for God’s sake. Do it in bursts (on and off and on and off) and use it sparingly. The only time that you wanna leave it on for a prolonged period of time is when you want your bouncebacks to hit the opponent standing beside the minions, or when you’re at a full-out war in gank. DON’T SPAM IT!!!

Another great moment to use Petal Barrage, is when your enemies want to run away under their turrets away from your kill-hungry mode. “How do I kill them, it’s impossibru” you might say.

Well nope nope nope, it’s super possible!

Simply turn on Petal Barrage and dive into their turret, keep aiming at the turret and the bouncebacks will hit the running enemy.

You’ll find yourself getting a lot of secured kills using this method instead of letting them run.

Be prepared for a lot of rage from your dead opponents!!!

Poor uMons, let us take a moment of silence to honour the sacrifice

Poor Lesley, she just wanted to run

Ultimate: Higabana

Now let’s talk about the Ultimate (Higanbana). I know it’s satisfying and pretty to watch flowers bloom up your entire enemy team, but you can’t spam it to achieve this all the time.

To maximise this skill, I suggest good timing.

So, how do you land the best shot with Higanbana?? It’s not as hard as you think you know. Even if you’re the only CC in the team, it’s still doable.

There are two kinds of shot, offensive and defensive for Higanbana.

Hanabi Ultimate Guide (Inspire Edition) - Guides - Mobile

Offensive: It can be used to disable running and attacking enemies

Defensive: Higanbana can be used to save your teammates's lives


Simply wait for your enemies to engage at your tank (sorry tank) if you're the only CC.

Then, you can aim Higanbana at the nearest target or if luxury allow; the most concentrated area if you can penetrate

your Higanbana to the epicentre.

(minimum requirements for the usage of Higanbana is at least 2 targets for the ulti to be effective)

Thereafter, on Inspire and go all out. At this point, your enemies will be disabled enough to not have you aim at their

squishies exclusively, since the bouncebacks are real and will hit EVERYONE.

So simply spam it at the enemies’ initiator or whoever is nearest to you. They will all be dead soon.


When you spot a d̶a̶m̶s̶e̶l̶ buddy in distress, use Higanbana to stop your enemies from making him their breakfast.

You're free to use it when there's no chance in initiating another war for the next 30 seconds (when team is dead)

TIP #3, Epic Comeback: Higanbana is one of the best skills to make an epic comeback. The best epic comeback to make using Hanabi is using enemy's Lord. In 90% of the cases, everyone will always crowd around Lord in order to use him as a tank. This is the best time to use Higanbana and CC the entire enemy team, then proceed to activate your Inspire spell and then Petal Barrage (1st skill) everyone to death. If you're lucky, you might even land a Maniac!

*Ahem* *cough* cough* EZ Maniaczzz

~ Hanabi’s Build ~

Now let’s discuss about her build.

Many will argue and say “Hanabi is lifesteal queen so spam lifesteal plzzzzzzz”. Nope nope nope, that’s stupid.

Or “spamz le speedz plz make her da new karrie” also NOPE NOPE NOPE.

The best build in general situations is always this I found:

Le Totale Mayhem Buildz

Many of you at this point may start flipping table and say “where’s my corrosion scythe”, “oi put windtalker + scarlet phantom stacks u nub”, “this is a nub build”.

This build in this exact order in gear set will be the best one in most situations. Since she has default lifesteal, you don’t need to build Haas’s Claws first, and you can rest your nerves on building Berserker’s Fury first.

And always buy Hunter’s Knife first as first item.

Now, why do I refrain from building Endless Battle, Corrosion Scythe, adding Windtalker, Demon Hunter Sword or Wings of the Apocalypse Queen (WoTAQ)?

Well, it’s a waste of gold and damage output, because her bouncebacks can’t trigger certain passives (true damage) plus having WoTAQ is just stupid. It's not like you can fly with it; it doesn't actually gives you wings unlike Red Bull.

You’re an MM, not a fighter or tank. You don’t need more lifesteal when you got like 37-40% lifesteal with a Haas’s Claws. She needs more damage, not less with all these funny items.

Now if at this point you are saying Haas’s Claws is redundant and not needed, then you’re wrong.

The passive is great for spiking your lifesteal when you are near death, thus making you regain your HP and shield rather quickly, while the 20% lifesteal works good with your passive plus you got 70+ Physical Attack.

Plus you get thicc shields with more lifestealz. It’s one of the best compromise that you can do for your gear sets.

As for swift boots, why swift boots over boots of tranquility?

If you can manage your mana well, then getting extra 15% attack speed is great especially when you got scarlet phantom that has 40% att speed (65 if crit) which adds 55% attack speed to your output with these two items already.

When you include Inspire spell in, Karrie looks like nothing in comparison to the havoc that you’re wrecking.

Getting Blade of Despair will guarantee wipe out squishies instantly in a matter of seconds, and even tanks will start to feel the blow at this point.

That's right; you can be the female Rambo

The reason why I chose Blade of Despair to come first over Malefic Roar, is because you can use the last two slots to build BoD, making your builds easy, since Malefic Roar only requires one slot.

By the time you complete all your gears, you’ll melt everyone easily.

And here comes your ez maniacs!! Not savage because one guy will always steal it lol. #deathtokillstealing

Now, why choose Inspire over Flicker? Because you can clean everyone off the map and you’re not a s̶h̶*̶t̶ ̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶A̶n̶g̶e̶l̶a̶ coward.

I'm joking of course, the only time that you get Flicker is when there's an enemy Johnson + Dancelot/Cusion combo. Why? Because, RUN!!!!!!

I'm serious about the running though.

Everyone when they see Johnson F1 towards them

~ Emblem Choice ~

You may be asking; what emblems should I use for Hanabi?

To be honest, I feel that since Hanabi matters more on skill mechanics and also good timing, she actually doesn't depend too much on emblem to make her shine.

I personally use Jungle Emblem with Physical Attack and Swift maxed out and I chose Mage Killer Talent.

Marksman Emblem is also great since you can choose Fatal and Doom to max out on; Weakness Finder and Hot Pursuit are both great choices to use. It ultimately depends on your playstyle and preference.

~ Overall Thought ~

All in all, I’m really starting to like Hanabi a lot and feel that her presence in team fights really can tilt the game over to your team’s favour due to her AOE skills and very strong CC (like Aurora’s freeze or ulti). However, if Hanabi is played in a team of bad teamwork and synergy, she sucks in comparison to Marksmen like Lesley, because she really can’t solo like the way Lesley can be played. Also, I strongly feel that having Hanabi as the only CC isn’t recommended because if you somehow misplace your Higanbana shot, your team might be doomed if they can’t hold themselves well, or will result in you having many casualties due to losing the war. She also needs a lot of careful plays and baby-sitting from your teammates because she can only work well as a utility during early/mid game since her damage output is considerably low compared to other MMs at that stage.

I’d rate Hanabi’s actual difficulty as one of the most difficult to play, aside from Clint, Irithel (yes she’s actually hard to play good) and Moskov; due to her skills nature in needing you to manage her mana well and constantly aiming by manual. At first glance she may be just another pretty toy that is released, but the more you play her, the more formidable you will discover about her true potential.


To play Hanabi you always have to look up, enemy team ganking your lane? Look up, gold crab was stolen from ya? Look up, your team sucks, look up! You know what hana means in Hanabi? Flower, you know what flowers do? They look up, and when their about to die they look down, I believe that’s why Hanabi has that shuriken under her neck that can kill her if she looked down. She sucks so bad early game but if you continue looking up, never giving up you will dominate and Win.

Look at that i gave up hope on the designer team for making such a bad flaw design for hanabi but because i looked up and stayed positive i was able to see the bigger “point".


I think hanabi is a very late game heroEven late than irithelNyeh-uMonsI love hanabi -BlueZeroIts fun to have double trouble, Kag and Hana. You will never get bored-StoR playing as HayabusaOh, you wish @StoR , how you wish....

~ Credits ~

P̶u̶n̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶B̶a̶g̶s̶ Actors : uMons, -ash-, NEOS•Híᴍҽツ

Comedy r̶i̶p̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ teacher: PjTyrant

Items & Heroes Icon Resources : Modukes

Director/Producer: CloudDevelic

I hope you enjoy my guide! Please feel obliged to leave your comments and criticisms below! All thoughts are welcome!

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