Infinite Lagrange is a space-exploring SLG that cleverly combines storytelling, strategy and amazing graphics into a unique open world experience

graceacupuncture - 02/08/2021 - STRATEGY - 855 Views

When a resonance of warpspace was found at the Lagrange point, the future of the human race changed forever. With the opening of a tunnel between two stellar systems, the expanse beyond the solar system as we knew it wasn't just a dream anymore. It became reality.

As technology advanced even further, new ways of interstellar travel became available. Giant Stargates were built, connecting pathways across the galaxy, known as Lagrange Nodes. This new network brought wealth and prosperity, but at the same time, conflict and war between humans over its control.

That’s only the beginning though. In this world, you will create your own Faction, and lead it as the Commander. And while there is no major difference between the factions, you can certainly aim to create something unique and powerful.

Players can customize their own ships, from the outer design to the attachments, explore and settle in any part of the universe, and really delve into the spacefaring world within the game. The best part yet? It all takes place in real-time, so there is no unbalanced time accelerating system.

Players will be able to upgrade their space base at their own rate, mine for resources in multiple areas at the same time, or simply battle various Privateer Fleets. Research can unlock new features and technologies, and even unlock extras. As for the quests, they are another part of the game which rewards commanders with resources needed to build and expand.

The high degree of freedom within the game is really something to behold. There are no limitations to what one can do, where one can or cannot travel, or how one’s ship can be built. One of the points that make Infinite Lagrange stand out the most, however, has to be the stunning 3D visuals. The realistic approach makes this space simulation as real as it could get.

With just one button, players can switch between camera angles, observe the battles unfold in real-time, or catch a glimpse of their entire space base. It's surprising how often screen navigation is overlooked when it comes to gameplay design for mobile SLGs. Indeed, a number of recent releases have fallen foul of delivering unintuitve camera control systems that become all the more frustrating when compounded with complex UI menus.

Fortunately, the developers of Infinite Lagrange have gone to great effots to make sure the game is effortless to navigate. The amount of minutious details that went into every aspect of the game is colossal.

Now when it comes to the narrative and gameplay, everything is pretty intuitive and easy to understand. You can battle space fleets in order to acquire blueprint EXP to the corresponding ship. It’s all a matter of strategy and prioritizing your needs.

Furthermore, learning to manage and distribute your resources is another key factor. The game offers a lot of freedom, so there's no such thing as only one way to do things. You, as the Commander, will decide how you want to expand your base, what kind of new technologies you are going to unlock, what kind of ships you are going to build and decide which direction you want to take.

To put it simply, Infinite Lagrange is not only beautiful to look at, but also realistic and packed full of strategic elements that make it something unique among the other titles of the genre.