PUBG MOBILE’s Mission Ignition: What to expect from a futuristic Erangel

graceacupuncture - 22/07/2021 - STRATEGY - 1284 Views

The latest patch from worldwide hit PUBG MOBILE is taking things up a notch with its Mission Ignition update, transforming the classic Erangel into the gateway to the future. Tencents intense battle royale game boasts a bold and sleek new look for survivors to fight in, but exactly how has the massive version 1.5 update elevated the overall experience of the game?

With this overarching goal, DynaHex has set its sights on Erangel as an experimental base, completely revamping six major areas around the map based on transportation, military defense, logistics, and energy utilization. Players can access the Mission Ignition mode through EvoGround where Rating Points can be earned.

Speaking of being in transit, the Port of Georgopol has transformed the old Georgopol into a logistics port that houses a brand-new central command center. This area also features a fully automated warehouse that boosts the efficiency of the advanced logistics port for Erangel.

Meanwhile, the Security Center (which was previously the Military Base) serves as the backbone of security monitoring in the whole island. It provides armed support as well as deploys rapid-response facilities for Erangel.

As for supplies distribution, the Logistics Agency (which has replaced the Yasnaya olyana) manages the various supplies that arrive at Erangel. Classification of supplies, as well as checking and distribution, will all be handled here, while for the players themselves, the Logistics Agency has also set up HyperLines to facilitate travel throughout Erangel.

As the Hyperlines connect the cities of the island, players can expect to discover more tactics for moving between fixed locations at specified times. Similarly, the Command enters Air Conveyor outside urban areas and bases can allow security personnel to patrol the skies.

There are tons of other stuff to discover in PUBG MOBILEs Mission Ignition update, including a a new Anti-gravity Motorcycle and new gear to use in battle such as the Riot Shield and ASM Abakan assault rifle. You can immerse yourself in this futuristic feel by downloading the game on the App Store and on Google Play.