Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

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This article relates to a strategy for an old game version. Due to the fact that the game mechanics have changed, the strategy may not work on the current version.Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

All right, just so you know, this is my first attempt at a guide, so it won't be professional. *Note: Thank you to SuckyJack for the Wespe breakdown and Indestructible Bunker, both used in this strategy.*

Guide of The Month Winner June-July 2011!!!

Unit Specifics

Below is a table of units I use and some specific information you should know.




PurposeRiderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

Officer3 TP The officer is crucial to all commands, morale boosts, coordinating fire positioning, and moving troops. If he does not come free with the West Point Commendation, get him aster getting a gunner and your first bazooka. Sniper6 TP The sniper is the sole anti-camouflage unit in this strategy, whose job is to expose and eliminate German Snipers and Infiltrators Engineer4 TP The engineer is an extremely versatile unit who can take on the role of soldier, sapper, and builder during this strategy. Make the most of him. Gunner4 TP The gunner brings the anti-infantry punch here. After about 30 exp, they are formidable foes and can quickly turn an enemy squad into mincemeat. Keep him in a bunker always and protected with a medic when necessary Bazooka4 TP The bazooka is the prime Anti-Armor unit in this strategy. It brings ferocity at a bargain and is devastating in high numbers, such as 8+ Sarge12 TP Sarge is excellent to have near your troops to boost their morale and create a formidable officer. He should stay back, however, because if Sarge dies, everybody loses half their morale Half Track12 TP The Half Track delivers on firepower and speed. It's gunner kills from the start and upgrades can make it become mega-deadly. Be careful with it though, it is Soft Skinned and prone to destruction

The below units are optional additions to my strategy:





Medic3 TP The medic has the best speed of any unit in this strategy and is very useful to heal units with minor wounds or non-crucial units with major wounds. Late game, the medic should grab all crates for their unparalleled speed. They are also expendable units Sherman Tank20 TP The Sherman Tank is perfect in strategies where you don't want to incorporate a Half Track. They always go in front of your bunker system and can, for the most part, attract fire away from your troops and do some decent killing. Scout6 TP The scout is perfect in the Regular Deploy variation to help you advance troops if you find a number crossed too early and you need speed and firepower to eliminate what remains. Aside from that, only use snipers for spotting tactics M3 AT Gun8 TP Only use if you find yourself with a buttload of extra TP and are bored, because the strategy has few places for AT guns and they are vulnerable in those spots for the most part. Usually stick to bazookas.


Okay, there is no perfect MnB guide. Each guide aims at some sort of goal or mission. The goal of this guide was consistency. I have yet to see an exceptional, 250+ wave game coming from this guide, but my experience shows that you will get around 110-120 each time, making it a viable Victoria Cross strategy. My highest wave reached with this is around 178.

But anyway, I'm reading through the guides in the forums and was wondering why they are so complicated? We have guides that require lots of planning but no real explanation of what to do. This guide focuses on the three necessities: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, and Anti-Camouflage.Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

Finally, my strategy has adaptability. You can choose what to do late game and change stuff if you need to. There are unique features that must be kept but all else is subject to change.

Color Scheme!

Green text is the actual instructionsMagenta text is my reasoningOrange text is for warnings and important informationBlack text is unimportant, but fun to read :)All links within colored text are underlined, like this


The guiding principles behind my guide.

This is the most important part at the beginning, because infantry will come in numbers. Usually gunners are good even alone and an engineer is often overlooked when he could fare quite well as a CQC fighter with an M1 Carbine and a bayonet. Other things include the Fifty and SpecOps, if you have spare TP. Do not use CAS because the troops are past the halfway mark.

Actually this should be anti-armor. This part of your group has multiple options. The all-around best unit early game is the bazooka, although if you get lots of TP late game, the M3 AT Gun is good in large packs. Usually I keep zooks on hand, because they are half the price of the AT and fire more often. Mines are good in an emergency, if the enemy suppressive fire isn't bad.Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

Well, camo-ed enemy units are not all too frequent, but infiltrators can quickly add flankers, which lead to unfair events. So, you should have a sniper from wave 2 and add more snipers around wave 45 or so. I prefer snipers over scouts because scouts require at least 2 to be effective anti-infiltrator and only detect at 200 pixels, compared to the sniper's infinite detection radius.

Early Game

Use a Close Protection start, or a Proper Planning with at least 12 TP. To start, begin with one gunner, and buy an engineer. Put the engineer up to the mid-point of the map. Build 2 bunkers that are just barely touching (see: Invincible Bunker) with the top part of their intersection just above the halfway mark.

Here is the center line

Put a gunner on that top intersection point of the two bunkers. Add a trench and sandbag wall for greater bullet protection.

Here is an image of the proposed structure

Now, you should judge the flow of enemies and see if you should get another gunner (in same position), or start the work on the Anti-Vehicle group. Either way, by now it's time to work on the anti-vehicle group. First, buy a zook. Then, add a mortar pit in one of the bottom corners, the one without the sniper. Put your officer in the mortar pit and add a cam-net. Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

It should look something like this by now.

Now you have all your main groups.

Middle Game

This part of the game is up to you, mostly, and it focuses on saving TP for special units.

Give an M-1 Carbine to the engineer and give him a bayonet, grenades, and rifle grenades. Your engineer should stay up front killing people until he's an NCO. Then, just barely move him above the middle line. You should also buy 2-3 more zooks as backup, because zooks can miss.

Save up TP and buy Sarge, to place in the Anti-Vehicle pit. He will train the officer and raise the morale of zooks to 20.

This is what the field may look like now

In the event that you lose your Anti-Vehicle pit, use the engineer to add booby-trapped mines all over to stop vehicle advances, provided all the troops haven't run away yet. Riderx's Strategy from Tips and Tricks - Mud and Blood

Also, you should buy another sniper or 2 and put them in a cam-net on the corner of the screen without the Anti-Vehicle pit.However, do not add a trench or mortar pit, because snipers rarely experience bullet fire and grenade damage is maximized, as well as just allowing the enemies to see an "empty" mortar pit.

If you are encountering casualties, buy a medic and let him run to the places he needs to help.

Now, you can buy a Half-Track. Move it past the middle point, but away from the bunkers. Move it to the side not in front of the anti-vehicle pit, so that it doesn't take any grenade or rocket damage. Give it the AT or mortar upgrade, unless your anti-infantry is lacking, then make it a gun-boat.

The half-track moving through positions to get to the destination.

The exploit of stacking AT guns has been fixed, so M3 AT Guns are rather weakened in ability compared to previous times. But, if you would like to use them, here is what to do:

Buy an AT GunPlace the AT gun near the Half-Track zone (i.e. The side on the bunker not directly in front of the Anti-Vehicle pit.Don't build any structures there! If it's on the top half of the screen, it will re-direct Wespe fire to the top half of the screen.Buy another if you choose, and place it in the clear area above the bunkers (near the Germans)

Late Game

Here is an example ofa late-game about wave 95, 500 kills

Keep up the status quo! Don't give up till you get overrun!

Keep the status quo is almost the entire late game strategy. Buy a Fifty to help damage vehicles if you need, and pray that you don't get an arty blitz. Use Concentrate Fire on the highest priority enemy units, but an All Around Defense can be substituted if only 1 or 2 enemies are still on screen.

Other Questions

Most likely the officer, unless you want to help another troop get exp. Other viable troops would be moving gunners, snipers, and medics for far away crates.How many people should be in each "pit"?Lots. The area of cam-net protection is the entire size of the sprite and the cam-net is far enough back that grenades are not usually a threat.Move your engineer to cover and let your zooks do the work. The bunker system is invincible, so it won't get destroyed, while attracting enemy fire.If you followed my cam-netting rules, more men are on the top half of the screen. The bunker is invincible to Wespe poundings (from experience).What is the priority list? Leibs while binoculars are out Wespe Tiger Flak Panzer Panzer IV Mortar SdKfz Kubelwagen Zundapp KS750 Opel Leibs not with binoculars out Flamer other German units

Regular Deploy Variation

The Regular Deploy variation makes this strategy viable even to newcomers who have no extra rank or medals.

Spread your troops out equally to minimize the chance of possible infiltrators Advance your troops as much as possible, but be wary of flanker number, to a clear screen Make a mental decision which side is better for the snipers and which side is better for an Anti-Vehicle pit. The Anti-Vehicle pit usually takes the side with less LOS obstructions Place 3 of your 4 regular soldiers in the Anti-Vehicle pit. Place the other one at the top of the screen where the engineer is usually Buy a sniper when you get the TP and a gunner next.Place the gunner in his supposed location and buy an engineer Place 1 bunker over the gunner, but set it up for Invincible Bunker later. Buy a bazooka and an officer and place them in the Anti-Vehicle pit. Build the second bunker Buy 2 more bazookas Continue on from here

Halftrack-Free Variation

This variation builds on having a second mortar pit built like the first one on the other side of the screen. that way both the bottom left and bottom right corners have Anti-Vehicle pits in them. Don't use a halftrack here. . Use a Sherman Tank instead.


Riderx, I love you. Got the Survival Ribbon doing this, to compliment my Guerilla Warfare Award (my own strat). I must have been doing something wrong with the bunkers, as the first Wespe did what Wespes always do and blew up the anti-vech and anti-camo corners, but I still held on thanks to my NCO gunner and engineer.

By Branabus

One of the best,( if not the best) strategies I have yet encountered.A strategy maker myself, it is often hard to make great strategies.Clearly, you have made a excellent example of the ones that stand out. It is almost guarantied that you will make it to at least wave 120 on this strategy. Amazing job rider.

By Chooxh1259

Hello!I am a new editor and I really love MnB2. Thanks to your stratergy, I took 1780 Germans and 38 tanks before getting overruned! You rock!

By BunkerBasher

It's fairly TP intensive for the beginning, and the AT aspect is really vulnerable, but good in infantry and overall wave count.

By Militarist (IRC Chat)

Great strategy. It was really easy to read+understand with the color coding, and looks very effective. Very deserving of the Guide of the Month.

By Brutalized (IRC Chat)

Great Guide Definate strat of the month 5* One of the best strategy's i've seen And i've seen a lot of strategy's in my time

By HITLER_hater (aka Person_1, IRC Chat)