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The full theme song includes the lyric "The game sucks so bad he makes up his own words". This is set to a clip of the Nerd saying things like "fuck rats" and "fuck farts"...but if you look at it as referring to the time he had to make up a new swear for his Godzilla review, it makes a lot more sense. On more than one occasion, the Nerd has used the phrase "It's like puking on a pile of shit!" to describe when his situation has gone From Bad to Worse. And in the Toxic Crusaders episode, he vomits at the sight of Lloyd Kaufman taking a dump on the cartridge. In other words, puking on a pile of shit. Whenever the Nerd abuses a Gameboy game, he does it while it's still inside the Gameboy. Why does he only do this to the Gameboy when he removes the game from his other consoles first? Because the Gameboy is indestructible! In the Bayou Billy crossover episode with Pat the NES Punk, Pat comments on how after the Nerd dies for the umpteenth time that he might be doing this on purpose and that the game wasn't that hard.note He found out otherwise subsequently. Two years prior, in his making-of video, James states that he actually did purposely die in video games for some of his earliest videos. A very well-played Mythology Gag, of sorts. Considering he only plays old games and in the movie, uses a record player on the road trip, The Nerd is a basically a hipster. The Nerd tends to complain about Loads and Loads of Loading a lot. While it's annoying and he wants to get on to the game, he does state in the McKids review he has ADD. The Totally Radical joke ad for Big Rigs may have been out of place, but it perfectly sums up the Nerd's position on just how out of touch the people behind the game must have been. In The Angry Video Game Nerd Super Mario Bros. 3 review, Super Mecha Death Christ only shot at the Nerd and told him to watch his "FUCKIN' LANGUAAAAAAAGE!" when the Nerd exclaimed "Holy shit!", not when the Nerd said "Oh, this shit? I'll tell you all about it." He's not upset about the word shit, but the sacrilege of calling it holy. Why is Pepsiman hurt by Mentos mints? Well, what happens when you put a Mentos in a carbonated drink? It basically explodes. His video of The Immortal is notable for being done in one take. If you pay attention to his criticisms of the game, you'll notice one recurring complaint is you have to start over from the beginning every time you die. Much like how the game has to be played in one deathless run, the video was done in one uninterrupted take. R.O.B. didn't do anything as the Nerd's teammate in the Spawn episode, because they weren't playing Gyromite or Stack-Up. In the Action 52 episode, he states that "everything pink in this game sucks". And guess what color are the game titles made of in the menu ? Looks like he was right when he says that all of these games suck. The Nerd's lamentation why Acclaim was the one developing The Simpsons games, not Konami, made a lot more sense if you consider that in the nostalgia ages, Konami was well-known for their quality games (even if sometimes they get a little too Nintendo Hard), their downward spiral hasn't started yet; and if you listen to the Nerd's song lyrics, especially the opening: "He's gonna take you back to the past...", it would make a lot of sense that the Nerd wouldn't even lambast Konami like the rest of the internet would; the present, controversial Konami is basically out of his scope, he's dealing with shitty games of the past. In his Schwarzenegger Games review, there's no intro. At the end of the review, we find out why. The guitar dude is dead. Don't worry, he comes back to life in the Ikari Warriors episode. Invoked with Super Mario Bros. 3. James speculates that the reason the game is so difficult is because it was a product forged by the Devil and gives sound, if not out of reach, theories on why. One of those theories is that the seven sons of Bowser represent the Seven Deadly Sins. This very site seriously considers Bowser's children to be designed after the Sins, as detailed on the Super Mario Bros. character page, so the theory certainly resonates. He called the "Wally Bear" hotline in 2006 and it still worked. He's immediately creeped out because it's still being maintained. According to YouTube commentators, the line was finally shut down around 2009. The Angry Video Game Nerd universe takes place in the Channel Awesome universe. Atop the Fourth Wall had it so a video game glitch, aka Missingno was an Eldritch Abomination, meaning that 'programming glitches'' can warp reality. The Glitch Gremlin can create glitches. This means the Glitch Gremlin can create beings like THE ENTITY. Probably not. The Glitch Gremlin seems to represent the glitches due to faulty cartridges/discs, read errors and other random occurrences. The Entity/Missingno was a glitch triggered under specific circumstances that could be done on command and was a factor of the game's code, which the Glitch Gremlin has nothing to do with. Remember, in the video, the Nerd cleaned out the glitching game, getting rid of the gremlin, before moving onto glitches that could be triggered on command. The gremlin didn't show up again until he moved on to the Rocky game, where the shown glitches were again random. When the Nerd clones himself in A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES) video, three of the four nerds are killed off by Freddy. But there's no indication of who is or isn't a clone, so it's possible the original Nerd is dead and we've been watching one of his clones since 2007. That was a dream sequence, though. Despite being a dream sequence, if one pays close enough attention, they'll notice that the original Nerd is the one who "takes a shit" on the game cartridge (he's the one who mentions that he cloned himself), and he's the first to get murdered by Freddy. In the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, if you die in the dream, you die in real life. If the original Nerd died in the dream, that would mean he died in real life. The Nerd is also killed off at the end of the "Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle" episode. Either Death Is Cheap, or the Nerd has a bunch of clones stored somewhere.