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Game Introduction – The Promised Land

The Promised Land, developed by Alawar games, is an exciting adventure strategy game where you guide the colonists in search of the “Eternal Spring of Happiness” as they build up the new land and turn it into home. Grow crops, construct buildings, conduct research, fight pirates and set off ships for international trade. See how far you can take these little colonists as they start anew and build the land of their dreams. Gamezebo’s guide and walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.The Promised Land Walkthrough - The Promised Land Walkthrough -

Getting Started

The Promised Land is available for purchase and a free one-hour trial at or it can be found by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.You can add up to five profiles and save up to five separate games. Enter your user name and then click on “Save”You can access the game controls on the main menu by clicking on “Options” and on “Menu” when in the main game screen. Here you can adjust the volume of the game music, ambient sounds, or you can adjust the game to full or windowed mode and see the game credits.When you exit the game it stops at exactly the point of your exit and does not play over time while you are out of the game.Note – Each section of the game is explained in detail then at the bottom of this guide is a step by step walkthrough to take you from start to finish completing all tasks in the game. In between these tasks you will need to make your own decisions as to what items to sell and purchase on your ship and you will play the Pirate hunting mini games when you want to play them. Follow the tasks as they are presented, keep your workers busy, and sell items that are announced as in high demand for the best outcome.

Game Tips

Food is priority! If you don’t have food then your workers won’t work. Be sure to have workers gathering food at all times and when you have a kitchen try to have no less than two workers there at all times at maximum capacity.Research points are critical to unlock knowledge to expand to new areas. You will need to put your fastest workers on research and if you can spare four at a time you will be able to level up fast.You must have housing or any new colonist that arrives won’t work. Be sure to read through the housing section and make sure you have enough rooms available at all times.Build your hospital before you explore the far side of the jungle. You will need to keep it stocked with healing herbs so be sure to keep the lower field crop menu set at least half of its yield as healing herbs at all times.You can click on any colonist to see his or her stats. You can also grab them directly from the menu at the bottom left to save time.Be sure to check the workers likes and dislikes. If you put a worker on a job they don’t like they will work much slower than a job they like.You can practice the pirate treasure hunting at any time once you unlock it but you can only gain the large treasure once. If you win again you will earn only a small number of coins.Keep your ship selling and buying all the time! Once you have the ship repaired and the compass in your inventory you should watch for the guides and always sell what is in high demand for maximum payout of research points.Once you have purchased all levels of research you do not need your scientists in the lab any longer. Be sure to take them off and put them on new jobs.Once you hit the very end of the game there is a very difficult puzzle. After about five minutes you have the option to skip that puzzle if you wish. You can always go back and try it again.Once you complete the game you can continue with your colony and work to achieve all gold medals in the achievement menu which is found under “Collections”

Game Elements


Gold coins are the basic game currency earned by completing tasks, selling goods, and successful treasure hunting.There is a currency indicator located at the top of the game screen and on any screen where you need to make purchases.

Basic Materials

There are three basic materials that are used throughout the game which are wood, stone and food.There are indicators along the top left of the game screen showing you how much of these you have at any given time.Be sure to keep an eye on these numbers to keep your work running smoothly.


You can have a maximum of fifty colonists on your island once you provide all of them with a place to live.You can see an indicator at the top center of the screen showing you how many actual colonists you have and the maximum you can support based on the number of rooms you have purchased inside the houses built. (See “Housing Accommodations for Colonists”)

Research Points

Research points are shown at the upper right side of the game screen as a blue mortarboard hat icon. These points are accumulated by workers who research in your laboratory once you build it as well as rewards for tasks completed.Research points are very important as they are used to research six specific areas and upgrade them three times each allowing you to unlock specific buildings and upgrade them.The categories you spend research points on include Nature, Industry, Archeology, Agriculture, Sailing, and Construction.You will study each of these categories by spending your research points. Each time you spend on a category you unlock more advantages to build and upgrade in the game.How research points are earned by colonists – When you have a laboratory built you will want to put as many workers as you can spare and they will research causing the points to accumulate as fast as one per second depending on the speed and expertise of the worker. If they are a scientist they will work much faster than an apprentice. You can also send a colonist to school once you have one to make them and expert. Experts work faster than anyone else.


Reputation is shown in the upper right hand corner of the game screen and is represented by a crown icon.Reputation points can only be earned by completing tasks and selling items on your ship to other countries that are in high demand.Reputation points are important as you will need them to purchase special items needed to complete and upgrade specific buildings and purchase additional colonists to join the others on the island.Tip – Whenever it is announced that a specific material is in high demand for purchase go into the ship menu and sell as much of its as possible as in addition to gold coins you will earn a certain number of reputation points per each item you choose to sell and the gold coins will be at their highest level.

Control Panel

Along the bottom right of the screen next to the map you will see a control panel that will take you to the following areas;Tower pic – This will take you to the town hall/warehouse menu.Ship – This button will take you to the ship’s menu where you can buy and sell goods.Hammer – This button will take you to the building menu where you can purchase buildings to construct on the island.Books – This button will take you to the research menu where you will purchase the various areas of research.

Active Island Map

You will note at the bottom right of the game screen there is an active map.The square represents where you are on the island and the moving dots represent the colonists walking around the land.You can click on any area of the map and you will be instantly taken there.

Highlighted Colonist Summary Menu

At the bottom left of the game screen you will see a summary screen for any colonist you click on to highlight.When a colonist is highlighted you will see a green circle around his or her feet.In this menu you will see how the colonist rates in three areas; Hunger, Happiness, and HealthIf any of these run out the colonist will immediately stop working and do whatever they need to do to get back to normal.Tip – A great feature about the summary menu is you can use the arrows along the bottom to scroll through the colonists and when you find the one you want you can grab him or her directly from their picture in this menu instead of having to search for them all over the island.


The tasks list is located along the bottom left of the screen next to the colonists summary screen.When you have more than one task you will see tabs along the top and you can click on them to shuffle through them.When you place your cursor over a task it will lift up so you can read it.Along the bottom it will show you the reward you will earn for completing the tasks.Important – The tasks are carefully placed to help you earn money for the item you will need in the next task. Do not start buying things unless a task tells you to and you will have a much easier time getting started.Timed Tasks – Some tasks are actually timed and you have several minutes to complete them. One way to ensure to do this is to place more than one person on a task at a time such as building a house or chopping a certain amount of wood.Placing your cursor on the area while they are working will show you a progress bar anytime you want to see it. A blue alarm clock is shown at the top of a task that is timed. Be sure to watch for these and make sure you are in the right area when you begin to work toward your timed task.Many tasks will take a lot of time to complete and there will be requirements you must meet.


You will start the game with five colonists that come off of the ship of Captain “John Sorrey” and these first five colonists live in the town hall which is also your warehouse for storage of goods.How to move your colonists – You will need to frequently grab a colonist and place them on top of an area to trigger them to do specific work. You can move them around by clicking on them and holding your left mouse button down and releasing them by letting go of your left mouse button.The game has a very good tutorial that will help you to get started. Follow the orange flags whenever they appear.At the bottom left of the game screen you will see a summary of any colonist that is highlighted. (Click on any colonist to highlight them) Here you will see their name and three graphs that tell you how hungry, happy and healthy the colonist is at that given time.One of the nice features of the game is that instead of hunting around the land for a particular colonist you can scroll through with the arrows at the bottom and grab them directly from the menu at the bottom left of the screen. You can also use the active map at the bottom right to go to an area of the island quickly or to see where you are at.Colonist Preferences – Each colonist has a preference as to the type of work they like to do as well as a dislike for a certain type of work. If you put a colonist somewhere he or she doesn’t like they will become unhappy very fast and you will have to have them socialize with another colonist until they are happy again.Paying attention to the likes of a colonist and placing them where they are happy results in faster work and better production.Colonist Summary Menu – Click on the first button that appears in the control panel which can also be accessed by clicking on the town hall blue building where all items which are collected are stored in the warehouse. Along the top look for the “Colonists” tab and you will see menu such as the one above. Here you can look at all of your people at once and read who is good at what.

Feeding Hungry Colonists

Colonists need energy to work and if they become hungry you will be able to tell right away as a food icon appears over their head and you can see they are distressed. He or she will stop working and immediately walk over to the table to eat. You can also grab a hungry colonist and place them at the table to save time. Once they eat their fill you will see a 100 percent over their head and they will go directly back to their assigned job.What if there is no food available in storage? – It is important to keep food in storage at all times so the colonists can eat. If they arrive at the table and there is no food they will go to the various trees and bushes and gather food for themselves. All this takes valuable time away from their job which will likely hold up other jobs on the island.As the game progresses more food sources become available and you will be building a kitchen to prepare it in which also yields much higher levels of food at once using foods combined from fishing and crops.Be sure to read about crops and how to make food in the kitchen below.Keeping a large amount of food in storage is a game priority as workers stop working for a while to walk over to the table and eat. If they can’t eat they will be waiting around until there is food for them and this puts the entire flow of work at jeopardy as all the jobs are interconnected and dependent on each other to work.

Dealing with Unhappy Colonists

When a colonist is exhausted and unhappy they will immediately stop working and will seek out another person to talk to for a few moments until his happiness meter fills up again. This takes time away from two workers but it is necessary.Unhappy Colonist – If a colonist is working a job he or she dislikes they will work very slow and will become unhappy much faster than the others thus taking lots of breaks to talk to others. Try to keep workers in jobs they like to keep up speed and productivity.Note – If you see a frown face icon over the head of a worker or you see the happiness meter approaching empty you can place one person on top of another and this will trigger them to talk to each other. You may be able to time this better as to not interrupt the flow of work that might happen if the colonist seeks out help on their own.

How to add more Colonists

As you complete various tasks a few new colonists will move into your community. Each one will have special skills, likes and dislikes just as your original five. Some will be experts in certain areas right away.Purchasing colonists – Once you have a ship and can do international trade you can purchase the rights to have more people come back over on the ship to join your community. You must use gold coins and reputation points to purchase additional colonists and you must also have a place for each colonist to live or they will refuse to work.

Housing Accommodations for Colonists

As soon as a new colonist arrives on the island you will see either a tool or a house icon over their head.Tool icon – This means that there is a house with an empty room available for this colonist and they are ready to work immediately. You can take them and place them on a job right away.House icon – This means that there is no available room for the colonist so they will refuse to work until you purchase and place a room for them.Accommodations Menu – This is found on the Colonists summary menu along the bottom of the screen. It will show the five houses that the colonists can live in including the town hall which the first five live in and you do not have to purchase rooms for these first five colonists.How to build Houses- Once a house is purchased it is placed on the land as a construction site. You will need to place one or two workers on the site and over time they will build the house. You will have to pay in gold coins and materials to build these houses as well and each house is more elaborate than the one before it.Once the house if finished you can click on it to see inside.Each house has a certain number of rooms available and one room holds one colonist.You will see that there are a few rooms already placed inside and the others you will need to purchase and place.The rooms are shown on the left side of the screen in a blueprint form. The important thing to consider here is where the door openings are as they must connect with another opening in order for the room to activate. If there is no connection it will just turn into a block of wood instead of an active room.How to purchase rooms – When you see the room you want to purchase click on it and at the bottom of the screen you will see the material and coins that are required for you to purchase it. In the small house you will need simple materials but as you advance to the fancier houses you will need materials such as exotic wood and silk cloth to purchase rooms.How to place the rooms correctly – Once you purchase the room you can place it in one of the squares connecting the doorways. This is a puzzle and you can lift any room tile out and move it to a new location. Purchase all the rooms you need over time and add them solving the puzzle so that all the rooms are activated. Note the population is shown at the top right of each house menu.Each house is listed below with its total capacity and the solution to activate all the rooms of that house.Be sure to consider how many doorways and how they fit together as only those that connect will activate and you do not have to use every door way but at least one has to connect. You also will not need to buy every room available in the menu to complete the puzzle.

Solutions to Room Puzzles in Colonist’s Houses

Small House

Medium sized House

Forest House

Lake House

Luxurious Mansion

Colonists Jobs

There is a lot of work to be done and you will need to place columnists in the various areas around the land to do work.Over time you will clear the path to new areas and new jobs will open up. It is important to keep new people coming in and providing houses for them and food to feed them.Each job is listed below with tips on how to perform it optimally, as well as what titles workers will earn by working a particular job for a long time.The longer a worker stays at a job the more likely they will become an expert at it.Experts – Experts are the fastest workers at their jobs especially if they like it to begin with.Apprentices – Apprentices are ready to be put anywhere to train and over time this title will drop and the will become one of the following: Worker, Artisan, Farmer, Builder, or Scientist.Masters of all – Occasionally you will unlock an area and a “Master of All” will come to the island. You can also purchase them on the ship, but they are very expensive. These workers are already good at all work and you will need to place them strategically to get the best out of them.Some of the colonists will just arrive on the island, but the majority you will have to purchase from the ship. If they have a place to live (See “Housing”) they will have a hammer icon over their head which means they are immediately ready to be placed at a job.Job priority – This is a decision process that goes on the entire game. You are constantly seeing the needs of the island change based on what needs to be built, if there is enough food, what needs to be researched, if there is enough housing, if something you are making is in high demand and what tools you need to perform construction and exploration.You will have to constantly take workers off of jobs and put them on others. Some jobs are very short and others are constant such as gathering wood, stone and food. These three should always be in progress as they are the base materials for all construction and you need to keep workers food available at all times so they don’t sit around waiting and all jobs halt due to shortages of materials.Job Progress Meter – Placing your cursor over any area shows you a job progress meter such as the one in image above. It will fill up and show you the percentage of the job completed as well as a list of the materials needed to complete a job which counts them down as they are used.The area to the far right with the person icon tells you how many people are working this particular job and this can be very helpful when you want to quickly scan through jobs to look for extra workers to place somewhere else.Note – If this person icon is red instead of white your workers are in a dangerous area and will likely get sick over time needing use of the hospital and healing herbs. (See “Sick Colonists/Hospital”)Job Halt – If any workers is doing a job and the materials they need are not in the warehouse the workers will simply stop working and wait until the materials and put into storage by whoever is doing that job. You will see an icon of the needed item over the building with a red line through it. You will need to do whatever is needed to get this material in the warehouse right away.You must constantly scan the island to make sure that all the jobs are going smoothly and no one is just standing there waiting for materials. You may have to go into the forge menu to change what is being made there as well as the weavery, sugar plant, watermill and kitchen. It is a constant rotation of on and off jobs and it will keep you on your toes to complete all of these tasks and keep your colony running smoothly.

Food Gathering/Crops/Kitchen

Gathering Food

This is the very first job your columnists will have to learn. There are various fruit trees at the west side of the island. Grab a couple of columnists and place them on the trees and bushes near the town hall. They will gather fruit then take it to the town hall storage area.As you progress you will eventually build a kitchen, and a fishing shed, clear fields and plant crops which are also harvested.

Fishing Hut

Building a fishing hut just north of the ship dock will allow your workers to fish and bring more food to the island as your population grows.Fish can be combined with other crop items which will garner a large number of food units instead of just one which is what is gathered from trees and bushes.Take a worker and place them on the fishing dock and they will fish and bring the fish to the warehouse.Try to put at least two workers on this job when you can and make sure they do not dislike it first.

Upper and Lower Field, Plateau/Growing Crops

Right away you complete the task of building a well you will have the option to clear the lower field. Place a couple of workers or farmers there and it will be cleared in a few minutes.Now you will see a patch of dirt with twelve plots where you can grow the following items: Melons, Potatoes, and Corn.Planting Menu – Click on the field at any time to open the following menu.You will see that you have the ability to control what is planted in the available 12 sections.Click on the item you wish to plant along the top of the menu and it will stick to your cursor. Next, click on the plots you wish to plant the food in and you will see them positioned in the grid. It doesn’t matter what position you place them in, but it could matter how many of each you plant. You may want to start out with six of each item or try other combinations based on need.You will frequently have to go back into this menu and change the crops you plant since space is so limited. These crops are never upgraded and this is the only planting space you will have the entire game.Once you have your crops assigned click on the “Submit” button below to lock in the changes. You also have a reset button which clears all of the grids at once so once you unlock the other two fields be careful when using this button that you want to change everything and not just one field.Watering and Harvesting Crops – Now you will see your workers plant seeds in each plot, then pull water from the well and water the seeds. The crop will be instantly ready for harvest right after it is watered.Once all the plants are watered and grown then the workers will start to harvest them instantly carrying them to storage.Click on the town hall warehouse or the ship to see how many of each item you have in stock.Once you have a kitchen and fishing you can upgrade your kitchen which allows you to cook more food.

Upper Field

When the upper field is ready for clearing it is handled exactly as the lower field.Click on the land to open the planting menu.Upper field crops include’Healing herbs – Critical for your hospital to function once you have one.Linen – You will need this for the weavery once you have one.Tea – This is a highly sought after crop for trade and sale.You have twelve plots to plant these crops in just as the lower field. Add the items to the planting menu in the quantities you with them to be grown each cycle. Click on the “Submit” button to lock in the changes.You will have to frequently go into this menu and change the numbers and combination based on need.Workers will train as farmers by working here and again will plant, water, harvest and store these crops.


This is your final crop area and is located at the upper level of the island and you will have to wait quite a while to unlock it as you will need to build bridges and upgrade your agriculture with research to the maximum levels.It will be too far for the workers to carry everything so you will be building an additional storage shed which the workers will place all the harvested crops and the items they put there are combined with your warehouse/town hall totals.Again, place workers on the land and have them clear it away. This time there are heavy rocks on the land so it will take a bit longer than the other two fields did and will require more tools and materials in cost.Once cleared click on the land to bring up the crop assignment menu and you will see the third section is now unlocked for you.The crops of the plateau are:Coffee – Premium crop for trade and for salePeppers – Used in the Watermill to make spicesYou will have to decide how you want to plant these but its best to start off with six of each until you know the demand.Coffee is strictly sold for profit and used for trade and quest completion.Peppers will be used in the watermill to make spices once you have a watermill operational.Workers will train to become farmers by working the plateau.Instead of the well they will draw water from a stream just north of the plateau.Just as the other fields they will plant all seeds, water all plots then harvest all plots taking them to the storage shed.Once you have all the fields operational you should have your agriculture research to its highest level and your kitchen fully upgraded to its maximum level.

Using your Kitchen

Once you build your kitchen you will be able to cook the harvested food and increase the yield it gives.You will need the kitchen when you have a large population as the food is in constant demand and you want your workers to not have long gaps that they stop working waiting for food to beprepared.You should by the time your kitchen is fully upgraded also have the crops of the upper and lower field as well as the plateau. You will have the fishing shed with workers gathering fish and the Sugar plant should be operational with workers gathering sugar cane and converting it to sugar. (See “Sugar Plant”)The foods that you can use in the kitchen are – Fish, potatoes, corn, and sugar.Tips –Keep at least two or three workers cooking in the kitchen at all times and when asked to sell your food via the ship only do so if it is at a premium price with reputation points attached and if you have a big enough surplus to afford it. If everyone is starving it isn’t worth the money you would make in the time it would cost to make up all the work you will lose waiting on workers to eat.Making cooking assignments – Click on the kitchen at any time to pull up the kitchen menu.Here you will be able to choose from three options to cook for your colonists.Option one – Potatoes and corn – Yield six food items Options two – Fish and potatoes – Yields ten food items.Options three – Sugar and corn flour – Yields sixteen food itemsOnce you click on the one you want then click on “Cook”You will frequently have to change this as supplies for food is always changing. If you are making option two and run out of potatoes you can change to option one for a while you change the crop menu to grow more potatoes and stockpile them for a while. You can also put more workers on the fishing shed.To work option three you will need your sugar plant producing sugar and your watermill producing corn flour.There are countless number of decisions you will need to make when playing the game such as this.Always make having large quantities of food a priority in the game and keep those workers happy. When they stop work to come eat it should be a quick process so as little time is wasted as possible before they return to work.

Sugar Plant

Once you research agriculture and construction you will be able to build a sugar plant.The sugar plant is located at the entrance to the upper area near the kitchen and you will see a large patch of sugar can which will need to be gathered in order to use your sugar plant.Construction of Sugar Plant – Purchase the building and place one or two builders on the site. You will have to pay with coins and materials to complete this project.Once the plant is completed you can click on it to access the sugar plant menu.Sugar Plant Menu – Click on the plant to open this menu. Here you will see the options available to you. You will have to upgrade the plant with research and funding to access all the options seen.The sugar plant will do the followingOption one – Sugar –Two sugar cane will produce one sugar unit which can be combined in the kitchen with corn flour from the watermill to yield sixteen food units at once. Sugar also sells for a high price and is a highly traded item.Option two – Candy –Three sugar cane will produce one candy unit. Candy is a highly requested item for trade and purchase and will make the colony a lot of money.Cutting Sugar cane – This is a job that you will need to put at least one worker on at all times to keep your sugar plant operational. You may need to add more when the demand is high.Workers who cut sugar cane are training to become farmers and this is considered a dangerous work area which means the worker will get sick quickly so you will need to keep healing herbs stocked in your hospital as well.


The watermill can be purchased near the midpoint of the game and you will need to have unlocked the upper part of the island, and completed research in construction and nature.Once you purchase the watermill place a few workers to build it. You will need various materials and coins to pay for the construction.The watermill can also be upgraded with research and coins.Watermill menu – Click on the watermill at any time to access the menu. Here you can choose what is produced in the mill and once you upgrade there will be a couple of options available to you.Option one –Two corn to produce one unit of corn flourOption two – Three peppers to produce one unit of spice.You will use corn from the lower field and peppers from the plateau.Workers here train to become farmers.You will need to change the options in the watermill frequently based on need. Corn flour is in high demand for the fully upgraded kitchen to make the maximum amount of food. Keep this in mind as you decide what to produce in the watermill.

Sick Colonists/Hospital

You will see each colonist has a health meter designated by a red “+” symbol. When this meter empties you will see the Red Cross symbol over their head and they will immediately stop working and start walking to the hospital to heal themselves.Dangerous Work – Some of the jobs on the island are considered dangerous and will make workers sick very fast. These jobs would include any work on the upper level of the island such as chopping exotic wood, clearing thickets, working the plateau, chopping sugar cane, silver and gold mining and any other job that your worker has to climb up stairs or over a bridge to get to.Be sure to build a hospital before you begin anything considered dangerous work or you will have sick workers you can’t heal and sick workers will not do any work.Note that when you place your cursor over a work area your progress meter appears and at the far left you will see a small person icon with a number. This indicates the number of workers on a job and it can be very helpful if you quickly want to assess how many people are where because you need to put a few on a new job. Ifthis area is red instead of white your workers are in a dangerous area. Be sure to keep your hospital stocked with healing herbs when you have a lot of activity on the upper part of the island near the plateau field.Building the Hospital – Once you have purchased the hospital and completed research on nature you will have to place a couple of builders on it and pay with materials to complete its construction.Note – You do not need any workers to work at the hospital. It is just there as a resource for sick colonists.Healing Herbs- Once the hospital is complete you will need healing herbs in stock at all time. These are grown in the upper field and you need to make sure that a few are always being planted with each crop cycle. (See “Upper and Lower Field/Crops”)When a workers is sick they will walk to the hospital and spend a few moments at the window consuming the healing herbs. It takes five herbs to heal one worker.What if there are no healing herbs available in storage? – Just as with food if a sick worker can’t get healing herbs they will try to gather a few themselves very slowly and will wait until they are available. If you have several sick workers this can turn into a disaster quickly halting several areas of work on the island. Be sure to make herbs a priority once you have a hospital and workers on the upper part of the island in dangerous areas more inclined to make them sick.

Chopping Wood/Gathering Stones

These are two of the first jobs available and you can see material counters at the top of the game screen for these items.You will need to keep at least two workers on these chops for the entire game as these are the base materials for all construction projects and room purchases as well as being in demand for trade and purchase via the ship.Chopping Wood – Place a worker in the forest at the south east side of the island. They will chop wood then take it to the warehouse for storage and use.Gathering stones – Place a worker in the stone field located across from the shipping dock and they will break apart the stones and bring them to the warehouse for storage and use.Workers train in these two jobs. Make sure the workers like this kind of work for the best results.

Mining Iron Ore

You will need to clear out the iron mine and repair it which is a fairly quick job. Simply place a worker there until it is clear.Once the mine is operational you can place one or more workers on it. They will mine the iron ore and take it to the warehouse for storage and use.Iron ore is required for use in the forge to make nails, tools, and machine parts once it is fully upgraded.Try to keep at least two workers in the mine at all time


The forge is one of the first manufacturing jobs you will have on the island.Purchase the forge from the building menu. You do not have to complete research for the forge purchase but you will need some in the industry category to upgrade it later.Place a worker or two on the construction site. You will need to pay in stone, wood and coins to build the forge.Once the forge is completed you should place at least two workers on it at all times.Forge Menu – Click on the forge at any time to bring up the forge menuThe following options are available for you to manufacture in the forge. You will find you constantly have to change.Option one = One iron ore unit produces one unit of nailsOption two – One wood unit and one iron ore unit produces one unit of tools.Option three – Two iron ore units and two wood units produces one machine part.Each time you construct buildings or purchase rooms you will need something from the forge. Be sure to check the menu frequently to make sure you have production of what you need.


Near the beginning of the game you will be asked to build a fort to protect your colony.You will need to place a few workers here and pay in gold and materials to complete the fort.The fort is located at the upper east side of the island.Once you complete the fort you will be asked to purchase upgraded cannons for it which also upgrade your ship.Once you do this your island is considered protected from attack.You do not have to keep any workers working here or upgrade the fort. You can simply click on it now to reach the pirate hunting menu in addition to the tab at the top of the ship menu.


The laboratory is also one of the first buildings you will need to place on your island. Here your workers become scientists as they research and accumulate the research points needed to study the six areas you will purchase once you have enough research points.Purchasing research knowledge – Purchasing research knowledge allows you to unlock certain areas of the islands, triggers some tasks, and mainly lets you upgrade manufacturing buildings and crops so that you have several options as to what they will yield for your colony.Early on in the game you will definitely want to place as many workers as you can afford on to the laboratory jobs.If you have a scientist, an expert, or master of all be sure to put them in the laboratory as they can earn research points for you very fast and the faster you have these the faster you can purchase knowledge areas and unlock more features of the game.There is no menu for the laboratory as it doesn’t produce anything but research points.You will be able to upgrade the laboratory two more times each time increasing the number of research points and the speed at which they are earned.If you place your cursor over the lab while workers are working you will see the progress meter fill up really fast. Each time it fills up you earn one research point.Note – When you reach the end of the game and you have purchased every building and every upgrade you will no longer need research points. You will be able to take all of your scientists and place them on other jobs. You may want to use them as teachers in the school to train more experts.Also see “Research Points” above.


Once you purchase construction research you are ready to build a school on your island.Purchase the school from the building menu. You will need to also pay in gold coins and materials as you build it. Place at least two workers on the construction site and they should have it built in a few minutes.Click on the school to open the school menu.You now have the option to have workers teach and study in your school.Teach – Take a worker and place him or her in the teach menu. Choose from one of the areas that can be taught which includes: Worker, Artisan, Scientist, Farmer, and Builder. Study – Take any worker and place them in the study position to have them taught in any of the areas listed.Now instead of having a worker work in a job for several hours to become an expert you can make experts in just a few minutes.Try to make as many experts in as many fields as you can rotating workers in and out of school.Experts work very fast especially if they like the work they are doing.You can save a lot of time if you train several experts in your school.Workers Clothing – You may also start to notice that expert workers clothing changes which makes it easier to spot them on the island.When you see the colored bar over a worker with stars on it this means they have advanced to an even faster level.

Woodcutter’s shed

The woodcutters shed can be purchased once you have nature, construction and industry research completed.Purchase the woodcutter’s shed from the building menu and you will need various tools and gold coins to build it.Building the Woodcutter’s shed – Take at least one worker and place on the area to the south side of the forest until the shed’s construction is completed.Now you can place a worker on the trees just to the right of the shed and they will cut down and gather exotic wood and place it in storage.Note – This is considered dangerous work and any worker on this job will get sick fairly fast. Make sure you have healing herbs on hand for the hospital once you have this job up and running on your island.Note – There is no menu for this job as gathering the wood is the only function of the woodcutter’s shed.You will need the exotic wood to sell and trade as well as build rooms in the luxurious mansion.


Midway through the game you will be asked to build a lighthouse.Purchase the lighthouse and place on the upper plateau near the water. It will take a few workers and cost in coins and materials to complete the light house.The lighthouse never has to be upgraded and is considered an additional source of storage combined with the town hall.Click on the lighthouse at any time to bring up your inventory menu the same as the town hall.Once you have a lighthouse you will also upgrade your ship and the ability to do more pirate hunting and international selling and trades.


The weavery is where your workers will take linen, silk and wool and make them into fabric to be traded, sold and used for the purchase of rooms in the luxurious mansion.Building the Weavery – Once you have purchased the research points to unlock the weavery purchase it from the building menu. It will be located at the near the top of the island. Place a couple of workers on the construction site. You will also have to use coins and other materials to purchase this building. The weavery can be upgraded two more times once you do the needed research.Here you will have the option to first make linen, then silk and later on wool once you have a Fluffer farm.Weavery Menu – Click on the weavery to bring up the menu allowing you to change what you manufacture there.Option one – Three linen thread yields one linen clothOption two – Two silk thread yields one silk cloth.Option three – Two wool thread yields on wool cloth.You will have to go into the weavery menu frequently by clicking on the building. Here you can change the three options listed above to make the cloth you need the most.Linen – Grown in the upper field.Silk – Gathered from the silk trees near the forest.Wool – Gathered from the fluffer farm.You will need silk cloth in order to purchase rooms in the luxurious mansion.Cloth is a major item of trade and purchase on the ship.

Fluffer Farm

Once you have your weavery in place you will want to build a fluffer farm.You may have noticed the animals walking around at the top of the plateau. These are the animals you will gather wool from once you have them contained in the farm.Purchase the fluffer farm and make sure you have all construction, nature and industry researched.Build the farm using gold coins and materials to pay for it. Once constructed place a couple of workers near the animals that are now contained and they will start to gather wool and take it into storage.There is no menu for this building as there is only one option associated with it.

Metalsmith’s Shop

Once you have the silver mine repaired a mining expert worker will appear to add to your colony. Make sure you have room for him in housing.You will now be able to build a Metalsmith’s shop. Choose it from the building menu to purchase it. You must have maximum industry and construction research completed as well as purchase tools from the ship.You will need to also purchase the construction with gold coins and materials. Place a couple of workers on the site and they will complete the Metalsmith’s shop in a few minutes.Once completed click on the shop to see the menu.Now you can take silver from the mine and have the artisans form beautiful silver items to sell.Metalsmith’s Shop Menu – Once you upgrade the Metalsmith’s shop you will be able to form gold items as well.These items will sell and trade for high amounts.Two units of silver yield one fine silver item.Three units of gold yields one fine gold item

Ship – How to Buy and Sell goods and bring over new Colonists

When your colonists land on the island the ship will be wrecked. First they will need to repair the ship and then you will find a compass. Once you have the compass which is your first key you will be able to set sail to other countries to buy and sell the goods you are gathering and manufacturing on your island.Ship Menu – Click on the ship at any time or on the ship button in the control panel to open the ship menu. Here you will see the same items you have in your town hall warehouse except you will also see prices next to them along the left side of the screen which is the selling side of the screen.Selling items – To sell items simply click on the item along the left side of the screen then an arrow will appear next to it. Click on this arrow one time for each one item you wish to sell. These items will now appear in the center column of the menu of which you will only have one spot available at first and as you upgrade your ship over time you will have up to five spaces to sell five different items at once. You will see a subtotal of how much you will earn at the bottom of the screen in this column.High Demand Items (Crown Icon) – If you are told during the game that a certain item is in high demand you will notice a reputation crown icon next to it. This means you will not only earn gold coins for each of the item you sell, you will also earn reputation points for each item you sell that is marked with the crown.Note – These items aren’t marked for long so when you see them be sure to sell fast. I have had the crown disappear right when I was making the transaction. Sometimes you have several minutes other times you have maybe one minute so hurry when you see these messages.Purchasing items on the ship – The items along the right side of the screen in the ship menu are items you can purchase.Click on the item you wish to purchase and note that any item purchased is purchased with gold coins and reputation points.Some items you will need to purchase and have in inventory in order to upgrade certain buildings such as machinery to upgrade the forge, etc. You may also purchase additional colonist with different skill sets here too. (Read “How to add more Colonists” above) When you click on the item you wish to purchase an arrow will appear just as in the selling side of the menu. Click on the arrow once for each item you want. Some items you can only buy one of.You will see the crown reputation points deduct at the bottom as well as coins on the bottom right side and you will see what you will earn at the bottom left on the selling side.Sending off your ship – Once you have all selling and buying entered in you will click on the “Sail” button.The ship will now physically leave the island and will be gone for a while. When it returns all items will be in your inventory warehouse and if you purchased colonists they will be standing at the dock. Remember if they have a hammer icon over their head they are ready to go right to work but if they have a house icon you will need to purchase a room for them in one of the houses before they will work on the island.Ship Clock – If you look in the upper left corner of the game screen you will see a small clock and a message that says, “The ship is away” This analog clock fills up over time and when it is full the ship will return.


Keys are special items either given to your colony for completing special tasks or given as gifts from those you trade from.These keys are very important as they can either unlock parts of the island or make it safer for you to move to certain areas.You can see the keys at any time by clicking on the book icon in the control panel then on the “Collection” tab along the top of the screen.You must have all keys in your inventory before you can finish the game.The tasks will naturally guide you to all of the keys.The keys you will need to find in the game consist of:PickaxeCompassMagic AxeAncient writingsFluffer FoodAmulet of SpiritsSun Seal (Found as four pieces)All the keys are found in this order.


You will find at various times during the game that your workers will be able to look for treasure around the island.You will need just one person to gather it. You can place your cursor over the treasure to see how much is there and a progress meter will appear once you have someone researching and gathering it.Wait for the tasks to tell you to gather the treasure as they won’t be available until then.

Pirate Hunting

Once you have a ship up and repaired you will be able to play a hunting mini game. You can click on the ship and then on the “Hunting” tab along the top of the screen or you can click on the fort at the upper right side of the island north of the forge.This game is very similar to the mobile app game “Angry Birds” by Rovio.You will see several pirates situated on boats with boards, stones, barrels and other items which form a framework for them to stand on.The game will then scroll to the far left where you have a cannon that you will use to shoot at the pirates.How to shoot the cannon – The cannon can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it. Click on the fuse end and hold your left mouse button down. Next pull to the left either a little bit for a light shot or as far as possible for a long shot. You can also use your cursor to angle the cannon and if you aren’t careful you can actually shoot backwards and waste a cannonball.Carefully aim at the targets, pull back on the fuse with the left mouse held down then release the left mouse button to shoot.Anything that touches a pirate will make it disappear.If you make all of the pirates disappear you win the game.Note – The first time you play the game and win you will earn very nice treasures. If you replay the level you will only win a small amount of gold coins.Each level will unlock another one and you can play or practice as often as you like. The levels become progressively more difficult too.Be sure to note that there are two pages of pirate hunting levels. You can reach the second page with a small brown arrow in the center right of the screen.This is a great way to earn gold items that can be sold for large profits.


As you play the game you will reach certain milestones in the game. When you earn one a badge will briefly appear in the upper right corner of the game screen.Each badge has a bronze, silver, and gold levelClick on the main menu then on “Achievements” to see your progress in this area.If you finish the game before you earn all gold you can keep playing the game until you do!



This is a step by step walkthrough of how to complete the game. You can refer to the various steps then look in the areas above to read about them in more detail if you need help.Five colonists come off the ship – Town hall is their home and storage area for goods.Repair the town hallLearn to gather food and move your colonists around the screen. Drag a colonist by clicking on them and holding your left mouse button down. Place the colonist over the blackberry bush and release your left mouse button to let him or her go. They will immediately begin to gather food and take it to the town hall building for storage.Assign other workers to gather food at the fruit trees and other bushes around the island. Let them build up a little reserve.Complete your first task – Gather five units of fruit. Collect reward.Learn to feed your first hungry colonist. Drag him or her to the table and let them eat.Begin to cut wood and store it. Take a worker to the south east side of the island and place them in the trees of the forest. They will begin to cut and gather wood.Complete task two – Collect five units of wood. Collect rewards.Click on the town hall and explore the warehouse storage menu. All of your harvested and manufactured goods will be placed here.While in the warehouse menu click on the “Colonist” tab. Explore the colonists view their likes and dislikes and organize your workers so they are doing jobs they enjoy. Note the accommodations menu at the bottom of the screen. This shows all the potential houses you will be able to purchase and build for future colonists.Collect the marooned sailor found while chopping wood. You now have another colonist. He is homeless so now you will need to add a small house in order for him to begin working. (See “Housing Accommodations for Colonists”)Enter the building screen by clicking on the hammer button in the control panel at the bottom right of the screen.Purchase the small house. Place two workers on the construction site and wait until they build the house. It should only take a few moments.Complete task 3 – Build a house. Collect rewards. You now have a pickaxe in your inventory and can cut stone.Complete task 4 – Upgrade the town hall. There is not enough storage space. Upgrade the town hall by purchasing the first upgrade in the buildings menu. Collect rewards.Complete task 5 – Remove the stone obstruction to the north. This is your first timed task. You have five minutes to complete it. If you complete it before five minutes are up you will earn extra rewards.Complete task 6 – Build a well. Assign one worker to do this. It is a very short task. Collect rewards.You now have another colonist an expert farmer from the north side of the island. Be sure to put her to work in food gathering or farming.Complete task 7 – Repair the iron mine. This is a timed task. You have five minutes to complete this task. Take at least two workers and place them on this job. Collect rewards.Assign a worker to work at the iron mine.Complete task 8 – Build a forge. Purchase from the build menu.Complete task 9 – Clear the lower field.Now you will see your first exhausted worker. Take her and place her on top of another worker and watch them talk to cheer each other up.Now you will find you can explore the various treasure chests on the island. You will be able to find treasure by the small house, in front of the ship, across from the orange tree, and right next to the forest. Place one worker on each treasure to research and gather it.Complete task 10 – Find five treasures.You now have a working compass and can repair the ship!Complete task 11 – Repair the shipComplete task 12 – Build the ForgeYou now have your first manufacturing job. Place at least one worker at the forge to make nails and make sure you have someone working the iron ore as well.You should now see your first expert worker chopping wood. Note the bar over his or her head with the stars. The more stars you see the faster the worker.Now your ship is complete! Click on it to see the trade menu and run the tutorial. (See “Shipping” above for more detailed information)Meet “Sebastian De Ferro” – Your shipping assistant will appear from now on whenever there is an item you need to sell or purchase for a great price.Note – You will now sell and trade items anytime the game prompts you to do so. Be sure to read the “Shipping” section above.Complete task 13 – Sell some goods to the old world using the trade menu.Complete task 14 – Clear the upper field – (See “Crops” for more information) Be sure to click on the empty plot of land and assign crops and workers to the upper field.Next you will be introduced to the pirate hunting mini game (See “Pirate Hunting” above) after you win your first reward you will be prompted to upgrade your cannons which you will need to purchase from the trade menu.Complete task 15 – Buy cannons from the old world.Purchase a telescope from the trade menu.Complete task 16 – Build a laboratory. Now you can earn knowledge by doing research.Complete task 17 – Build a hospital. Be sure you have healing herbs growing in the upper field.Click on the laboratory to see the knowledge screen. Purchase nature for fifty research points.Complete task 18 – Clear the thicket of reeds to the west. Timed Task – 9 Minutes. (This is your first dangerous job so make sure you have your hospital built and stocked with herbs first.) Complete task 19 – Purchase industry research and upgrade the forge.Complete task 20 – Build a fisherman’s hut to the north of the ship. You will need to purchase this from the buildings menu.Complete task 21 – Upgrade the ship so it can carry more items.Complete task 22 – Upgrade the forge to its highest level.Complete task 23 – Build a fort to protect the island.Click on the small house to renovate it and add rooms. (See “Housing for Colonists” for more detailed instructions.)Complete task 24 – Upgrade the ship again.Purchase more colonists and make sure you have enough room for them.Complete task 25 – Defeat three pirate captains!Click on the fort and complete a pirate hunting mini game.Complete task 26 – Timed Task 10 Minutes – Complete 10 units of nails for the natives.Complete task 27 – Build a school. Begin to teach workers to become experts.Complete task 28 – Collect 10 units of healing herbs for the natives.Complete task 29 – Upgrade the ship again. You will need to purchase research of sailing and industry by clicking on the laboratory.Complete task 30 – Repair the stone bridge. You are now starting to approach the dangerous part of the island.Build the medium sized house after you purchase the necessary construction research. Add rooms and arrange them for maximum capacity.Complete task 31 – Upgrade the town hall again. Collect reward. You now have another “Master of all” skills worker that has arrived on the island. Make sure you have housing for him.Complete task 32 – Build a woodcutter’s shed.You now can place one or two workers on the exotic trees to collect exotic wood.Clear the plateau field. Begin growing crops in the crop menu.Purchase level three industry research.Complete task 33 – Build a weavery. Complete task 34 – Sell 30 units of exotic wood. Timed Task 10 minutes.Complete task 35 – Build the sugar plant after purchasing research.Complete task 36 – Upgrade the weavery.Complete task 37 – Complete the rope bridge. The far end of the island is now accessible.Complete task 38 – Collect 12 units of sugar for the natives. Collect rewards.Complete task 39 – Explore 3 Ruins. Place one person on each of the ruin areas and collect the treasure from them. Collect the ancient tablet into your key menu. Purchase archeology research.Complete task 40 – Make the third upgrade to the town hall. Purchase the clock face from the ship menu and purchase third level construction research.Keep at least four workers on research. Purchase as much research in construction and archeology as you can.Complete task 41 – Build a watermill. Collect reward. Place one worker on the watermill.Purchase more workers from the ship menu.Build the forest house and add the maximum number of rooms. Be sure to arrange them to maximum capacity.Purchase nature research.Complete task 42 – Make 10 units of linen cloth for the natives. Timed Task – 10 minutes.Complete task 43 – Repair Silver mine. Start worker that comes with the mine on this task. Make sure he has a home.Complete task 44 – Build a lighthouse. You will now have more storage on this side of the island.Complete task 45 – Sell 35 units of coffee grown from the plateau. Timed task – 20 minutes.Complete task 46 – Upgrade the watermill – You can now choose between items to manufacture.Complete task 47 – Build a Metalsmith’s shop.Upgrade final research areas in construction.Soon you will have all research upgraded. Be sure to take all scientists off of the laboratory and place them in school to learn or in other jobs on the island.Complete task 48 – Sell 25 units of silk cloth. Collect rewards,Complete task 49 – Gather 30 units of tea for the natives from the lower field. Timed task – 10 minutes.Click on the pirate hunting menu and play the next four treasure hunting levels.Complete task 50 – Produce 30 units of flour for the expedition. Timed Task – 30 minutes. Collect the first part of the sun shield from the Indian chief.Complete task 51 – Upgrade the Metalsmith’s shop.Complete task 52 – Sell 24 units of pepper. Timed task – 10 minutes.Complete task 53 – Purchase architecture and archeology research then repair the ancient stairway.Complete task 54 – Purchase the maximum amount of sailing research and upgrade the ship to its maximum level. You may now sell five items in the ship menu.Complete task 55 – Make 20 units of candy for the natives. Timed Task – 15 minutes.Click on the pirate hunting menu and complete the next four treasure hunting levels until you collect the rewards.Purchase more workers over the ship menu. Make sure you have room for them to live.Complete task 56 – Gather 50 units of healing herbs for the natives. (Be sure to leave enough behind for your own use on the island.) Timed Task – 15 minutes. Collect the “Amulet of Spirits” into your key menu when complete.Complete task 57 – Build a fluffer farm. You will need to purchase all agriculture research first.Complete task 58 – Sell 10 gold products. Timed Task – 10 minutes.Complete task 59 – Teach a farmer and a worker at the school. (See “School” for more information.)Build a luxurious mansion and add rooms to accommodate all remaining workers.Complete task 60 – Defeat three pirates to acquire their treasures. Go into the treasure hunting menu and defeat the final pirate levels for rewards.Complete task 61 – Repair the gold ore mine. Place worker on the mine once repaired.Complete task 62 – Make 30 units of wool cloth for the natives. (Gather the wool from your fluffer farm.) Timed Task – 10 minutes. Reward – Second piece of sun dial in key inventory.Complete task 63 – Defeat the king of the pirates! Go into the pirate hunter menu and complete all remaining levels for reward. You will be given the third piece of the sun dial in key inventory.Complete task 64 – Clear the gold mine.Purchase as many workers from the ship menu as you can afford. Make sure you purchase rooms for them so they will work.Complete task 65 – Collect 50 spices for the native princess. Collect the final piece of the sun dial as reward.Complete task 66 – Sell 5000 gold products – Timed Task 10 minutes.Complete task 67 – Explore the ancient temple. This task takes a lot of materials and workers. Try to place at least five workers here.Complete task 68 – Once the ancient temple is open complete the mini game puzzle inside.

Final Mini Game Puzzle

Once you reach the end of the game the workers will be able to work on opening the ancient temple gates. This takes a while and a lot of materials and gold to finish.Once you open the gates a mini puzzle will appear for you to complete.How to solve puzzle – There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle. You will see that the outer ring of colors moves left or right and the inner rings are connected and also move in two directions. The center ring also rotates allowing you to switch stones.Your objective is to get all the stones on the same colored background.The solution is shown in the image above.Once this puzzle is solved you have officially finished the game as the colonists have now found the “Eternal spring of happiness”.You will see a short video clip then the game will give you the option to start over or to keep playing. If you wish to complete all the collections in the achievements menu to gold you can keep playing or start a new game under a new name and use your finished game as a guide trying different combinations to complete the game.


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