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Getting exclusive business strategy game help is an uphill struggle. That's why you need tips on how to win BSG. Some factors are necessary for winning this game, for instance, collaboration. While you are several in the group, leaving the task to one or a few members may mean ineffectiveness, ultimately giving you poor results.

Do you want to learn more essential tips that will help you win BSG? Let's take an inside look.

BSG Game Tips


Collaboration is core to winning the Business Strategy Game. Whether you are using BSG help online or not, you need to learn how all members complement each other. It will help you know what role every member plays, ensuring optimal performance and high grades.

For synergy, all the members will need to fit in their specific space to complete the group. Besides each member having the role they play best in, you need to learn their personal views. With their opinions, you can have a single strategy that will integrate and intrigue them to work towards the success of the BSG.

While taking into account the opinion of each member, it is vital to scrutinize them. Allow each member to criticize or support the view to get to the ultimate decision. When doing this, you might find an idea backed with research that will help you win the BSG. Remember, teamwork is key!

2.Be Professional When Starting the Game

Each player will engage the start differently. Some may reduce price and increase adverts. Others may venture into the private market, which has high costs. At the starting point, you never know how the other players will tackle this so, you should be professional.

If you need round 1 BSG game help, screen all the ideas you will be utilizing. Since you are learning, do what you want with the strategies, of course with proficiency. Ensure that you do everything right on the software. This screening can take up to half an hour.

Once you finish screening, read the reports to have a clear understanding. The reports will inform your decisions in the next rounds. Nevertheless, since it is a competition, fight hard and smart from round 1 to get to the top. Here are two objectives that will help you rise

Aim to become the leadImprove the results after every game

3.Social Responsibility

Can social responsibility help with my BSG?

Corporate social responsibility is vital if you want to win your BSG. This game entails acting responsibly to ensure that you are promoting the well-being of the community. You should also act honorably, following every societal obligation not to disrupt others.

While trying to wow your professor through the optimal performance when it comes to societal obligations, you need to strike a balance. Weigh how much you can afford to spend on CSR so that it does not become a burden. Remember this may affect your growth later, lowering your performance thus decreasing your score. Do not risk losing!

4.Improving Image Rating

The best-cost strategy can help you improve the image. It increases the S/Q rating as it lowers the price. Thus, you accomplish a high image rating. Depending on the number of groups in the BSG competition, ensure that you get a big enough share that will enhance the overall image.

If your competitors are also pursuing the best-cost strategy, make sure you are among the top for high scores. While CSR boosts your image rating, you need to be cautious about the expenditure. You can win your game at a minimal cost.

5.Improve the ROE, EPS, and Stock Price

To improve your stock price and EPS, fuel the growth of net profits and revenues. The stock repurchase will also increase your EPS and stock price since you will have a significant change. Increasing stock offering will also help you to finance expansion at a lower cost. Nevertheless, it will dilute the EPS.

To enhance your financial performance, utilize the balanced scorecard approach. You will pursue and achieve strategic results that boost your competitiveness. You will also be in a better financial position in the future, increasing your score.

Is There a Better Strategy for BSG?

Perhaps you are wondering which strategy is better between cost leadership, differentiation, and integration. BSG doesn't seem to favor a specific approach over the others. Your results depend on how best you implement the strategy you choose. For instance, pricing the shoes realistically and keeping the costs down.

Your competitors' products also determine the score you will get. Consider whether they are offering the same shoe and their prices. This information can help you adjust some of the factors you are in control of to stay ahead in the game. You can also get business strategy game help formulas that are easy to implement online.

A Strategy That Always Wins

You may hear some of your colleagues' talk of different strategies that keep winning. This ideology can be misleading since winning depends more on the above factors like collaboration. When you realize that a particular strategy is recording success in most players, examine what else they put in place to win.

Is there a strategy that always wins?

Yes and no. When you choose the business strategy (what your professor has been teaching), it should be the main focus of the business strategy game. Implement it properly to get high scores. Nevertheless, don't forget to develop a game strategy.

The game strategy you adopt will highly influence your score. It is vital to focus and collaborate when coming up with one. If done correctly, it will place you ahead of your competitors. So, get an exceptional game strategy!


Although BSG seems challenging to get through, you can get enviable grades. To accomplish optimum results, ensure that members collaborate because leaving the task to a few will only drain them, deteriorating the group's performance. You should also create a sense of belonging by integrating all the member's ideas when choosing a strategy.

Another vital step is beginning the game like a professional. At this point, you don't have an idea what others are planning to do so, do things right. You also need to keep improving the ROE, ESP, and stock price to ensure progress. Which of the above tips will you be applying in the next BSG round?