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Video Game Strategy Guides and Cheats

Video game strategy guides are designed to help you master games more effectively. Guides will offer anything from a step-by-step walkthrough to cheat codes to tips on how to optimize certain strategies to win. Many games have a guide and a world map that you can use.

What is a strategy guide?

Strategy guides feature a variety of tips and tricks that you can use. For example, a Mortal Kombat guide for Konquest will discuss the moves players can make, how to beat certain opponents, and where to find secrets. They will also guide players through Earthrealm, help them beat Konquest mode, and provide an easier understanding of the Netherrealm fighters and those from Outworld.

However, a good guide should also avoid telling you too much. Mortal Kombat fans who want to manage the Outworld, Chaosrealm, Edenia or Orderrealm areas do not want their hands held too much. As a result, a good strategy book should balance out the information provided in a way that makes it fun without making Konquest too simple.

What are Prima strategy guides?

Prima is a company that provides strategy guides for a variety of games. Their strategy guides cover Mortal Kombat titles. Those who buy these guides get access to secrets about Konquest mode and Earthrealm that others will have to figure out on their own. They will also learn more about the world of Mortal Kombat, including new players like Shujinko.

Prima guides will include tips and tricks for new players, like Shujinko. Shujinko is a fighter for Mortal Kombat who has moves that some players have struggled to learn. Rather than learn these moves on their own, fans of Shujinko can read the section on Shujinko to learn more about how to fight with him. In this way, they can succeed and improve their range of characters.

Who may appreciate strategy guides?Young children: Many game fans are often young children who need a little help mastering tough challenges. Books like this are great for them because they can help them avoid getting frustrated.Adult gamers: Older gamers who get stuck when playing a hard title may also need the help of one of these booksCollectors: Some people will simply enjoy buying these books to add them to their collection. They will read through the tips and tricks and enjoy the screenshots of a variety of titles. Many old-school gamers may fall under this category.Competitive gamers: Competitive gaming has become an activity that some gamers enjoy. Those who enjoy this activity may want some help mastering some moves or learning a few strategies to help them succeed.