Virtual Horse Racing Betting 2021 – Top Sites & Guide

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Our Top Virtual Horse Racing Betting Sites in China - September 2021

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Guide

Betting on virtual horses online works in pretty much the same way as betting on real horses. To get started, choose your favourite virtual horse racing site from our recommended list and sign up.

Find virtual sports on the homepage of the site and choose horses. You’ll see the list of upcoming races and be able to watch the action unfold as it happens.

Just like with real horse racing, the list of horses running, and their odds will be displayed on a race card. Choose which bet you like and click it to add it to the betslip. Here the odds and returns will be displayed. Check them out and if you’re happy, confirm the bet. Now just sit back and enjoy the race.

Virtual Horse Racing Strategy

When it comes to virtual horse racing betting, there isn’t a great deal you can do in terms of strategy. The races are decided by random number generators, just like slot or fruit machines. That doesn’t mean that a 4/1 favourite is less likely to win than an outsider, but it does mean that anything can happen.

This is similar to real sport of course, however there is no opportunity to check the form of a horse, what the going is or whether the trainer has a strong history in this race. Ultimately it’s about going with your gut.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting 2021 – Top Sites & Guide

Despite virtual horse racing betting being down to luck, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts you should consider before joining a virtual horse racing site.

This is solid advice no matter what you’re betting on. Choose the amount you want to play with and stick to it. At the best betting sites, you can choose daily deposit limits so you will never spend more than you want to.

Virtual horse racing betting is meant to be fun. It’s a source of entertainment, just like real horse racing. If you find it boring or aren’t enjoying it, try something else. There are plenty of other virtual sports you might enjoy.

Again, this is a piece of advice you hear a lot when gambling but it’s important. Don’t try and claw back your losses by making extra bets. This is where spending limits can help. Just stick to what you wanted to bet in the first place and if you lose try again another day.

Think of virtual sports betting like roulette. The 5/1 bet is a lot more likely, but it doesn’t mean the 30/1 won’t land. It’s all random so don’t read too much into it. Go with your instincts and enjoy yourself.

Why Virtual Horse Racing Betting?

In short, because it’s fun. Just like any other form of gambling, virtual horse racing betting is there to entertain you. Just because you can’t predict it with as much accuracy as real horse racing, doesn’t mean it can’t still be great fun.

Many people enjoy virtual sports as an alternative to real sports or casino games. You might have played too many online slots in the past or be bored of roulette. Virtual horse racing sites give you an option to play another game of luck but in a completely different setting.

How We Choose Our Recommended Virtual Horse Racing Sites

Not all online bookmakers are the same and it’s no different with virtual horse racing sites. In order to put this list together our team tried and tested the biggest names in the business and the sites that made our list all had the following:

Lots of people have concerns about virtual horse betting and whether it is rigged. One way we guarantee that it isn’t is by using licensed sites. In order to get and keep a gambling license, sites have to prove their games are fair. If they don’t pass these tests, they don’t get a license. All the virtual horse racing sites we recommend are fully licensed, so you know you’re getting a fair game.

Another requirement for licensed betting sites is to prove they have high levels of security and encryption. This is all about protecting your data and funds whilst betting online. All the virtual horse racing sites that made our list go above and beyond in ensuring their customer information and money is protected.

You probably know most of the names in our recommended virtual horse racing sites. There’s a reason for this. These big brands maintain their position at the top of the online betting world by offering a great service. They handle complaints, keep you safe online and make sure that you are paid quickly. All of these things help them maintain their strong reputations and this is why we recommend them.

Because our recommended virtual horse racing sites are all well established companies, they can afford to offer you generous bonuses. They want to stand out from the crowd and beat their competition and you can benefit. Welcome bonuses are normal, but our sites will also keep you topped up with regular promotions and free bets on a range of sports and games.