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Xbox Game Pass is making rounds as the most enticing gaming deal for Microsoft users. It offers full access to a library of dozens of blockbuster games at a relatively low monthly price of 10 U.S. Dollars, with the promise to continuously add more in the future. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the service currently has a dedicated 15 million users. If you live outside of the U.S.A, then don’t worry! Here’s how you can get Xbox Game Pass for PC in any region.

How to Get Xbox Game Pass for PC in Unsupported Regions


With blockbuster titles such as Nier Automata, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Outer Worlds, and countless more, we’re not surprised that you’re interested. As promised, here’s how you can get Xbox Game Pass for any region outside the Americas. We’ve included visual aids just in case.

First things first, you’ll need to top-up your Microsoft funds. You can do so by purchasing Xbox Live Gift Cards for US Region with SEAGM. Bear in mind that for this method, you need at least $1 + One Month’s Worth of Subscription Fees. This means if you’re going for Game Pass PC, you’ll need a minimum of $11. Conversely, if you’re going for Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll need a minimum of $16. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use SEA Gamer Mall, you can check out our guide on how to purchase Xbox Gift Cards.

Once you’ve received your 25-digit codes, proceed with the following steps:

Head to into your Microsoft Account. Your account MUST link to a usable phone number for verification. On the Xbox Game Pass page, click on “JOIN NOW”.Choose between Ultimate, PC, or Console versions of the pass.Pick “Redeem a gift card” when selecting a payment method.From your SEAGM account, click on “Retrieve Card” to display your 25-digit code.Copy and paste it into the Xbox redemption page.You may need to fill in an address. If you’re outside of the USA, make sure the ZIP code matches the state. Once you’ve added enough funds, proceed to purchase the Game Pass membership.

If you want it for PC, download the Xbox App in the “Game Pass for PC” tab.

Once you’ve purchased the Gift Card, head over to your “Products” tab to retrieve your 25-digit code

To recap, get your 25-digit US Region Xbox Gift Card by purchasing it and retrieving the code (you can check out our guide for more info).

Once you click “Join”, choose to add funds by redeeming gift voucher. Bear in mind that if you reload insufficient funds, you’ll be prompted to add more payment before being allowed to subscribe.

Game Pass Console, PC, and Ultimate

In the above tutorial, we covered how to get Xbox Game Pass on PC. This same method can be used to purchase Game Pass for consoles, provided that the Microsoft account that purchased the service is the same account on your Xbox console.

Game Pass Ultimate is offered at a slightly higher price of $14.99 USD, and it includes both the PC and Console versions of Game Pass allowing you to access the service’s library anywhere. Additionally, you can also access the xCloud Beta service and stream the games to your phones.

And that concludes how to get Xbox Game Pass in Malaysia or any other unsupported region! Delve in the Game Pass library of over a hundred high-quality titles at an excellent value today!