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Make A PurchaseMake A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

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Shooting Range Permits


Seedlings and Wood Products from Howard Nursery

A selection of bare-root seedlings, raised at the nursery for wildlife food and cover, changes from year to year due to available seed, seedling germination, or growing conditions. Wildlife homes handcrafted in Centre County at the nursery for blue birds, bats, flying squirrels, barred owls, wood ducks, and bees. Make A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

Penn's Woods Passages

Gifted writer and artist, Bob Sopchick has assembled his much-anticipated book,Penn's Woods Passages. Its 65 chapters include hunting stories from many regions of Penn's Woods, compelling nature essays, and riveting fiction.

The 300-plus pages are profusely illustrated with drawing and painting, making it a treat for the eye as well as the heart.Penn's Woods Passages is a must for every outdoors library and the perfect gift for those who cherish our hunting heritage and the wonders of Penn's Woods. $19.99, plus shipping and tax. Make A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

January 2021 Single Issue of Pennsylvania Game News

A buck as big as nearly any on record. A hunter who pursued it for three years, twice finding its shed left antler. An 18-yard shot with a recurve bow. Purchase the January issue ofGame News for the full story of Cory Gulvas' 2020 giant, and much more. $3.99, plus shipping and tax.

Make A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

Pennsylvania Game News

Pennsylvania Game News is the official publication of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Its focus is promoting Pennsylvania hunting and other wildlife-related recreation in the state, and agency activities that benefit conservation and the Commonwealth's Great Outdoors. The magazine often features "me-and-joe" hunting stories, which are stories from "everyday hunters" about their adventures in Penn's Woods, how-to features and where-to-go pieces. We count on knowledgeable columnists to cover technical subjects about guns and archery. Likewise, most wildlife-management issues and problems are covered by agency specialists, as are breaking news stories. Subscribe at a low price of 1 year for $20.00, 2 years for $35.00, 3 years for $50.00, or renew your existing subscription.

Make A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

Hunting Heritage Merchandise

Temporarily out of order.

Pennsylvania Game Commission Calendars

Enjoy the Pennsylvania Game Commission's annual calendars featuring the many Pennsylvania species managed for the citizens of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Order your calendar(s) today at $9.25 each of 2 for $14.99. A great holiday gift idea for friends and family. Make A Purchase - Pennsylvania Game Commission

2020 PA Big Game Records Book

It's here! Hot off the press and ready to be delivered is the 2020 Pennsylvania Big Game Records book. The record book contains more than 5,000 entries in 10 categories, and nearly 200 new entries were added to the records this year. This year's book contains 51 photographs of hunters and their trophies. The record book is not only interesting, but it can be used as a tool to identify where the "big ones" are being taken.

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