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You can’t use the “when pigs can fly” figure of speech anymore because now they can.Round up the Most Flying Pigs in This New Game - The Toy Insider

Well, with a little help from this game, they can. Let me introduce you to Flying Pigs, from Cra-Z-Art.

A farmer lost control of his pigs, and it’s up to four players ages 4 and up to help collect them. Players will use the included wands to race and scoop up as many flying pigs as they can. But the catch? The pigs are flying all around within an enclosed dome.

Setting up Flying Pigs is easy and only needs to be done one time. Slide the four pig-shaped legs onto the base and attach the dome. Snap the four colored wand ports to the bottom half of the dome, pour the pig game pieces in the top, put the top on, and you’re all set! The pigs are about the size of a thumbnail and are made of foam, so they’re light and ready for flight. I really enjoy the attention to detail on the pieces, from the flying pigs holding up the game to the design on the wands.

To start the game, each player takes a colored wand and places it in the port. Turn the fan on and watch the piggies fly, fly, fly. There are a total of 50 pigs to catch in six different colors, and each color represents a different point value. Players will race to catch as many pigs as they can — but watch out. The fast-paced excitement might make you lose focus. If a player catches a white pig, they have to return all their pieces to the dome and start over. Players will collect all of their pigs on the Pig Pen cloud card, and the person with the most Piggy Points at the end of the game wins.Round up the Most Flying Pigs in This New Game - The Toy Insider

If this sounds easy, then guess again. It’s equal parts hilarious and challenging trying to catch all of the pigs while your wand is bumping with other players or just trying to catch the darn things. The pigs will occasionally fly out of the wand port, but that’s OK. Just pop them right back into the top slot to continue chasing these winged piggies.

Players can spice things up and change up the gameplay. My personal favorite variation was to play against a timer to see who gets the most pigs within the allotted time. Trust me, if you put a one-minute timer on this game, your fellow players miiiight just become a little more competitive. Or, you can play so that the first person to get the most amount of pigs, not points, wins.

Flying Pigs is fun for the entire family, and it’s easy to learn and play to get everyone involved. Catch ’em if you can!