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Don't Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the popular survival game Don't Starve. This game is popular for people that want to play with friends in order to build a base in The Constant and try to see how many days and seasons they can survive. Several characters from the Don't Starve universe have been added to the game, making it a ton of fun for players to choose their favorite and get playing.

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One of the main keys to surviving through the different seasons and different enemies that you will encounter is building a good base. What goes into a good base? That's something that really depends pretty heavily on your own personal playstyle, but there are some tips that can help you to build the best possible base and survive through many years, Deerclops attacks, and MacTusk hunting expeditions. And if you need a little advice on doing just that, all you need to do is keep scrolling! Here are ten tips and tricks for building an amazing base in Don't Starve Together.

10 Choose Your Survivor Wisely

Before you can start building your base, you're going to need to pick your survivor. Don't Starve Together has a wide variety of different survivors available for the players to choose from and Klei, the game's developers, are adding new ones pretty regularly. If you're going to be playing with friends, you might want to pick characters whose quirks and abilities compliment each other.

For instance, Wortox feeds exclusively on the souls of creatures that have been killed while Wigfrid refuses to eat anything that doesn't contain meat. Other characters may not work together so well. For instance, Warly refuses to eat anything that hasn't been cooked in a crockpot, so that challenge would be difficult if you were playing alongside Wigfrid.

9 Don't Settle Down Right Away

Although settling down immediately to start your base may seem tempting, it's not the best idea. You'll definitely want to spend at least half of autumn wandering around the world. This can help you to collect items that you can use to create everything you need for your base, collect bushes and grass to plant at your base, and find somewhere good to settle down.

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Don't worry about making fire after fire or multiple Science Machines around the world as night falls at the end of each day. You'll find plenty more gold and wood to create another one once you find the perfect spot for your base. Plus, they can be helpful to return to if you're out exploring and find yourself in a pinch.

8 Think About The Food Sources

When you're deciding where to place your base, make sure that you focus on what the food sources nearby are going to be. Is there a pond to fish or get frog legs? If you're playing someone strong like Wigfrid or someone with a combat bonus like Wendy, is there a herd of beefalo nearby?

When you're looking at different food sources nearby, you're definitely going to make note of where all the rabbit holes are. During the summer, fall, and winter, these will be an infinite source of morsels each day as the rabbits respawn. Make plenty of traps and leave them near the holes- baited with carrots if you have them to spare.

7 Stay Near The Road

This tip is something that's more optional and definitely falls into the personal preference area of building your base. But, it's always helpful to make sure that your base is fairly close to the road. For one, it can really help you to find your way back after you go exploring. But, it's also helpful because of the fact that your character runs faster when they're on a road.

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If you find the perfect place to build your base, then having a road nearby isn't exactly necessary. This is just a tip that many people find helpful when they're trying to decide where they want to settle down because of the speed boost that characters get when they're traveling on the road.

6 Know Your Worm Hole

Many players like to put their base near a Worm Hole because of the fact that it helps them to get to a completely different part of the map, often with a completely different biome and different resources, really quickly.

Worm Holes look like a mouth sticking out of the ground and it costs the player 15 sanity to travel through one. If a Worm Hole is "healthy," then it has brown-toned skin around the edges and the Worm Hole they come through will bring them back home. But if it has grey or green-toned skin, the Worm Hole is "sick" and the player won't be able to travel back to the same place.

5 Use Mini Signs

The Mini Sign is an item that can be crafted through the use of a Science Machine and is found under the Structures tab. This item requires one board and will yield four mini signs. If you've ever played Don't Starve Together, you'll know that it can get hard to keep track of all your resources.

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If you use a Mini Sign and a Feather Pencil, you can mark the Mini sign with any item from the game. Once you start gathering large numbers of items, it's important to keep track of them and keep your camp organized. Use Mini Signs to label your chests so that it's easy for you to remember what's in them.

4 Split Your Camp Into Sections

One way to keep your base really organized and running smoothly is to split it into different sections. This can help you to make sure that everything is in the place where it will be most useful to you and you won't be running all over camp, wasting precious time.

For instance, make sure that you place your Icebox, Crockpot, and any Drying Racks fairly close to each other. That way, when you're pulling food out of the Icebox to put into the Crockpot, you can keep them both open at once and just toss ingredients in to make yourself a meal.

3 Make Farms... Away From Camp

Making different farms is one way of getting resources that you would typically need to battle enemies for. There are a lot of different farms that players can create, but the idea is the same for all of them - you want to gather up as many of the creature as you can and, when necessary, kill them for the resources they drop.

For instance, if you want to build a Pig farm, you should either befriend Pigs or build their houses and then put a Powdercake inside a small fence. The pigs will all run over to try to eat it. Wait until a full moon to kill them because they won't be focused on you and they'll drop the most loot. Just make sure they're far enough away from your farm that they don't steal your food or attack you, depending on the farm.

2 Stay Organized

This is one tip that can be difficult for some players. Since there's always so much to do in Don't Starve Together and you're going to constantly be collecting supplies and items, you're likely going to have a lot of items laying around that need a place to go.

Although just tossing them on the ground or into a random chest may seem tempting, it's definitely not going to help you out in the long run. Instead of just tossing everything from your pockets into a random chest, try your best to stay organized. Keep similar items in chests near each other and keep your food in your Icebox.

1 Protect Your Base!

Once you've built the perfect base, you need to protect it! Each season has its own environmental challenges, so you need to be prepared for them before the season starts.

In the final days of winter, make sure that you get enough Lightning Rods created to cover your entire base. Then, as spring ends, build enough Ice Flingomatics to cover your base. Make sure you've got a chest full of Nitre nearby to keep it running!

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