10 Tips for Survival in Don't Starve

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although there are many ways to play this game I want to provide you with some basic tips I fall to make the game a lot easier and stress-free this is no way an exhaustive list but merely the top 10 things I could think of off the top of my head hopefully this will give you guys the ability to survive a little longer when you play number one if you're playing on Steam use the WASD keys for movement and use hotkeys for attacking things such as ctrl F or F the mouse can do a lot of different things but it's noticeably slower and it becomes difficult to click on smaller things impossible to click on some things when they're behind other objects such as when a spider is behind a tree number two always keep the bear essential items on you this will keep you prepared to deal with many situations the specific items may change from place a low place L but should generally include sticks cut grass and Flint this will allow you to make torches tools and spears if you also include logs you'll be able to make fire alarm I typically will have cut grass twigs logs and a weapon and log armor later in the game you may choose to not carry things with you if you feel prepared enough ie if you have a lantern carrying ingredients for torch may just be a waste of infant one space but this is a decision you'll have to make on your own number three remember you don't have to base on day 1 use a campfire as a temporary fire for the night to provide light you should wait till you have found some important things and explored some of the map to make a camp try and camp somewhere close to many different biomes can't close to the pig king wormholes spiders and whatever else you feel is important to survive number four always include grass Tufts saplings and berry bushes in your base they can be a very easy source of many important ingredients you're having trouble fertilizing them then either camp closer to be below for the manure or utilize rock rock can be used as a weaker fertilizer meaning all your spoiled food and even butterflies or pick flowers that are allowed to spoil can be used to fertilize later on number five organize everything every time you need to look for an item in a pile of items of your chest is wasted time all the times when walking from grass stop to grass stuff or from fridge to crock pot is also weights in time that's why it's important you build these things close together this is will also allow you to be efficient with lingo Mattox and have a fire contingency plan you're having trouble improvising organization plan ahead of time if you find something that works stick with it and use it to the next time I typically try and have everything close together but in tight little groups so if something does catch a fire the fire won't spread to another group number six use the time spent at night to do things such as cut trees pick grass pick saplings craft things or even prepare food ahead of time remember time wasted will only decrease your chance of survival it may be necessary to build another fire pit closer to the things that you want to do at night number seven use the map to pause in a stressful situation and give yourself time to think what to do you can also use the inventory if you're using a controller or you can easy use I often use this to give myself time to think about the best approach to some mods what I'll need to prepare for a journey I'm going on or a boss that's approaching if things catch on fire or even at night time when you're not very prepared and you need to figure out some way to have a light for the night number eight build the very important structures early on important structures include a crock pot to allow you to be more efficient with food a fridge which will allow you to store food early on and also a birdcage which will allow you to convert monster meeting to eggs or easy usage this can allow you to survive on only monster meat without severe health and sanny effects number nine start making a contingency plan for hounds and bosses early on practicing kiting or killing hounds and/or bosses can be the difference between surviving or not useful tips can be in place a backpack with all the materials needed for a boss fight or hound attack or even to use spawn commands to spawn in hounds or Ross's to practice kiting method I prefer to use tooth traps to kill hound waves later in the game 4:10 prepare for your season's early on identify the season you are in and how you can prepare for the next season make appropriate dress items to survive this season before the season starts gather ice this season before summer or make a nice app prepare a lot of food or a good food source before winter planning and strategizing on how you can better your survival is a key element to don't starve overall don't starve is not a game that takes quick inputs or a high skill level but it does take a lot of strategy and creativity make sure you read resources on the wiki which will be posted in the description your knowledge of the game will make you better prepared to deal with any situation so that's it for this video if you liked the video make sure to LIKE subscribe or do whatever you want to do I'm really trying to make a lot of different videos nowadays when I feel like it so if there's anything particular like to see if you mentioned in the comments it might give me some inspiration just make that video get a VIP – via