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BGG Tournament: Can't Stop

Tony Ackroyd

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People seem to be enjoying the Roll Through the Ages tournament I initiated (which is still open for people to join, see -> here) so I thought I'd kick off a couple of others.A user called Jenks used to run some Yucata tournaments.Having become a Yucata addict over the last year I am thinking it would be a fun thing to do.These are self-maintaining tournaments.In the future I (or someone else) may kick off something a bit more formal like a double-elimination tournament.The games I've picked are very fast games on Yucata which are fun and easy to learn.So how it works is that you join a 'table' (geeklist entry) by adding a comment to that entry with your Yucata user name on it.Then when the table is full (4 players) one of the players (ideally the last to join, when they join) sets up the game on, inviting the other players to it.See the comments at the bottom of this geeklist for step-by-step instructions on how to create a game for new Yucata-buddies.Setting up a Yucata ID is easy, free and they send you no spam.If there is no free table then add a geeklist item (starting a new table) and then add your comment to it.If you can, add a link in the geeklist item (or a comment) to the game on Yucata.When the game ends, one of the players should post the results as a comment.Scoring: If you win a game you get +2 points, 2nd gets you +1, 3rd zero, 4th, -1. When a game ends update the scoring thread here:BGG Tournament: Can't Stop, ScoreboardAnd the google spreadsheet: you next sign up to a table, as well as adding your Yucata ID, also state your tournament stats (games played, total points so far).The tournament will be self-maintaining.The contestants will be adding tables, joining games, setting up games and then posting the results.People should be able to join the tournament at any time and it won't matter if other people stop playing.Dropouts:The only worry I have is for dropouts.If a game stalls because someone stops playing on Yucata then what do we do about that game? My thinking is that the remaining 3 players set up a new 3 player game and play that out for +2, +1 and zero points, and the dropout get -1.But they may just want to write the game off.Hopefully this won't happen too much.Limits: Please limit yourself to playing on a maximum of two tables at once.This is to avoid having a few players dominating the contest.If you've played your final turn in a table you can join another immediately, you don't have to wait for your game to end.I have posted a discussion thread where the rules, contest and games can be chatted about, here:BGG Tournament: Can't Stop, Discussion ThreadKeeping the discussion in other thread should keep this geeklist relatively clean to focus on the games.I'd recommend subscribing to this and the discussion thread.I'd also recommend editing your geeklist subscription so that comments don't trigger it, but new geeklist items do.That way you'll be notified if someone sets up a new table, but not as people join it.You should subscribe to geeklist items where you have joined that table.