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These old "alphabet pages" are being retained due to the many external links that refer to them. But please note that they are NOT BEING UPDATED and will remain, as is, forever. Please go to the main site page to find current information.

Hab (3W) {in The Crusades II} -ADC gamesetHapsburg Eclipse (Victory Point Games) -Marco Arnaudo: Vide ReviewHalls of Montezuma (GMT) -errata (Word file),Q&A,corrected turn track,battle procedure guide (Word file),review,errata,Q&A,video review,review,review,review,video reviewHalls of Montezuma (SSG) {computer game, Mac} -patchHammers Slammers (Mayfair) -reviewHannibal against Rome (Whitedog Games) -free gameHard Vacuum (FMG) -free gameHarpoon (Clash of Arms) {miniatures rules} -official errata (PDF file)Harpoon (GDW) -errata (for Captains edition)Hastings 1066 (Casus Belli) {Casus Belli #9} -English rules translation (PDF file)Hearts and Minds (Ray Freeman) -previewHeat of Battle (Publisher) -websiteHeirs of the Golden Horde: The Russo-Austro-Turkish War, Ukraine Theatre 1735-39 (RS) -websiteHell Hath no Fury (3W) [The Wargamer #38] -Q&A,review,review,errata,Q&A,review,rules summary (Word file),town location chart (Word file),errata,errataHell over Korea (Legion Wargames) -Marco Arnaudo: Video ReviewHell's Highway (VG) -review,article index,rules summary (Word file),review,errata,review,Review page #1,Review page #2,Strategy: Red Devils and Irish GuardsHenderson Field (3W) -combined campaign rules with Operation ShoestringHexasim (Publisher) -website Hexdraw (HexDraw) {Windows software} -graphical editor for designing hex mapsHEXWAR (Publisher) {free board game (contains Strategy Bluff & Bombs and Castle Siege)} -webpageHibernia (Vainglorious) -reviewHidden Empires (Interformic Games) -free board gameHideyoshi's Battle at the Summit (Games/Simulations Journal) -reviewHigh Flying Dice Games (Publisher) -official websiteThe Highest Ground (Paul Roberts) -free board gameHighway to the Reich (Matrix Games) {Windows computer game} -patchHind Commander (Assault) {miniatures} -reviewHippodrome (Minden) [Panzerschreck #15] -summary sheet (PDF file)Histogame (Publisher) -websiteHistorical Strategy Re-Creations (Historical Strategy Re-Creations) -websiteHistory of the Second World War series (TFG) -reviewHitler turns against Russia (TFG) -errataHohenlinden 1800 (Delires Sarl) -reviewHold the Line (Worthington) -review,FAQ (PDF file),review,Battle of St. Francis scenario (PDF),Quebec campaign scenario (PDF),review,review,review,review of French and Indian War expansion,Pawnderings: Session ReportHolistic Design (Publisher) -websiteHollow Victory (CAG) -reviewHoly Roman Empire (DG) [S&T #247] -article indexHoly War: Afghanistan (DG) [S&T #147] -review,Q&A,errata,game kit for 2001 campaign (Word file),designers notes,optional rules,article index,replayHooyah: Navy Seals Card Game (U.S. Games Systems) -1 Player Podcast: ReviewHoplite Encounter (Publisher) {PBEM game} -websiteHoplomachia (The Perfect Captain) {free miniatures rules} -websiteHornet Leader: Cthulthu Conflict (Dan Verssen Games) {expansion for Hornet Leader} -Homefront Wargame Center: ReviewHornet Leader II: Carrier Air Group (Dan Verssen Games) -reviewHorus Heresy (GW) -double-blind rulesHostile Aircraft (Goblintooth) {miniatures rules} -reviewHotspots (Kongregate) -website for free gameA House Divided: The Brothers War (Conquest) -reviewHovertank (Close) -ReviewHovertank 3 (Winsome) -Web PageHowling Falcon Games (Publisher) -reviewHundred Years War (Lloyd Krassner) -free game101st Airborne (Empire) {computer game} -demoHungarian Nightmare (ATO) [ATO #31] -reviewHunters in the Shallows (PT Dockyard) {free miniatures rules} -websiteW.R. Hutsell's Wargames (Publisher) -Web site - free computer gamesHyborian War (Reality Simulations Inc) {PBEM game} -websiteHyperiums (Publisher) {PBW game} -website

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