Guided Math: SNAKE - A Whole Class Dice Game

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SNAKE - A Math Dice Game

I read about this game on the internet some years back.It is a dice game that can help teach basic addition or multiplication facts.My class just played it yesterday and were begging to play another round at the end of each game.


-two dice

*I use special overhead dice, so the kids can see the number I roll

You can also use this website and display on your t.v.

Online Virtual Dice

-Paper or whiteboard for each student

How to Play:

Students can create a game board.You can download the template below that I have created or I have students just use a piece of paper, sometimes a whiteboard to keep track.

1.Choose what game you are going to play; multiplication or addition.

Guided Math: SNAKE - A Whole Class Dice Game

2.You start under the column S.Roll the dice.

3.Students will add or multiply the two numbers. They write the sum or product under the S column.

4.Continue to roll the dice.Students continue to write the sum/product under the S column.

5.After each roll of the dice students may decide to go out of the game.After I roll and give them a short amount to compute and write, I count to five.Students have five seconds to decide if they want to go out of the game.They must completely sit on the ground.I call out names of those who are out, that way I can keep track is someone tries to sneak back in (which always happens :)

6.The round ends whenever you roll a single 1 on the die.

7.Any student who is sitting out, when you roll a 1, may keep their points for that round.

Any student still in the game has to cross out all their points for that round.

8.If you happen to roll SNAKE EYES two 1's.Any students still in the game loses points from ALL the rounds!

9.All students come back into the game for the next round.For the second round you start in the N column, third round A column, each round a new column.You continue to play this way for each round. You never know when that 1 will be rolled, second toss or tenth toss!It is a game of odds!

10.At the end of the game students will count up all the points they have collected from all the rounds they earned points.The student with the highest point total wins!

*Note- sometimes you might roll a 1 for the first roll of the round.I always re-roll so at least we have something to go by for that round.