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When you are playing hearts, once you’ve made your pass moves you just have to play your cards as best as you can. While getting all 26 points(shooting the moon) is possible for professional players these tips and strategies will assume you are not trying to shoot the moon.

Tip 1 The first trick

You do not have many options here as it is the first trick 大马彩. If you have the 2 of clubs that simply means that you are leading it and since no points can fall you are free to play your highest card of club suite, this is great opportunity to get rid of an unwanted high card which may cause you problems as the game progresses. You can also try to void yourself in a second suite.

Bleeding spades

Usally when the first trick falls any player who isn’t going to take the queen of spades will obviously want to lead spades as much as he possibly can. The reason behind this being that if spades keeps being led, the person with A, K or Q will have to play them eventually. If you are not holding any of the face cards then you would want to bring them into play as soon as possible so that he gets stuck with those 13 points.

The other hand if you fail to bleeding spades then the player who has the queen maybe able to create a void in another suite and then dump their queen. Unless you have an amazing hand with no high cards likely to win any tricks then your battle plan should be to lead spades as much as you can until the queen falls on someone else.

Defending spades

If you have Q, K or A of spades then you are in danger of being handed the queen if spades keeps being led. Your main aim should be to make a void as soon as possible by leading suites of which you have the least number of cards. By leading and finishing off a suite of cards in hand and then hoping that someone else leads that suite and then you can dump your bad spade on him.


Although counting isn’t really neede to play hearts you will be able to play really well if you have a mental idea of how many cards from each suite have been played, and although it sounds very difficult it will really come with ease when you play hearts repeatedly. Also until someone reveals a void by playing an off-suite card the number of cards played of all suites will always be divisible by 4.

These are some tips and strategies on how to play hearts.