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03 - Marooned | Sequence 8AC IV: Black Flag Guide

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Kill the jaguar

OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE- skin three animals

After you start, heads deeper into the island. The path is simple so it is impossible to go astray. A bit past the first checkpoint, you will find a jaguar. Get into the bushes and kill the animal by surprise. If you fail to do that, throw it off by pressing buttons in accordance with the instructions on the screen. Then, follow it quickly to finish it off with your blades. Then, go towards the next point.

Climb the mountain

Use the trees and ruins on the left of Vane and climb onto the elevation. It turns out that you do that only to jump down. Jump into water from the synchronization point and continue along your path.

Jump from a tree to another and avoid water

Marooned - Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Strategy Guides, Maps

In the next area, run by using trees only. Underneath, there are crocodiles so, you should really avoid taking a bath. After you make it past this point, a cutscene will start.

Watch out for gun-fires and grenades

Take the entrance to the left to reach Vane, watch out for grenades and gun-fires. He does that in turns so, you'd better start running right after he fires a shot, at the moment at which he starts to throw a grenade (keep an eye on the circle that fills up). After he takes a shot, run towards the next wall. Wait for the next shot and run, until you finally climb up. Once you are there, Vane will disappear so, follow him.

One of the jaguars

Once you reach the next ruins and wooden buildings, you will find another two jaguars. Deal with them just like you did with the previous one and you will complete the optional objective.

OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE- Air assassinate Vane

The situation is analogous with the previous one. Dash from cover to another, mind the shots and grenades. Keep to the left side and walk around Vane to get behind his back, just like in the screenshot. Jump down towards the watchtower with a pirate in front of it. Then, start climbing up.

Jump down onto the pirate

Make sure that Vane is oblivious to your presence. Keep an eye on the marker in the upper-left corner of the screen. If it is white, you can jump down onto the pirate and finish him off. If it is yellow, take a few steps backwards and wait a moment. After you are done, a cutscene will start and the mission will conclude.

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