Outriders Endgame Content and What To Do After Beating The Game

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Outriders, the co-op looter-shooter from People Can Fly, has only been out for a few days, but players have already reached the game’s endgame content. Outriders place a strong emphasis on the narrative campaign, unlike many other games in its genre. This isn’t to say that once the the main story is completed, players will be left with nothing to do.

What Is Outriders Endgame Content

When players open the Expeditions UI, the first thing they will notice that Outriders’ World Tiers are no longer a factor. Instead, Challenge Tiers, a similar system that only affects Expeditions have replaced them. Players can unlock higher Challenge Tiers after completing Expeditions, which will open up new Expeditions and improve the loot. The Challenge Tier, on the other hand, will increase the level of the enemies in each Expedition.

Into The Breach:

Outriders has fourteen basic Expedition missions, followed by “The Eye of the Storm” a fifteenth chapter. This final Expedition is the most difficult and has the most ties to the main plot of Outriders. Players will have to complete other Expeditions and win a special resource at the end of the game to unlock it.

Outriders Endgame Content and What To Do After Beating The Game

In Expedition missions, all loot is collected in a drop pod at the end of the level. This pod is essentially a large chest stuffed with high-end gear. Although the Challenge Tier has the greatest impact on the rarity of the loot available to players. It’s all about pace when it comes to completing Expeditions content, and the quicker players can get to the end, the better loot they will get. This is all part of Outrider’s offensive attacking strategy, which is illustrated by its heal-through-killing mechanic. People Can Fly made it clear that it needed Outriders’ players to keep going forward, so a time-gate loot system makes sense.

The Loot:

Outriders’ top level for players is 30, which can be attained very quickly. This isn’t to say that anything is capped at 30. While the maximum level for weapons and gear is 50, anything above 31 can only be obtained via Expeditions. While players may return to do campaign side missions, if they want to max out their character, they will have to face Expeditions.

After completing an Expedition, players will be given a score depending on their time, with gold, silver, bronze, or no reward being awarded. The first three of these will allow you to advance to the next Challenge Tier while also providing you with increasingly better loot. It’s worth noting that, unlike the main campaign, enemies in Expedition missions do no drop loot. This means that to get something, players will have to complete the quest. In Outriders’ Expeditions, however, there is always a reward for failing to complete a quest. If players restart the mission immediately after failing it, they will be rewarded with a small loot box at the start.

Gearing Up:

In Outriders players should expect a wide range of loot from Expeditions, ranging from common to Legendary. However, players would need a top-tier gun to guarantee success. There is a deep gear-modding system as well as a flexible skill tree in Outriders. These two factors combine to provide a plethora of customization options for the game. Players who want to succeed in Expeditions will have to put in a lot of effort to perfect every part of their character. Though Outrider suggested builds have begun to appear on the internet bit all can receive the same loot.

Experimental and trial and error are an important part of planning for Outriders’ endgame content. Each Expedition is exclusive, with no locations or content Outriders story campaign being reused. Players must have a well-built, well-thought-out character, to face a large number of enemies. Expeditions are currently the most important part of Outrider’s endgame content, and People Can Fly hopes that they will draw players with challenges, loot, and a deeper dive into Enoch’s secrets. Although the high difficulty spike and elite-tier loot would undoubtedly draw some players, more casual players might have hoped for an endgame that follows the campaign’s challenge curve.