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When it comes to tabletop gaming, most people probably don’t give much thought to the actual table they’re playing on. But in reality, a good board game table is a vital part of the setup. Think about it: if your table is too low or doesn’t have enough room for game accessories and snacks, you’re not likely to continue playing.

Sure, you can save a few bucks by using the old fold-up poker table that’s in your basement. But if you’re a serious gamer, a dedicated board game table is worth your consideration, whether you like Dungeons and Dragons or more tactile games like Catan. Many have built-in features that’ll make players more comfortable like cup holders, drawers, dice trays, and so on. Some even include (or have an option for ordering) matching chairs, so everything looks tied together.

Update, 9/11/21: Checked content for accuracy. Updated pricing for each.

What to Look for in a Board Game Table

You’ll want to ensure that the gaming table you choose ticks all the boxes on your personal must-have list. In fact, the best board game tables take every last detail into consideration, offering you amenities and luxuries you didn’t even know you needed and ensuring your game night sessions are comfortable and memorable.

Price and Value: Because of their highly customizable nature, board game tables can be extremely costly and are not something to be taken lightly. Typically, these tables are handcrafted by expert woodworkers, so you’re paying not only for the design and features but also for the materials and the woodworker’s time. As such, expect to pay upwards of about $600 for a gaming table, depending on style, material, finish, and any other specifications you want (though costs can exceed $10,000).Construction: Choose a board game table that’ll be both sturdy and stylish, and that insists on using quality materials even for the smaller details like joints and hinges. The best game table companies offer a variety of models, materials, and finishes with robust gaming surfaces, so you can tailor it to your preference and needs, especially if you need the table to double as your coffee or dining table.Amenities: The real fun of having a board game table, over just using a standard table, is all the fun extras they have. From drink holders and storage drawers to dice trays and customizable game pits, these tables are prepared to handle all kinds of gaming sessions. So when it comes to choosing your game table, the sky (and, okay, your wallet) is the limit.

The Best Overall Board Game Table: The Prophecy by Wyrmwood

If you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful table with all the right features, and you’ve got a healthy budget, we heartily recommend Wyrmwood’s flagship board game table, The Prophecy (starts at $7,000). Before even diving into the details, allow us to say what we’re all thinking—the bespoke board game table is gorgeous. It pairs old-world craftsmanship and the highest quality materials with gamer-friendly eye candy.

The Prophecy’s two main features are its proprietary hand-crank lift mechanism and its spill-resistant dining table topper. The lift mechanism lets you raise the game area up for surface-level gaming, then lower it for safe storage between games. Plus, it comes with a table topper. This means you won’t have to take a photo of where your game pieces are—they’ll just be there, protected from the elements, until your next session. The five-leaf Prophecy Topper system has integrated rubber gaskets and rare-earth magnets at each seam, which protects your hidden-away game from accidental drink spills during dinner.

The table also has a dual magnetic rail system on both the outer and inner perimeter of the table. This is for attaching add-on rail accessories like cup holders, component organizers (for things like dice and Meeples), card shelves, and a Master shelf (for Game Masters and their myriad effects). You can also opt for the battlemat overlay, which is a custom-fit 1-inch grid battlemat on the table’s interior game pit, and an acrylic overlay that works for drawing maps and taking notes. Both allow you to use wet-erase markers.

When commissioning your gaming table, you can choose from 16 wood finish options and 15 liner fabric options. Wood finishes include red oak, hickory, white oak, cherry, black walnut, lacewood, padauk, black poisonwood, zebrawood, wenge, Bolivian rosewood, spalted maple, purpleheart, figured myrtle, English wych elm burl, and Macassar ebony. Fabric colors include platinum, slate, onyx, parchment, taupe, espresso, lilac, heather, cobalt, sky, sage, hunter, goldenrod, rose, and wine.

The Best Board Game Tables Worth Rolling Your  - Review Geek

You have the option to request further customization like custom inlays, materials, and engravings. The company also makes custom chairs and benches to go with The Prophecy, with smart details like under-seat storage. Wyrmwood also offers a White Glove delivery service, where it delivers and sets up the table exactly where you want it in your home.

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Jasper by Board Game Tables

It doesn’t take much to cause the price of a board game table to skyrocket, but there are plenty of solid options out there that won’t obliterate your budget, like the Jasper from Board Game Tables (starts at $749). It has a classy modern design, and it comes in either a natural or dark walnut finish that’d look great in any room of your home.

The Jasper comfortably seats six people and has a 3×5-foot recessing gaming area lined with a grey one-piece padded polyester felt liner. Surrounding the game area is a three-inch wood rail armrest, which is big enough for a comfortable lean, but not so big it’ll dominate the game space. The recessed game pit is great for containing wild dice rolls and keeping game pieces from falling off of the table. With the Topper add-on, you can conceal the game area without disturbing it, and allow the table to double as a dining table when you aren’t playing.

You’ll have the option to order matching chairs with curved backs for lumbar support, which come in either a natural or dark walnut finish to match your table’s stain. The table also touts several nice add-ons that will better equip it to be a well-rounded board game table, like cup holders, wine glass holders, a wing or side shelf, and an additional play surface.

Once completed, Board Game Tables ships your table out on the following Thursday, and it should arrive at your home the next Monday or Tuesday. You’ll receive a tracking number as well as an assembly guide and all of the necessary pieces for easy foolproof assembly.

Most Styles and Finishes: The Radcliffe by Uniquely Geek

Uniquely Geek

Uniquely Geek offers an impressive array of game table styles, including some that double as coffee or dining room tables. The company offers five beautiful distinct table style lines—The Earl, The Marquess, The Viscount, The Radcliffe, and The Legacy—so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that appeals to you. The company only creates 100 tables per year, however, so don’t hesitate to secure your deposit if you like one of its tables.

The first four options double as dining, bar, or coffee tables, while the latter is a dedicated board game table meant for use in your game room. It’s nice to see a company offer such a variety of styles, though, as it gives you more room to make a decision based on your needs, available space, and personal style. That being said, our favorite by far is The Radcliffe Gaming Dining Table (starts at $1,200). Its classic trestle design is undeniably stylish.

Uniquely Geek has a handy table estimation tool you can use to determine your table’s final estimated cost. In it, you’ll choose a line, style (like Rustic or Coastal), length and width dimensions, wood type (like Maple, Red Oak, or High Character Walnut), and stain preferences. From there, you’ll be able to see the estimate and place a fully refundable $100 deposit.

Each table includes four cup holders for its rail attachment system, and you can choose between standard, jumbo, or mug (or mix and match). You’ll also get a matching wood leaf cube with custom foam for safe leaf storage, a leaf guard, a wet/dry erase Game Vault floor, and a reversible neoprene mat. It also gives you the option to make modifications with things like a game vault and under-table LED lighting, USB ports, GM drawers, and more. Or, you can opt to add accessories for inserts and storage.

Most Straightforward Design: Standard with Wide Edge by Tables 4 Games

Tables 4 Games

Tables 4 Games consists of a single family of woodworkers based in Augusta, Georgia. The company offers five handcrafted custom-built game tables perfect for those who appreciate a minimalist design. These tables are special because their simple design lets you keep your focus on the game rather than on fun (but often unnecessary) extras like flashy lights, decals, or dice trays.

We recommend the Standard Game Table with a wide edge (starts at $1,300), as it allows for more room for drinks, cards, dice, and game pieces than the version with the normal edge does. This table measures 55 x 39 inches, with a play area measuring 48 x 32 inches, which is large enough to handle most tabletop games and puzzles. The leaf allows the table to double as a dining table, and it protects your gaming setup in the lowered game area. The table’s size is perfect for kitchens or apartments and can seat four to six people.

Tables 4 Games also makes a Custom Game Table option and an Extra Large Game Table for large games and groups (or for those who like a little more breathing room). All tables are custom-built, and you’ll get to choose felt colors like Navy Blue or English Green, as well as the stain like Early American, Ipswitch Pine, or Pickled Oak. Tables are shipped via private contractors, and no assembly is required once you receive yours.