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Coaching soccer and requires constant daily preparation. From recreational youth teams to professional first division teams, coaches often spend hours preparing training sessions. Fortunately, in recent years, many soccer training apps have been designed to help coaches prepare their training sessions and achieve better results on the field.

These days, many coaches and trainers use soccer training apps and software to plan their soccer programs and summer soccer camps. They also use these devices to view and analyze their players' performances. And, this technology is accessible to everyone. Many apps are free or available for purchase at a very low price. Keep reading to find out exactly what soccer training apps you can download to improve your team's performance and achieve better results.


1.Soccer Coach Pro

2.Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

3.24/7 football coach

4.3D Tactical Pad

5.RX Fútbol

6.The coaching manual

7.You Coach


8. Football Tactic Board

9. Soccer Board Tactics

10. Football Dood


11. My Football Coach Free

12. Coach it Soccer


13. Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager

14. Easy 2 coach

15. Sport Member

16. Sportlyzer

17. SportEasy

18. Training Cloud

19. Soccer Dad


20. Mis estadísticas de fútbol

21. Soccer Pulse


22. Soccer Specifics

23. My personal Football coach

24. I-drills


25. Goalkeeper planner

26. Goalkeeper Training

Soccer training apps for designing exercises

1. Soccer Coach Pro

The first soccer training app is the Soccer Coach Pro app. This coaching app allows trainers to design their own plays however they want. They can save, share, and export their formations and drills as photos which they can either print or view on different devices.

2. Coach Tactic Board: Soccer

The Coach Tactic Board: Soccer could be considered a soccer tactics board app, but it does so much more. The app's main feature lets coaches create plays and tactical strategies. And, using this app, it's very easy for coaches to share their ideas with their players in a visual way. Furthermore, coaches can work with both full-field and half-field screens to design their plays. The app also comes with 47 set tactical strategies available for viewing.

3. 27/7 Football Coach

The 24/7 Football Coach is one of the most intuitive and illustrative soccer training apps for tablets. It comes with an abundance of icons to indicate plays and create exercise to use for field training. If you coach young children, this app is perfect for teaching soccer strategy and plays. All sessions you create are saved automatically and can be printed. That way you can easily share them your ideas with your team.

4. 3D Tactical Pad

The TacticalPad is a dynamic and innovative coaching app which comes with tools to complete a variety of tasks related to soccer. The soccer training app, TacticalPad, is one of the most complete coaching apps for tactical analysis, opponent strategy, creating exercises, planning sessions, and drawing new formations. The 3D vision of the program creates a heightened sense of reality and makes using the interface much easier. And, of course, we can't forget the exercise database that comes ready to use with the application.

5. RX Fútbol

Let's continue with 3D soccer software, RX Fútbol (only available in Spanish), designed to help coaches create and show exercises and plays in a dynamic way. Other great functions of this soccer training app include the ability to register statistics and manage the club with timetables for weekly planning. Additionally, the app includes a 2D animated soccer tactics board with tools to help with video analysis.

6. The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual soccer training app is like a type of bible for soccer coaches which can be accessed by web or from a mobile device. You can choose to download the free version or one of the two other versions available for purchase. Even the free version offers a lot of great features including complete training sessions and tools to create exercises. From this soccer training app, you'll be able to register your club and organize your entire team.

7. You Coach

You Coach is another multi-functional soccer training app. That's why we consider this app a type of online guide for coaches with videos and books. The creators of You Coach have gone a step further and created a coaching app that works on all devices without downloading anything. This soccer training app has an exercise creation tool along with other tools to help you save statistics, plan training sessions, or plan the whole season. The tool is suitable for all levels, and it's available for purchase.

Soccer tactics boards

Traditional soccer tactics boards like whiteboards have become old news. New soccer training apps offer more appealing tools and options to plan soccer practices. Coaches can now ditch their traditional soccer coaching boards and download apps straight onto their tablets to work within the apps with more features and options. Soccer training apps for tablets make designing plays and coaching strategy easier and more visually appealing.

8. Football Tactic Board

9. Soccer Board Tactics

10. Football Dood

Real-time Soccer Training Apps

11. My Football Coach Free

12. Coach it Soccer

Club Management

13. Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager

Keeping control of the team is one of the most important duties of a coach, not only when it comes to line-ups, but also in terms of organizing training and staying aware of how their players are doing. The soccer training app Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager is perfect for this type of work. This app can help you control all the important aspects of or your team from team management, to including the attendance of the players, statistical records, line-up management, and communication with players.

14. Easy 2 Coach

This app for soccer coaches Easy 2 Coach is very helpful for organizing amateur teams, mostly in terms of communicating with team players and coaches. Through Easy 2 Coach, all team members can see weekly planning including the line-up, graphic analysis, and statistics recorded on the app. On the other hand, the Easy 2 Coach software includes access to training exercises and tools for creating your own exercises. This is a high-quality application. In fact, Bundesliga uses Easy 2 Coach to record data and training. Many payment plans are available.

15. Sport Member

Sport Member is free soccer training app mainly used for organization. It can be used by both coaches and club managers to control all a club's events in a calendar, register players for payments, record basic statistics, create tactical strategies, and create line-ups. Almost all functions are free. You can download Sport Member with Android or Apple, or you can use the web version.

16. Sportlyzer

For youth clubs, we have the Sportlyzer app, a software for soccer coaches which helps with club management, training sessions, registering players, injuries, and sharing schedules. The Sportlyzer app can also store data collected by new soccer technology like GPS tracking devices for players.

17. SportEasy

The SportEasy soccer training app (only available in Spanish) is probably the most complete in terms of organizing a club. With SportEasy, coaches can have a complete vision of all the details that make up a team. In general, this soccer software allows you to create a space with all your team's data. You can organize all activities and games in a calendar, record your players' injuries, be in constant contact with club members, share your line-ups, record basic game statistics. They even have a chat feature which allows you to communicate with all your players in real time. This is one of the best value apps in terms of cost and benefit. You can buy a plan for 2€ to 5€ per month for both Android and Apple.

18. Training Cloud

Training Cloud (only available in Spanish) stands out for being easy to use. Coaches can communicate with all members of the coaching staff and work together using this soccer software. There's a free plan you can choose to download, or you can choose from one of 2 paid plans (2.99€ or 9.99€). Each plan has different features from tracking competition scores to recording statistics. You can even create line-ups and exercises to print.

19. Soccer Dad

The soccer software Soccer Dad is available for iPad and iPhone. It's designed for administration and management of youth soccer teams. You can organize your team schedule with a calendar and share your timetable with your players and their parents. You can also create formations, line-ups, and profiles of each player.

Record statistics

20. My soccer stats

Nowadays, recording soccer statistics is becoming more and more important. To help you record data for your team, we've compiled a list of the best soccer coaching apps for recording statistics. The first on the list is the My Soccer Stats, a free app where you can record the stats of your team in real time during the games and go back and visit the stats whenever you want. You can fill in your own team's data and data from the rival team. That way you create a database from the whole league. You can download the app for free in the Google Play Store.

21. Soccer Pulse

Recording Statistics

22. Soccer Specific

It's never too late to get to know new methodolody, which is why it's good to learn new drills and put them into practice during your training sessions. This soccer training app was Anthony Latrica and Mick MacDermott's idea. Both Latrica and MacDermott are professional coaches with experience at an international level. Of all the soccer training apps, Soccer Specific has the most exercises for coaches to use. There are exercises available for all ages and levels. And, there are even tools for creating new exercises so you can illustrate your ideas and share them with other coaches. You can purchase a plan with Soccer Specific for 5, 7, or 10€ a month.

23. My Personal Football Coach

Saul Isaksson-Hurst is yet another professional coach that has decided to share his methodology online. He has worked with youth teams at Chelsea and Tottenham. Through My Personal Football Coach, Isaksson publishes videos with different exercises and advice for coaches. The platform offers many options for coaches, trainers, and parents. You can choose to take a course or use the training planner tool to plan training sessions. There are many payment plans available for this app including the option for coaches which costs 9.99€.

24. I-Drills

Training apps for goalkeepers

25. Goalkeeper Planner

The creators of online magazine Mi Portería saw an opportunity to create a software for goalkeeper coaches and decided to create the Goalkeeper Planner. They call it "the definitive app for goalkeeper coaches." It's one of the most complete soccer training apps on the market. According to its creators, it's used by FC Barcelona, Tottenham, and Valencia FC. The software includes databases, a drill creator, the ability to save sessions and use them in the future. You can sign up for information specifically from the online magazine, or you can pay extra for the magazine and access to the soccer goalkeeper training app.

26. Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training is a soccer training app for goalies with 53 goalkeeper training exercises and another 333 available for purchase. The exercises also come with videos so they're easier to understand. You can use the app on your phone or tablet. Most of the exercises were created by Alexander Vencel who has more than 20 years of experience as a goalkeeper training for Le Havre and Racing Club Estrasburgo. He's also a Fifa consultant and has a UEFA license.

Thanks to new technology, soccer coaches and players have an infinite number of possibilities to get to know new methodologies and use them in their training. With all these new soccer training apps, we're sure you're curious about a couple! Try them out on your own, and let us know what you think through our social media pages.